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Doan Hai My teaches her underage c.hild to read, receiving praise from the online community

Keng16:21:32 19/07/2024
Recently, Doan Van Hau's wife attracted attention when she showed her son Lua a book. Specifically, Doan Hai My took a photo of her young son attentively looking at a book.

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Doan Hai My shows off her "best face" bare face, admitting that she is different from Van Hau

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:06:20 19/07/2024
Shedding the image of a well-groomed Hanoi lady every time she dresses up and goes out on the street, Hai My at home only neatly pins her hair and leaves her face bare, making others admire her with her naturally beautiful, pure appearance. poem.

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Doan Hai My revealed her beauty when going to Tay Ho district, radiant but still "overwhelmed" by one person

Đức Trí16:09:30 18/07/2024
H.ot mom Doan Hai My just showed off her sweet moment when she went to the Tay Ho palace ceremony. The mother of 1 c.hild was considered super beautiful and radiant. However, she was still considered inferior to someone who could not be compared.

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The daughter of tycoon Minh Nhua was accused of copying Doan Hai My, her husband hotly responded preemptively

Phúc Sen07:04:47 16/07/2024
H.ot g.irl Joyce Pham just made netizens stir when she was suddenly accused of copying her style with her wife Doan Van Hau - Doan Hai My. Faced with a series of offensive comments, the son-in-law of billionaire Minh Nhua immediately came out to respond to anti-fans.

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Doan Hai My hid from her children and dressed up to "dress down", fans sarcastically mocked her daughter-in-law for treating her parents-in-law

Châu Anh13:31:35 15/07/2024
Since becoming a mother, Doan Hai My has not needed to spend any effort in exercising and has been able to get back in shape very quickly. The WAG often attracts attention with her beautiful appearance when walking on the street. However, Van Hau's wife also suffered many bad comments from fans.

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Chu Thanh Huyen showed off shopping for her c.hild, netizens reacted differently to Doan Hai My

Kim Lâm10:22:32 09/07/2024
Zhou Thanh Huyen is entering the last months of pregnancy. She and her husband Quang Hai have also bought quite a lot of necessary supplies to prepare for the b.aby. Recently, WAG has shown off on social networks that she has received a lot of attention from the mothers' diaper association.

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Zhou Qingxuan tried to imitate Doan Hai My, Quang Hai had a tired attitude on his face?

Đình Như17:38:09 05/07/2024
Quang Hai is a famous player, achieving many admiration achievements in the Vietnamese sports industry. Regarding his personal life, he held a wedding with Chu Thanh Huyen in March this year. The couple is excitedly waiting for the official day to welcome their first c.hild.

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Doan Hai My mentioned postpartum depression, clarifying Van Hau's mother's treatment

Uyển Đình17:09:06 05/07/2024
After giving birth to her son, Doan Hai My often went online to share with the mothers' association the story of taking care of her c.hild and the changes in appearance and psychology when she first became a mother. At the same time, the story of mother-in-law - bride has also attracted the attention of many people.

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Chu Thanh Huyen mentioned the past of poverty, no food, and was no longer compared to Doan Hai My

Nguyễn Kim10:43:03 29/06/2024
WAG Chu Thanh Huyen - wife of Vietnamese football star Nguyen Quang Hai - is currently in the final months of pregnancy and is about to give birth. Recently, she often goes online to chat and share daily stories with everyone.

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Doan Hai My showed off her husband giving her a huge gift after giving birth, and responded deeply to her beauty

Uyển Đình06:51:54 27/06/2024
Doan Hai My's life as a mother is always watched with interest by the audience. It is known that Doan Van Hau's wife has achieved success in terms of figure after giving birth to her first c.hild, causing the sisters to ask for help.

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Doan Hai My's health deteriorated worryingly, r.evealing that her son was in danger during labor

Nguyễn Kim07:01:49 24/06/2024
After giving birth, Doan Van Hau's wife received many questions from fans about the life of a new mother. Doan Hai My happily shared about her pregnancy journey and becoming a mother for the first time.

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Doan Hai My mentioned the issue of confinement, "force cannot overcome the mind" one thing even though Doan Van Hau is close by

Thanh Phúc14:48:11 20/06/2024
H.ot mom Doan Hai My has just shared something that interests many pregnant mothers. She said that she is lazy and cannot do one thing even though she really wants to, but she can't help it, even with her husband Doan Van Hau. close by, help.

