Ahyeon BABYMONTER was praised for her good behavior, but "BTS sister" was criticized for her low EQ

Minh NgọcApr 10, 2024 at 15:03

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Receiving the same question about studying, YG rookie Ahyeon was sobbingly praised for her ingenuity and sophistication. On the contrary, LE SSERAFIM's youngest brother was criticized for a long time for his low EQ.

Recently, BABYMONSTER officially made a comeback with a 7-member lineup, after "ace" Ahyeon was absent due to health reasons. The return of "younger sister Jennie" was pushed hard by YG. From the day of her comeback until now, Ahyeon has dominated domestic and international social networks. She is highly appreciated for her synchronized singing - rapping - dancing skills and high recognition when often compared to Jennie.

Ahyeon BABYMONTER was praised for her good behavior, but BTS sister was criticized for her low EQ - Photo 1

Recently, Ahyeon became a h.ot topic in China because she responded to 400 comments from fans in just 2 days. The female rookie's ability to communicate and use 3 languages including Korean, Chinese, and English also surprised people.

Ahyeon BABYMONTER was praised for her good behavior, but BTS sister was criticized for her low EQ - Photo 2

Ahyeon received a rain of compliments thanks to her excellent communication skills even though she is only 16 years old. Typically, when a young fan confided about the pressure of studying, Ahyeon's response went viral on social networks because it was so subtle: "I started working as a trainee when I was quite young, I thought I wouldn't have children." No path is easy. When I'm practicing in the gym, you guys are studying hard.

It's a path I've never taken before so I'm not sure what to say, but you're doing great! It's great to see you thinking about your own future. Today and tomorrow, I will always be by your side to support you." People were amazed by Ahyeon's sincerity and skillful response.

Ahyeon BABYMONTER was praised for her good behavior, but BTS sister was criticized for her low EQ - Photo 3

Same topic, but the youngest member of LE SSERAFIM - Hong Eunchae caused Knet criticism for a long time. The female idol once caused controversy because of her joking and lackadaisical attitude when listening to fans share about their studies.

Specifically, during a fansign, the female idol asked her fans: "Are you still going to school? Ah, you must be very tired. You know what I mean, the feeling of waking up at 7 am." At first glance, the female idol is encouraging fans, but along with her words are aegyo actions and an incomprehensible joking attitude. Right then, the remaining members seemed quite surprised and shocked by Eunchae's attitude and words.

Ahyeon BABYMONTER was praised for her good behavior, but BTS sister was criticized for her low EQ - Photo 4

Another time, the female idol shared about a conversation with her friend: "Are you studying for an exam? What time do you have to get up? I have to get up at 11:30 to follow that schedule." Eunchae's foolish statements caused the female idol to be fiercely criticized. Most viewers think that she doesn't take learning seriously and makes mistakes even in the basics.

Ahyeon BABYMONTER was praised for her good behavior, but BTS sister was criticized for her low EQ - Photo 5

In addition, the fact that the female idol mocked her fans' studies also created a wave of outrage. This makes people frustrated with Eunchae's attitude. Not only that, when looking at EQ, Eunchae was also evaluated as less sophisticated. On social networking forums, many people criticized Eunchae's attitude. The public thinks Eunchae is 17 years old, fans can't keep defending her because she debuted too early. In addition, a social network account also revealed that Hong Eunchae failed the vocal department of the famous Hanlim art school twice.

Putting two female idols on the scale, people understand even more why YG favors Ahyeon so much. In addition to her outstanding star quality even though she just debuted, Ahyeon also has a stable set of singing - dancing - rapping skills. Most importantly, she is extremely serious about becoming an idol. Just her sincere attitude when communicating has helped Ahyeon win many die-hard fans.

Ahyeon BABYMONTER was praised for her good behavior, but BTS sister was criticized for her low EQ - Photo 6

Ahyeon is currently the most popular member of BABYMONSTER, with a large personal fan base and a promising ability to "carry" revenue. People concluded that Ahyeon was born to be a celebrity.

Ahyeon BABYMONTER was praised for her good behavior, but BTS sister was criticized for her low EQ - Photo 7

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