Trieu Le Dinh appeared with a swollen face and a "cheerful" visual that shocked people

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The beauty of the Chinese beauties always receives the attention and comparison from the fans.

It is worth mentioning that many stars "live virtual", photoshop to the point that their faces are so different in real life, making people "super soi" even more.

Recently, Trieu Le Dinh continued to become a topic of discussion when her propaganda and happy New Year clips were shared on social networks. The beauty caused a stir because of her swollen face, the more her curly hair added her age. It seems that "Sam Sam" has gained a lot of weight in the past time.

Trieu Le Dinh appeared with a swollen face and a "cheerful" visual that shocked people - Photo 1

The above images are completely different from the spring pictures that studio Trieu Le Dinh shared on January 1st. Obviously, in the carefully photoshopped photos, the actress appeared with a fresher, more radiant image, making the image more youthful and full of life.

Trieu Le Dinh appeared with a swollen face and a "cheerful" visual that shocked people - Photo 2

Previously, the film crew "Happy to Wanjia" officially confirmed that the film will be broadcast in the first quarter of 2022, opening a new year of Chinese movies. To congratulate the film, the female lead Trieu Le Dinh made a propaganda clip, but the most attention-grabbing beauty was that she was so strangely beautiful that she was criticized by the big press. Specifically, in the propaganda clip for Happiness to Van Gia, Trieu Le Dinh revealed a swollen face, besides a curly hairstyle that NetEase News rated as "inappropriate, outdated". Even the audience left a series of similar comments, generally criticizing the hairstyle and make-up quite poorly, not matching the inherent beauty of Trieu Le Dinh.

Trieu Le Dinh appeared with a swollen face and a "cheerful" visual that shocked people - Photo 3

In fact, this is the new image of the actress in the project filming Da Man Sinh Truong. Trieu Le Dinh is said to have a "transformation" screen in the new movie, becoming a more mature woman. Therefore, the shape this time is somewhat "older", not as youthful as the previous roles. However, in the face of such fan criticism, perhaps the costume crew and Trieu Le Dinh herself need to discuss the character's shape again to avoid causing a backlash when the movie is officially aired.

Trieu Le Dinh joined the entertainment industry at the age of 19, even though she did not have any qualifications related to acting. Coming from the poor countryside of Hebei province (China), the actress does not have the conditions to study like many of her colleagues. However, with her own efforts and hard work, the beautiful Trieu family rose alone, becoming an A-list star of the Chinese entertainment industry.

BJH page not long ago had an article sharing photos of her 10 years ago "Sam Sam". At that time, the actress was not a famous star like now, the image was somewhat sloppy, less caring. In many frames, Trieu Le Dinh also has a bare face, her true beauty has also been revealed.

Trieu Le Dinh appeared with a swollen face and a "cheerful" visual that shocked people - Photo 4

Now, after 10 years, Trieu Le Dinh's beauty and charisma are completely different. Her image has become much sharper and more attractive, along with the change in visual that surprised many people. The face becomes elegant, the eyes are divine, along with that, the confidence in front of the camera is increasingly improved.

Regarding private life, after announcing their divorce in April 2021, Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong promised to raise children together. Sina page reported that not long ago, Chinese paparazzi attracted attention when sharing the image of Trieu Le Dinh's son, Tuong Tuong, following his mother to the set. The appearance of the b.oy received great attention from the public because this was the rare time that Chiang Kai-shek appeared in front of the paparazzi camera.

Trieu Le Dinh appeared with a swollen face and a "cheerful" visual that shocked people - Photo 5

However, one detail that made fans pay attention in the clip posted by paparazzi was the moment a man hugged Tuong Tuong tightly, showing his close affection. This man even coaxed his son Trieu Le Dinh to say goodbye to the nanny to go inside the filming site.

However, the identity of this person has been revealed. As it turned out, this is an employee of the beauty crew of the Trieu family. While the actress was busy filming, this person was responsible for taking care of Chiang Chiang. This is also the reason that the nanny trusted and entrusted the son of the Phung family to this man. Because she always tries to keep her pictures and information private, Trieu Le Dinh rarely lets her children appear in public. The last time, "Sam Sam" was seen taking her children to the amusement mall.

Trieu Le Dinh appeared with a swollen face and a "cheerful" visual that shocked people - Photo 6

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