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Doan Van Hau accidentally called MC Quyen Linh "uncle" and was immediately corrected

Bảo Nam15:53:08 14/06/2024
Recently, Doan Van Hau and MC Quyen Linh met for the first time while filming a TV show together. Notably, the two had quite an interesting interaction, making everyone watching laugh.

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Chu Thanh Huyen excitedly showed off her stretch marks on her pregnant belly, Hai My admired Duc Chinh's wife

Châu Anh14:40:19 14/06/2024
Quang Hai - Doan Van Hau - Ha Duc Chinh are a close trio of Vietnamese football. If Van Hau has just welcomed his first son, then Quang Hai and Duc Chinh's wife are also in their last month of pregnancy. The WAGs' new moves always attract attention.

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Doan Hai My is busy taking care of her children but still does not forget her husband, praying day and night for one thing

Pinky11:35:44 12/06/2024
H.ot mom Doan Hai My - Doan Van Hau's wife, after giving birth, her life is receiving more and more attention. Currently, Doan Hai My has become a real mother. Even though she is only 2k1, h.ot g.irl Ha manages everything very well.

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Doan Hai My was skinny after giving birth, her b.ody ached, pity Doan Van Hoc because of 1 thing

JLO14:10:02 11/06/2024
Recently, WAG Doan Hai My took advantage of her c.hild's sleep to go online with fans. Here, Doan Van Hau's wife suddenly shared about her postpartum health condition.

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Doan Hai My "hid from her child", r.evealing a super shocked b.ody after giving birth, Doan Van Hau was praised for 1 thing

Gia Nhi07:29:21 11/06/2024
The couple Doan Van Hau and Doan Hai My continue to make people stir with a series of recent moves after giving birth. The 10x beauty after giving birth revealed a super slim waist, everyone showed their faces, and the male player who has now been promoted is praised very skillfully.

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Doan Hai My's father was the first to become a grandfather, rarely showing off to his wife

Thanh Phúc13:30:30 06/06/2024
Doan Hai My's biological father has just caused a stir in the public with a rare image showing off his daily life photos next to his wife. It is known that the past of the beauty's father was an early hip-hop player, now he is still extremely stylish as a grandfather.

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The son of Van Hau - Hai My who had just given birth had skin problems, more than 22k followers

Thiên Di11:31:52 06/06/2024
Doan Hai My's diaper mother life after publicizing her first c.hild has received a lot of attention. Although it has only been a full month, the young forces of Doan Van Hau's family have had an extremely high number of followers and interactions on social media.

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Doan Hai My "declared" all about giving birth, about to "cross the land" was still caught by Van Hau as 1 thing

Uyển Đình13:30:44 05/06/2024
The families of defenders Doan Van Hau and Doan Hai My are currently receiving a lot of attention from the online community when they suddenly released photos to fill the month for their newborn son. Currently, every move of the couple and the c.hild is noticed by the people.

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Doan Van Hau and his wife filled the month for their first c.hild, when was Doan Hai My born?

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:41:55 03/06/2024
On their personal pages, Doan Van Hau and Doan Hai My happily posted photos of filling the month for their first c.hild. This information surprised many fans when the two were previously silent, not r.evealing that the WAG had successfully overcome.

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Doan Hai My is nearing the day of "delivery", Doan Van Hau has an attitude when he has to do one thing

An Nhi06:56:00 27/05/2024
Doan Van Hau - Doan Hai My are one of the most beloved couples on social networks. To prepare for the birth of her first c.hild, the WAG shared an extremely cute moment with her famous husband, making people excited because she was so cute.

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Chu Thanh Huyen "argued with the doctor" while pregnant and still drank beer loudly, fans said to learn from Hai My

Châu Anh07:06:53 16/05/2024
As two of the famous Wags of Vietnamese football, Chu Thanh Huyen and Doan Hai My are constantly compared by people, especially when they are both pregnant. Netizens also paid attention to the two's pregnancy journey.

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Chu Thanh Huyen - Doan Hai My "matched" the pregnant mother, both were only 1 point ahead of each other

Uyển Đình10:14:36 13/05/2024
Chu Thanh Huyen and Doan Hai My are two famous WAGs today. Not only that, both have now successfully hunted Dragons, so every move of Quang Hai's wife and Doan Van Hau's wife is scrutinized by the community.

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