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Song Hye Kyo is a "screen goddess" but was once flatly rejected by a male star

Cát Cát13:42:23 08/12/2023
Song Hye Kyo is one of the screen goddesses of Korean movies. However, few people know, in the past, the actress was once flatly rejected by a male star.

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Lee Young Ae reveals "rare and hard to find" photos from the past, people are c.razy about one thing?

Tiểu Trúc10:58:21 25/11/2023
Recently, social networks spread rare and hard-to-find images from the past of Dae Jang Geum Lee Young Ae. Even though the image quality is low, it still makes people go c.razy for one thing.

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Choi Moo Sung: From the gentle "father bear" of the Go genius in Reply 1988 to the scariest villain

Thanh Anh09:57:01 22/11/2023
Choi Moo Sung once impressed with his role as the gentle father of a Go genius in Reply 1988. This year, the actor caused a stir with his role as the scariest villain in The Good Bad Mother.

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Jo Jung Eun: Dae Jang Geum "child version" was once famous, but now his career is fading for one reason?

Thanh Thanh14:43:16 18/11/2023
Dae Jang Geum was once the work of a lifetime that helped Lee Young Ae advance her career. However, actress Jo Jung Eun - who played the role of young Dae Jang Geum - was not as lucky. She had a lackluster career in adulthood.

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Kim Dae Myung: "Introverted" obstetrician in Hospital Playlist, his personal life is full of mysteries

Mai Trúc14:30:23 14/11/2023
Although Kim Dae Myung is not a famous name in popular dramas, he still has strong appeal. Notably, his role as an introverted obstetrician in Hospital Playlist left a deep impression on the audience.

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Song Hye Kyo enjoys the "dominant genes" of her secretive biological mother's beauty, making people mistakenly think about something?

Đào Thị14:04:19 13/11/2023
Recently, social networks suddenly dug up some rare moments of Song Hye Kyo with her biological mother. Many people couldn't help but admire the beauty and temperament of mother and daughter. They even mistakenly thought about one thing.

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Song Hye Kyo "prevails" Song Joong Ki, doing something that her "ex-husband" has not been able to do?

Tiểu Trúc20:23:55 11/11/2023
Recently, Korean social networks spread the news that Song Hye Kyo had officially prevailed over Song Joong Ki, doing something that her ex-husband could not do, surprising a large audience.

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Jisoo (BLACKPINK) was once criticized for "invading" acting just because she was "different" from her predecessors?

Thanh Thanh16:01:50 11/11/2023
Jisoo (BLACKPINK) debuted as an actress after a long period of singing activities as the female lead in the movie Snowdrop. However, when the movie aired, she was criticized for being different from her predecessors.

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Hwang Bora: The "muddy" female supporting character in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim, has a perfect marriage with her CEO husband

Tiểu Trúc10:02:38 11/11/2023
Hwang Bora is one of the actresses who specializes in taking on salty female supporting roles in Korean movies. The muddy supporting role of Bong Se Ra in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? in 2018 helped her leave a strong mark in the hearts of the audience.

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Song Joong Ki was criticized for not respecting his wife when he had a b.aby, netizens felt lucky for Song Hye Kyo

Gia09:09:25 17/06/2023
Song Joong Ki's statement about marriage and childbirth recently caused a stir in the online community. Many people believe that the actor only talked about himself when he had children, but did not understand his wife's sacrifice.

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Jennie pretended to be sick to avoid singing, wrote an apology letter but revealed evidence of lies, Cnet attacked?

Min08:13:39 15/06/2023
The online community released evidence that Jennie went out with her sisters, showed no signs of being sick and confirmed that the singer was lying. Cnet criticized Jennie for being lazy and attacking her on social networks.

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Jennie suddenly stopped performing in the middle of the night, put it in the chicken wings, met a big change after the sensitive clip?

Gia07:22:23 12/06/2023
During the concert in Australia, Jennie showed signs of instability. The female singer then left 3 members on the stage and I put it in the wings. The audience present was extremely confused, not knowing what was going on with Jennie.

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Song Joong Ki did not do this for his ex-wife and new wife, but did it with Lee Min Ho's rumored love

Nhất Diệp14:45:19 28/03/2023
As an actor with a nostalgic career, in addition to hit movies, Song Joong Ki's love story is also very interested by the audience. Besides the broken love affair with ex-wife Song Hye Kyo and before going further with his new British wife, the actor has also been associated...

