The son of Van Hau - Hai My who had just given birth had skin problems, more than 22k followers

Thiên DiJun 06, 2024 at 11:31

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Doan Hai My's diaper mother life after publicizing her first c.hild has received a lot of attention. Although it is only a full month, the "child force" of Doan Van Hau's family has had an extremely high amount of followers and interactions on social media.

After getting married and moving into the same house at the end of 2023, the most popular couple in the football village Doan Van Hau - Doan Hai My officially welcomed their first c.hild. It is known that the couple named their son Minh Dang, his intimate name is Rice and the b.aby is now 1 month old. As the first son of Doan Van Hau and Doan Hai My, this b.oy also quickly received attention because of his "terrible" profile.

The son of Van Hau - Hai My who had just given birth had skin problems, more than 22k followers - Photo 1

Previously, the beauty born in 2001 was quite secretive, always "beating" the online community from pregnancy to childbirth. However, since the birth of her son, she has also become somewhat stronger, Doan Hai My is comfortable and began to share more about taking care of her children, confiding in mothers in diapers.

The WAG also showed off many pictures of her son but still insisted on hiding her face. The reason explained by Doan Hai My: "Currently, My has not pulic (public - PV) Lua's face is up because she wants to wait a little more for her c.hild to be strong. I think every mother will love to take pictures of her children, want to share and show them off. My is no exception. Since the day there was Rice, it has been a full camera of photos and clips of Rice."

The son of Van Hau - Hai My who had just given birth had skin problems, more than 22k followers - Photo 2

Although his face has not been clearly revealed, fans still notice a feature of Doan Van Hau's son, which is the sparse hair in front, which looks both cute and funny. Doan Hai My revealed that because of this, people at home often jokingly call the noble b.oy "Professor Rice".

The son of Van Hau - Hai My who had just given birth had skin problems, more than 22k followers - Photo 3

Although the c.hild has just turned a full month, it has received a lot of attention from netizens, the diaper life of Miss Ha Thanh has also become a 'h.ot topic'.

According to Doan Hai My, just born, b.aby Lua had to shine the lights 24 hours a day for 2 days because of physiological jaundice. This is a common condition in infants.

For this reason, when he came home, the little b.oy criticized his mother, only liked Ti Binh. "After many times the 2 mothers and daughters wrestled with each other to catch the mother, I compromised with my friend Rice Ti Binh," Doan Hai My excitedly shared about the little things surrounding her first son.

The son of Van Hau - Hai My who had just given birth had skin problems, more than 22k followers - Photo 4

Although it is her first time as a mother, Doan Hai My has learned a lot of methods as well as listened to more opinions from doctors and mothers to have a suitable way to take care of their children. It is known that in addition to her husband who is always by her side, Doan Hai My is also a "grandmother". "maternal mother" and also a maid to take care of the c.hild.

Recently, the player and his wife also set up a separate Instagram account for their son. In just a short time, Lua now owns more than 22,000 followers, predicting that this will be a "hot kid" in the future. According to Doan Van Hau, create a separate account for the b.aby so that the couple can post their c.hild's daily moments. However, because the b.aby is only a full month, the family has not made their son's appearance public. Doan Hai My also revealed that she was very grateful when everyone understood not to disclose everything too early about the b.aby.

The son of Van Hau - Hai My who had just given birth had skin problems, more than 22k followers - Photo 5

However, like many other fathers and mothers, Doan Van Hau and Doan Hai My are also extremely "addicted" to their children. The two have changed the introduction on their personal pages to "Mother of the Rice Baby" and "Father of the Rice Baby". Not only that, since setting up the account, the couple also competed to post photos of their children. Although they still hide their faces, everyone feels that the couple is very fond of their son and is always attentive and caring for their son.

The son of Van Hau - Hai My who had just given birth had skin problems, more than 22k followers - Photo 6

The son of Van Hau - Hai My who had just given birth had skin problems, more than 22k followers - Photo 7

Currently, many people are looking forward to seeing the appearance of Doan Hai My's c.hild because the b.oy whose parents both possess superb visuals. Many people predict that, with the beauty and height of Doan Hai My and Doan Van Hau, B.aby Lua will definitely be a "child force" in social media in the near future.

The son of Van Hau - Hai My who had just given birth had skin problems, more than 22k followers - Photo 8

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