Rosé meets Kate Moss, competes with "Snow White" Lily Collins, her charisma is impeccable

Kim LâmFeb 29, 2024 at 13:31

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Rosé was recently the focus at the show of fashion house Saint Laurent, within the framework of Paris Fashion Week. Not only with her impressive style, the "Australian rose" also attracted attention with her "inconclusive" beauty match with Hollywood stars.

Recently, Saint Laurent's only female global ambassador, Rosé (Blackpink), attended the show introducing the brand's Fall-Winter 2024 collection in Paris. From early on, there were many fans waiting in front of the hotel where Rosé was staying, to see the "On the ground" singer with their own eyes, because this was a rare public event that Rosé attended since the beginning of the year. now.

Rosé meets Kate Moss, competes with Snow White Lily Collins, her charisma is impeccable - Photo 1

Rosé became the focus of the event when she appeared with an impressive appearance in a see-through outfit that was not offensively r.evealing, but was full of style and accessories that accentuated her powerful charisma.

On social networks, Rosé is praised for her figure and charisma that are not inferior to professional models. W Magazine evaluated that, among many stars wearing nearly n.ude outfits by designer Anthony Vaccarello, Rosé's look turned out to be a perfect fit - "just enough to r.eveal her bra." S.exy, thin fabric, with a dreamy figure suitable for a Kpop princess."

Rosé meets Kate Moss, competes with Snow White Lily Collins, her charisma is impeccable - Photo 2

She is sought after by the media and fans. The French fashion house also showed special favor to the ambassador, when Saint Laurent VIP Director, Emmanuel Tomasini, personally welcomed and led Rosé's hand onto the red carpet.

On the social network Twitter, the keyword "ROSÉ AT YSL WW24 SHOW" and the hashtag #ROSÉxSaintLaurent reached the Top 7 and Top 19 global trends, respectively. Currently, each of these keywords and hashtags has recorded nearly 400 thousand posts. .

Not only did she attract every camera lens, Rosé also caused a storm with a moment of powerful aura that was no different from a female CEO tearing up a story and a reunion sharing the same frame with two world-famous stars Kate Moss and "Kate Moss". Snow White" Lily Collins in the front row of the show.

Rosé meets Kate Moss, competes with Snow White Lily Collins, her charisma is impeccable - Photo 3

Rosé meets Kate Moss, competes with Snow White Lily Collins, her charisma is impeccable - Photo 4

Even though she was sitting next to powerful supermodels and famous Hollywood actors, Rosé's appearance and temperament were not overshadowed. Main vocalist BLACKPINK is full of confidence and charisma, interacting closely with Kate Moss and Lily Collins. The moment when Rosé was as beautiful and powerful as a CEO at the after-show party also quickly caused a storm on social networks, being shared and discussed by netizens around the world.

Rosé meets Kate Moss, competes with Snow White Lily Collins, her charisma is impeccable - Photo 5

In addition, Rosé's close conversation with stars Lily Collins, Kate Moss, and Zoë Kravitz was published by many fashion magazines and media. Notably, in a video, Kate Moss introduced Rosé to actress Charlotte Rampling.

"Charlotte, this is Rosie. My friend took a photo with Rosé and posted it on social networks, and that day she gained 1 million more followers. Rosé has great influence and is a sweet g.irl," Kate Moss told Charlotte Rampling.

Rosé meets Kate Moss, competes with Snow White Lily Collins, her charisma is impeccable - Photo 6

The female supermodel also revealed that she and Rosé once went out together in Los Angeles. Kate Moss is a familiar model of Saint Laurent, while Rosé is the brand's global ambassador. The two met each other through many Saint Laurent events and built a close relationship.

During this event, Rosé also scored strongly by politely and gracefully refusing the reporter's request. Specifically, when taking photos on the red carpet, a reporter asked Rosé to take off her glasses, but she still boldly "said no" to preserve her graceful and luxurious appearance. Rejecting in a very gentle way, Rosé immediately won the hearts of netizens.

But not just on the show, Rosé once again grabbed all the attention with a new look at Saint Laurent's late after-party. She changed from a dreamy brown dress to a strong, elegant and luxurious menswear style. Bright blonde hair, white skin and black glasses further enhance the attractive beauty of the beauty born in 1997.

Rosé meets Kate Moss, competes with Snow White Lily Collins, her charisma is impeccable - Photo 7

Rosé meets Kate Moss, competes with Snow White Lily Collins, her charisma is impeccable - Photo 8

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