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BABYMONSTER plots to "eliminate" NewJeans, ILLIT, causing "wobbly" with superb visuals

Kim Lâm11:25:02 10/06/2024
In the new product, 7 BABYMONSTER members appeared without a dead angle, making fans swoon. With a remarkable increase in performance, many people believe that BLACKPINK's sister will far surpass the rest of the competitors.

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Rora BABYMONSTER fell on her ankle and was sobbingly praised by fans for her stirring ability

Mẫn Nhi11:25:27 13/05/2024
Rora had an ankle accident right on the fanmeeting stage, making the audience extremely worried, but she handled the situation extremely neatly and professionally. Besides, Rora is also considered the member who stirs up the stage best.

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BABYMONSTER received a great privilege for the first time, after half a year of debut to seize the opportunity

Phúc Sen07:01:35 10/05/2024
YG's 7 rookie girls – g.irl group BABYMONSTER have just made fans burst into tears when they first appeared on the cover of Korea's leading major magazine. This is a great privilege of the group after 6 months of public debut.

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BABYMONSTER shows the class of 'BLACKPINK's little sister', live like swallowing a plate

Phong Trần07:06:59 13/04/2024
YG's new recruits have just participated in the program It s Live. BABYMONSTER stirs up the atmosphere with the newly released song Sheesh. 7 girls are gradually proving the class of BLACKPINK's sisters.

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Rora has the standard beauty of Korean style, is the main visual of BABYMONSTER?

Phi Đức15:06:58 11/04/2024
Recently on the Pann portal, a post appeared with the topic BABYMONSTER Rora's visual is the best. Below the article, many compliments were given to Rora's visual, making fans extremely happy.

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Rora (BABYMONSTER): almighty idol held back by YG, the group's "black swan".

Khánh Huyền13:48:06 10/04/2024
Rora possesses beautiful beauty, is extremely talented, and has an attractive charisma, but is treated quite unfairly by YG, has no status, and is always lower than the other members.

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How BABYMONSTER dresses to cause a storm, fashion compared to BLACKPINK seniors

T.P11:00:48 07/04/2024
YG rookie g.irl group BABYMONSTER made Kpop fans buzz with their 7-member comeback song titled Sheesh. The fashion sense of the 7 girls in the MV was also quickly scrutinized by the people.

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BABYMONSTER "patted" reporters when asking about ILLIT, not ashamed of YG's "chicken"

Vân Anh10:27:53 05/04/2024
The reporter suddenly asked the YG rookies about their opponent ILLIT, but their answers made fans extremely cool because they were too skillful and smart, thereby receiving countless compliments from netizen.

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