Livestream saint Ngoc Nguyen plays Mai Tran Thanh: R.evealing the real Hari Won

Bảo NamFeb 20, 2024 at 16:43

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One of the most popular characters in Tran Thanh's movie Mai, appearing for less than 5 minutes is enough to "take the spotlight" and that is Ngoc Nguyen (real name Nguyen Anh Ngoc, born 1986, Hanoi).

In the film, Ngoc Nguyen plays a neighbor who lives in the same apartment complex as Mai. It is known that this role was personally invited by Tran Thanh himself because he was impressed with her humorous response videos when livestreaming on social media platforms.

Livestream saint Ngoc Nguyen plays Mai Tran Thanh: R.evealing the real Hari Won - Photo 1

On the evening of February 19, Ngoc Nguyen livestreamed for the first time on her new TikTok account. The once "God of War livestream" has officially returned on a new platform, ready to share many interesting memories about the movie Mai and Tran Thanh.

When asked by a netizen about the process of accepting the role of Mai, Ngoc Nguyen admitted that she was afraid that it was a scammer and not Tran Thanh's crew. "These days there are often scams, one click and the account is wiped out. My account doesn't have a lot of m.oney but I'm still scared. I was suspicious and said no, but they said it was a real movie company. . They asked me if I wanted to talk to Mr. Tran Thanh, so I agreed," Ngoc Nguyen said.

Livestream saint Ngoc Nguyen plays Mai Tran Thanh: R.evealing the real Hari Won - Photo 2

But when she received the call from Tran Thanh, Ngoc Nguyen still had doubts. She added: "When Mr. Thanh talked, I had to strain my ears to listen. I was afraid that they were using a voice impersonation app. Then I thought that with the voice impersonation app, I couldn't speak for that long. When I felt ok, , to be exact, I will accept the offer."

Not stopping there, Ngoc Nguyen also honestly revealed that at the time she accepted the offer to star in the movie Mai Do, it was during the summer, a time when she was "stagnant" and had no job. She is grateful because it was a "favorable time and place" for her to have the opportunity to act in a movie, and it was also a big project with Tran Thanh and the A-list stars of Vbiz.

Livestream saint Ngoc Nguyen plays Mai Tran Thanh: R.evealing the real Hari Won - Photo 3

Not only that, Ngoc Nguyen also revealed Hari Won's personality in real life. She said that the first two times they met, Tran Thanh's wife did not communicate much and was always on guard. She commented that Hari Won is the type of person who does not like to socialize. Only after understanding the other person clearly did Hari Won "open up, be open and comfortable".

Before this exciting debut role, Ngoc Nguyen emerged as a livestream phenomenon with "crude but true" responses, with a bit of wit and humor that delighted people.

Initially, in order to liquidate personal items, Ngoc Nguyen often livestreamed, sold goods and talked happily with her live viewers. Even when she first started livestreaming, Ngoc Nguyen joked that she wanted to create a "scandal" with her sister to become famous and sell more products. But by talking charmingly and many times with people "looking forward" to dramas, Ngoc Nguyen's videos suddenly went viral during the epidemic period without creating any "scandals", there are entertainment clips that have reached millions of views. on TikTok. Currently, Ngoc Nguyen's sales shop has more than 102k followers.

Livestream saint Ngoc Nguyen plays Mai Tran Thanh: R.evealing the real Hari Won - Photo 4

The most special thing is her trademark "bulging eyes". Although people teased her many times, Ngoc Nguyen responded frankly: "Protruding eyes... Because I like it to make it fun!" . Since then, Ngoc Nguyen has attracted more fans because of her cuteness when "saying a sentence is the right thing to say".

Regarding personal life, Ngoc Nguyen is quite comfortable when talking about her broken marriage and has made statements about extreme love affairs. She once stated that "having many husbands is not tiring, staying with a bad husband is tiring", constantly getting married so she was never urged to get married, and when she met the right person, she got married. She also shared that whenever she is angry with her lover, immediately jumping in to flatter her to make things go smoothly is the best way.

Or when a g.irl asked Ngoc Nguyen the question of whether she should leave her poor husband for a rich husband or not?

Livestream saint Ngoc Nguyen plays Mai Tran Thanh: R.evealing the real Hari Won - Photo 5

Ngoc Nguyen replied while livestreaming sales: "Come on, if you think that if you leave your poor husband to follow a rich man, you will never meet a rich man. You will only meet jerks and fake people. family'. Right from the beginning, I knew they were poor, so I still married them. I had to accept them and try together. Only leave my husband when they were beaten, b.oy or g.irl. But from the beginning, if I knew they were poor, don't got it".

With such straightforward and very pleasing views on love, Ngoc Nguyen became a once-in-a-lifetime viral speaking phenomenon.

Livestream saint Ngoc Nguyen plays Mai Tran Thanh: R.evealing the real Hari Won - Photo 6

With her first role in Tran Thanh's film Mai, netizens did not hesitate to praise Ngoc Nguyen: "Every part she appears in, she earns money", "It turns out that her appearances are few but very good", "Thanks to her role." She just understood the saying don't judge others by their appearance", "I think she will have the opportunity to act in more movies because she's so cute, she plays one of my favorite scenes in the movie",... and very Many positive comments are being given to her.

Livestream saint Ngoc Nguyen plays Mai Tran Thanh: R.evealing the real Hari Won - Photo 7

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