Trieu Le Dinh was seen wearing a "super huge" ring on her hand, will there be any good news coming?

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At the end of the year, many artists choose to take a break from work to spend time with family.

However, many stars accept invitations to run events, participate in the New Year's Gala and welcome the new year of the stations. Recently, some netizens caught Trieu Le Dinh suddenly appearing at the backstage of the New Year Gala of Beijing TV station. This is an extremely unexpected schedule, surprising many hardcore fans.

Trieu Le Dinh was seen wearing a "super huge" ring on her hand, will there be any good news coming? - Photo 1

Appearing at the backstage of the training session, the beauty of the family Trieu attracted attention with her small b.ody, but wearing an extremely prominent blue scarf. Despite wearing a mask, "Sam Sam" revealed a part of her chubby face and big round eyes. With only these few images, fans have been impatiently looking forward to her performance to celebrate the new year. It seems that this year the actress will be busy running the year-end show instead of staying at home to take care of her son like in previous years.

Trieu Le Dinh was seen wearing a "super huge" ring on her hand, will there be any good news coming? - Photo 2

However, all attention was focused on the "foreign object" on Trieu Le Dinh's hand, which was a giant gem ring that stood out on the middle finger. Previously, the beauties of the Trieu family rarely wore accessories, which made the ring become an object that occupied the entire spotlight. Many fans are curious about the meaning of this ring, does Trieu Le Dinh have any good news?

Trieu Le Dinh was seen wearing a "super huge" ring on her hand, will there be any good news coming? - Photo 3

Referring to the 85th-generation flowers of Chinese showbiz, of course, people will immediately remember Trieu Le Dinh. Despite being a talented star, Trieu Le Dinh is also entangled in many market failures, leading to many antis with countless reasons to hate, including the reason... low education.

A good actor usually people will be interested in acting and works, but for Trieu Le Dinh, many netizens often bring up the story of the star's education to criticize. Even many viewers believe that Phung Thieu Phong's ex-wife's ignorant statements are also due to poor education.

Trieu Le Dinh was seen wearing a "super huge" ring on her hand, will there be any good news coming? - Photo 4

It is true that Trieu Le Dinh came from a rural g.irl, did not receive formal acting training, but nonetheless the actress took part in many supporting roles, including many unknown roles, to and finally got the role that made her name - Hoa Thien Cot. Hoa Thien Co also has many points that are criticized by the audience. However, without the presence of the film, there would be no Zhao Liying of today.

Trieu Le Dinh specializes in supporting roles. It was only when she joined the legendary Luc Trinh that she suddenly lit up and is now a small flower. Success is like that, but in the past, she was hated the most by Cbiz because she got into many scandals after more than 10 years in the profession. Before marrying Phung Thieu Phong, the beauty of the surname Trieu, who was paired with someone, was entangled in rumors of love for that person. In addition, she was also rumored to be getting married in her hometown many years ago after a photo of herself wearing a wedding dress with a man, however, she denied it and said it was only a picture from the movie.

Trieu Le Dinh also lost points when in a gameshow, she pulled Ly Thanh's shirt almost torn or snatched a cup of water from a colleague's hand. The actress was also accused by her former manager of being ungrateful and of bad dignity. Co-starring in the movie with the actress, Truong Han suddenly hinted that she was not an innocent, gentle person. Not only that, Sam Sam in real life is also entangled with rumors that she does not like Duong Mich after being often compared to "Tieu Duong Mich".

Trieu Le Dinh was seen wearing a "super huge" ring on her hand, will there be any good news coming? - Photo 5

The scandal of the actress born in 1987 is also involved in traffic. The story is that in 2017, Trieu Le Dinh's car was stopped by the police to check documents. Despite being asked to get out of the car to check, actress Trieu Le Dinh said she couldn't because she was a celebrity. When the past photo was revealed, Trieu Le Dinh was suspected of having cutlery. On the part of the beauty, she denied and said that she was different from the past because she lost weight.

Trieu Le Dinh was seen wearing a "super huge" ring on her hand, will there be any good news coming? - Photo 6

Trieu Le Dinh was seen wearing a "super huge" ring on her hand, will there be any good news coming? - Photo 7

After all the turbulence surrounding more than 10 years of rolling in the entertainment world, Trieu Le Dinh is considered as one of the small flowers who have the same acting ability as contemporaries like Duong Mich, Luu Thi. Exam.

In addition, Trieu Le Dinh's reputation gradually improved after divorcing Phung Thieu Phong. After giving birth, she gradually regained her shape and returned to a better job, the choice of the movie script was also carefully observed by the mother of one c.hild before making a decision. Finally, at this point, Sam Sam's series of scandals over the years also seem to have been forgotten by the public over time.

Trieu Le Dinh was seen wearing a "super huge" ring on her hand, will there be any good news coming? - Photo 8

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