Tiktoker Tun Pham's book was "boycotted", Women's Publishing House admitted its mistake

Ban MaiFeb 21, 2024 at 15:00

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In recent days, h.ot Tiktoker Tun Pham has received a lot of controversy from the online community. It all stems from the book "Because you are my little friend" by a tiktok man who is constantly "accused" of plagiarism, stealing brain matter and containing content that belittles women.

Specifically, on social networks, netizens constantly criticize Tun Pham for writing incorrect and misleading sentences about women. Some sentences quoted by netizens from the male tiktoker's book are: "Women are a wonderful gift that nature has given to men"; "Women become a burden and a barrier to those around them".

Tiktoker Tun Phams book was boycotted, Womens Publishing House admitted its mistake - Photo 1

Tiktoker Tun Pham's books were massively "boycotted" by the audience

Tiktoker Tun Phams book was boycotted, Womens Publishing House admitted its mistake - Photo 2

The content was criticized by netizens saying he was looking down on women

Many readers were upset, thinking that Tun Pham was intentionally insulting and devaluing women through his personal one-sided perspective. According to these people, women will never be a gift to men, women are themselves, women are independent, free, never and will never be a thing for men to entertain or entertain. materialize.

Tiktoker Tun Phams book was boycotted, Womens Publishing House admitted its mistake - Photo 3

Netizens were upset by Tun Pham's writings

It is known that the book "Because you are my little friend" was jointly published by Skybooks Vietnam Culture and Media Company Limited (referred to as Skybooks Company) and Vietnam Women's Publishing House in November/ 2023. That's why the publisher is also influenced a lot by the noise of male tiktokers.

Recently, responding to the press, Ms. Khuc Thi Hoa Phuong - Director, Editor-in-Chief of Vietnam Women's Publishing House - said that the book "Because you are my little friend" belongs to the book label "Glow Books - A journey to shine." morning" by Skybooks, aimed at young readers.

According to her, on page 44 of the book, in the article Successful women - what do they do?, the expression "it can be said that women are an extremely wonderful gift that nature has given to men" ... can easily cause misunderstandings about "gender prejudice" or "degrading women".

"As a representative of the Vietnamese Women's Publishing House, I realize that the author, Skybooks Company and the Publishing House were negligent in the editing and proofreading stages, so they left out sentences that could easily cause misunderstandings if the sentences were separated. out of context," Ms. Phuong said.

Tiktoker Tun Phams book was boycotted, Womens Publishing House admitted its mistake - Photo 4

The Women's Publishing House made a fuss surrounding tiktoker Tun Pham

The Editor-in-Chief of the Vietnamese Women's Publishing House said that if they read the full article, readers can grasp the overall message of sharing experiences for women to achieve success and live happily (what the writer believes in). "summarized" from the advice of successful women who have gone before). In addition, Ms. Phuong also frankly admitted that this is a mistake that the author, Skybooks Company and Publishing House need to seriously learn from and avoid repeating in future publications.

The representative of Vietnam Women's Publishing House also thanked readers for their frank comments to help them improve their publishing work. "We believe that after these incidents, the Glow Books label and young writers like Tun Pham will learn valuable lessons to improve themselves on their journey to adulthood, towards professional book writing." , Ms. Phuong said.

Previously, Doctor of Psychology Khuat Thu Hong - an expert in gender and health research, said that a page does not say the content of the whole book, but a sentence can lose the value of the book. book if that is the author's point of view throughout. According to her, women today are independent, self-reliant and proactive. Many talented women are on par with men in contributing to the economic development of their families and countries. Therefore, women have never "become a burden and a barrier to those around them".

Dr. Thu Hong also commented that Tun Pham is a person who has a great influence on young people, so he must be even more careful in his words, so as not to turn a book with good intentions into something insulting and degrading. women's preciousness.

Tiktoker Tun Phams book was boycotted, Womens Publishing House admitted its mistake - Photo 5

Tun Pham's side is determined to keep quiet amid the unpleasant noise

As for Tiktoker Tun Pham, he is still determined to remain silent in the face of a series of controversies surrounding his first book. Currently, book-loving groups are constantly calling for a boycott of the male tiktoker's "brainchild".

Tiktoker Tun Phams book was boycotted, Womens Publishing House admitted its mistake - Photo 6

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