SNSD, Red Velvet and aespa are "invincible" in the 2022 calendar photo

Hoàng PhúcNov 30, 2021 at 12:06

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Netizens "fainted up and down" before the beauty of SM's beauties in the new set of photos.

According to the tradition of SM's "chicken" in recent years, every year near the end of the year, fans look forward to seeing how their idol will appear this year in the new year calendar photo set. Many fans have special expectations for this company's 3 active g.irl groups. At a glance, all 3 groups are "so beautiful" and "so beautiful", scroll down to take a closer look.


Yoona always occupies the position of "beauty goddess" of Korea. She accumulated a huge fortune at the age of 31 thanks to big m.oney as a member of g.irl group SNSD and income from Korean dramas and advertising contracts with brands.

Since 5 members Taeyeon, Yoona, Yuri, Sunny and Hyoyeon continued to renew their contracts with SM since 2017, fans have happily called SNSD a "semi-scheduled group". Since then, apart from the debut of the unit Oh!GG, the remaining activities of all 5 are taking pictures of calendars to sell to the company. SNSD's calendar photos are full of quality every year and especially next year is always more beautiful than the previous year. For example, this set of 2022 calendar photos is designed in an elegant and aristocratic style that is too suitable for the whole group, it reminds me of the Lion Heart era.

SNSD, Red Velvet and aespa are "invincible" in the 2022 calendar photo - Photo 1

SNSD, Red Velvet and aespa are "invincible" in the 2022 calendar photo - Photo 2

SNSD, Red Velvet and aespa are "invincible" in the 2022 calendar photo - Photo 3

SNSD, Red Velvet and aespa are "invincible" in the 2022 calendar photo - Photo 4

The two most impressive members in this year's calendar photos are Yoona and Yuri - two pieces in the "visual triangle" in the past. As they grow up, their beauty becomes more and more beautiful and they are the ones who opened the name of Kpop's interesting beauty. Taeyeon and Sunny are still pretty in their own right and look so young at the same time. As for the "western DJ" Hyoyeon this time, the pose is so serious that the fans are not familiar with it, but it must be admitted that it is very beautiful, it looks like a hybrid. In short, SNSD has a beautiful set of calendar photos beyond the fans' expectations.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet's 2022 calendar photo set was inspired by SM's famous movie The Queens Gambit played by young, talented and beautiful actress Anya Taylor-Joy. Red Velvet is a group that can handle any style, so there's no need to worry because they're sure to look great with a somewhat classic style this time around. The audience just needs a little glance to go c.razy, especially with the beauty of "original visual" Irene and the pretty lady Joy.

SNSD, Red Velvet and aespa are "invincible" in the 2022 calendar photo - Photo 5

SNSD, Red Velvet and aespa are "invincible" in the 2022 calendar photo - Photo 6

SNSD, Red Velvet and aespa are "invincible" in the 2022 calendar photo - Photo 7

SNSD, Red Velvet and aespa are "invincible" in the 2022 calendar photo - Photo 8

SNSD, Red Velvet and aespa are "invincible" in the 2022 calendar photo - Photo 9

The remaining 3 members are the OTP couple - Wendy and Seulgi and the youngest Yeri also made everyone get goosebumps with their aura. Wendy and Yeri look like two sisters from a powerful family. As for Seulgi, she still retains her own unique look but does not deviate from the "rails" of the general concept. After looking at SNSD's photos and then turning to look at Red Velvet, fans kept screaming because they didn't expect everything to be so amazing.


Last but not least is the rookie g.irl group aespa with the group's first set of calendar photos after 1 year of debut. Looks like this year SM decided to let the g.irl groups share the "title" as a luxury lady, because that style is also seen quite clearly in aespa. However, because aespa is a Gen Z group, their everything is more stylish, trendy and vibrant than SNSD and Red Velvet.

SNSD, Red Velvet and aespa are "invincible" in the 2022 calendar photo - Photo 10

SNSD, Red Velvet and aespa are "invincible" in the 2022 calendar photo - Photo 11

The one who surprised the audience the most was Giselle because she was too pretty in the first set of calendar photos. Normally, Giselle is pretty in a healthy and active way, but this time it's a bit feminine, so it's a bit surprising for fans. As for Winter and Ningning, it's fine for the first calendar but both can do much better.

SNSD, Red Velvet and aespa are "invincible" in the 2022 calendar photo - Photo 12

SNSD, Red Velvet and aespa are "invincible" in the 2022 calendar photo - Photo 13

aespa was exposed to SM's "tradition" of taking pictures for the first time, so that's good enough for a rookie. Compared to SNSD and Red Velvet, it's a bit unfair, because the two senior groups have been doing this for years after all. If you consider yourself as a "passerby", which photo set of SNSD, Red Velvet or aespa is the most beautiful?

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