Jennie - Rosé criticized for "star disease", controversial bodyguard treatment

An NhiMay 08, 2024 at 13:34

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It's been half a year since November 2023 at Buckingham Palace for fans to get the chance to see Jennie and Rosé together. However, it was not long before both singers became involved in controversy because of an action against the male artist.

On May 6, Rosé (BLACKPINK) made the international online community stand still when she "dated" Jennie in New York (USA). Jennie traveled to New York for the Met Gala, while Rosé attended the event of luxury jewelry brand Tiffany & Co.

Fans last saw the moment "OT4" BLACKPINK appeared together at Buckingham Palace in November 2023. Therefore, the moment Rosé - Jennie suddenly revealed and showed off everyday photos made the BLACKPINK fan community excited.

Jennie - Rosé criticized for star disease, controversial bodyguard treatment - Photo 1

However, these photos have sparked controversy on social media. 1 number of netizens criticized 2 BLACKPINK members for "abuse of power", star disease when letting bodyguards cover umbrellas along the way: "They should bring their own umbrellas", "It's too much", "It's too relaxed" ... But very soon after, many people countered that it was the job of the bodyguard, and that the bodyguard covering Rosé - Jennie's umbrella was also a way to ensure the safety of the 2 girls.

Jennie - Rosé criticized for star disease, controversial bodyguard treatment - Photo 2

Jennie - Rosé criticized for star disease, controversial bodyguard treatment - Photo 3

After a long period of contract negotiations, the 4 BLACKPINK members finally decided to only renew their group contracts with YG. They all set up their own companies to develop their own careers. Immediately, the members had much more schedules than when they were at YG. This also partly makes fans remember and support each activity of 4 global girls.

For Jennie, in just the first 6 months of 2024, Jennie has two combined music products including Slow Motion with Matt Champion and contributed vocals to the song SPOT! by male rapper Zico. If Slow Motion hasn't achieved much b.oom, SPOT! went viral again as soon as it launched.

Jennie - Rosé criticized for star disease, controversial bodyguard treatment - Photo 4

Not only that, Jennie has recently caused a fever with her personal fashion projects. Among them must be mentioned Jentle Salon - Jennie and Gentle Monster's 3rd collaboration was quickly sold-out.

Jennie - Rosé criticized for star disease, controversial bodyguard treatment - Photo 5

In an interview with Vogue, Jennie revealed her daily schedule to prepare for the album: "I'm spending most of my time making music without noticing the time. I am working hard because I want to share my music with more people and with a bolder ambition. So stay tuned. I'm going to come back looking cool to meet those expectations."

Jennie - Rosé criticized for star disease, controversial bodyguard treatment - Photo 6

Korean media previously revealed that Jennie plans to release a solo album in June 2024. Although the rapper of the group "Black Huong" has denied this information, fans are still counting down the days to wait for her full solo album.

As for Rosé, in early 2024, she makes fans excited by being the first member of BLACKPINK to set up an Instagram group chat with fans. In the group with more than 4 million members, the "rose of Australia" surprised when she dropped a 20-second recording of her newly composed solo song called Vampirehollie. Rosé's move led fans to believe that she would release a solo album in 2024.

Jennie - Rosé criticized for star disease, controversial bodyguard treatment - Photo 7

Not releasing a combination song like Jennie, Rosé also touched fans by contributing vocals to the theme song of the "survival" show I-LAND 2 - Final Love Song. Although only performing a few verses, Rosé's powerful, towering voice is enough to make fans feel excited because it has been a long time since they heard the idol's singing.

Jennie - Rosé criticized for star disease, controversial bodyguard treatment - Photo 8

In particular, Rosé can be considered a member who has continuously caused fever with a series of shapes in BLACKPINK's most fashionable events in recent years. During the Rimowa brand's event, Rosé made fans stand still with her beautiful princess-like figure with curly hair. Or make the online community distracted by creating dolls in the event of Tiffany & Co. In addition, creating a slightly curly hair shape when taking photos for the cover of Dazed Korea magazine also made fans "dumbfounded" because it was too beautiful.

Jennie - Rosé criticized for star disease, controversial bodyguard treatment - Photo 9

Jennie - Rosé criticized for star disease, controversial bodyguard treatment - Photo 10

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