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Song Hye Kyo - Son Ye Jin has the same backer, declares that he is not afraid of career scandals

Nhất Diệp21:45:45 22/03/2023
With what she did with The Glory 2, actress Song Hye Kyo has once again returned to the focus of the Korean entertainment industry, since Descendants of the Sun. Praises about her talent appeared everywhere, she even made those who used to criticize her "turn the car". Although...

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Jessica Jung - "Ice Princess" kicked out of SNSD and past scandals

An Nhi11:43:41 24/06/2022
"Ice Queen" Jessica was f.orced to leave the SNSD group in 2014. After that, she no longer participated in artistic activities but only focused on business. Recently, Jessica has just returned with a reality show. Jessica Jung is one of the most interested and searched idols in...

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Han So Hee suffered because her mother cheated, Park Bo Gum went bankrupt at the age of 22 and a series of Korean stars were "involved in" by their biological parents.

Hoàng Phúc16:37:24 09/03/2022
Many Korean stars have been miserable when they were in a situation where they had to take on debt for their loved ones. Han So Hee Most recently, people were stirred up by the news that the biological mother of "the most beautiful l.ittle g.irl on the Korean screen" had borrowed...

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Tablo - Senior G-Dragon and the most brutal witch hunt in Korean showbiz history

Như Ý09:12:51 07/01/2022
Tablo is the leader of the hip hop group Epik High in Korea. He is also an artist of YG Entertainment, the founder of the independent record label HIGHGRND under YG. Tablo (real name Lee Seon Woong) is listed as a rarity in Korean showbiz because of his clean private life...

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Jimin (BTS) was proposed by long legs Victoria's Secret, the fan gently reminded: "Line up for a number"!

Hoàng Phúc10:55:09 02/12/2021
It is true that Jimin's coverage is so amazing that everyone claims to be "husband"! As someone who possesses an extremely masculine and caring appearance and personality, anyone who looks at Jimin will feel protected and protected. Therefore, the number of fangirls of this guy...

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CJ Group president accused of "sponsoring" a famous female idol in exchange for love, shocking leaked flirting messages

Hoàng Phúc08:24:47 02/12/2021
Another scandal caused Korean showbiz to stir. In Korean showbiz, many girls, because they want to advance, have traded their bodies, even turning themselves into goods to exchange with the giants. Recently, information about a big man "sponsoring" for a famous female idol in...

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SNSD, Red Velvet and aespa are "invincible" in the 2022 calendar photo

Hoàng Phúc12:06:33 30/11/2021
Netizens "fainted up and down" before the beauty of SM's beauties in the new set of photos. According to the tradition of SM's "chicken" in recent years, every year near the end of the year, fans look forward to seeing how their idol will appear this year in the new year...

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Song Hye Kyo and the loudest 'falls' in her career

Hou00e0ng Phu00fac07:42:56 30/11/2021
The controversy surrounding Song Hye Kyo for two decades. Talented, beautiful and shining are words that people often describe when referring to Song Hye Kyo. Fans also favorably nicknamed her "National Bao Beauty" of Korea. However, recently, the actress's comeback with the...

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Former love Miss Honey Lee - Yoon Kye Sang got married

Hậu Hậu16:49:06 11/08/2021
According to a statement from Yoon Kye Sang's management company - Just Entertainment, the actor is about to marry a beautiful and rich CEO after only 1 year of breaking up with his ex-girlfriend Honey Lee, this information makes fans surprised. doubt. The couple will be getting...

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Ha Yeon Soo: The actress's miserable past and turbulent career have to eat expired food

Hồng Hạnh09:30:52 09/07/2021
On the MBC program "Radio Star" aired on July 7 with the participation of Ha Yeon Soo. As a guest on the show, Ha Yeon Soo revealed that she went through many difficulties when she came to Seoul from Busan to study for the university entrance exam. Ha Yeon Soo works 4 times 5 jobs at a time but can't...

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Jang Nara is beautiful "c.razy" like "vampire without dead corner" in Exorcist Wizard

team youtuber15:35:29 23/04/2021
In particular, Jang Nara's small face, smooth skin, almost no signs of aging have made audiences The fake must be amazed because she still looks as young as when she started her career. Many fans have praised her, some even nicknamed Jang Nara the vampire without a dead corner. Recently, actress

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