Doan Hai My "declared" all about giving birth, about to "cross the land" was still caught by Van Hau as 1 thing

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The families of defenders Doan Van Hau and Doan Hai My are currently receiving a lot of attention from the online community when they suddenly released photos to fill the month for their newborn son. Currently, every move of the couple and the c.hild is noticed by the people.

WAG Doan Hai My became the focus of attention of football fans when recently, she gave birth to the famous defender of Vietnam team Doan Van Hau a cute b.aby boy whose real name is Minh Dang, nicknamed at home called "Lua".

Because they wanted to keep their b.aby, it wasn't until they were one month old and stronger that Van Hau and Hai My decided to go public with the b.aby. However, the couple still covered their faces and promised later when their children were older to let fans see their children's faces.

Doan Hai My declared all about giving birth, about to cross the land was still caught by Van Hau as 1 thing - Photo 1

A month after giving birth to her first c.hild, WAG Doan Hai My took the time to share with fans about her journey to give birth. Doan Van Hau's wife said she had given birth normally, and the feeling was definitely extremely painful. Doan Hai My posted a photo of Van Hau with disheveled hair, wearing hospital clothes, and a poor face.

Hai My said: "At this time, I was in pain, and the husband kept asking to take photos as a souvenir. Angry." However, the Top 10 Miss Vietnam 2020 still tried to pose beside her husband, being praised cutely by netizens.

Doan Hai My declared all about giving birth, about to cross the land was still caught by Van Hau as 1 thing - Photo 2

Netizens left many comments praising the beauty of the Top 10 Miss Vietnam 2020: "Giving birth is also pretty", "People give birth but are so pretty, and I am very strange", "The face is also beautiful", "Beautiful people are also beautiful" ...

Doan Hai My said that after giving birth a month, she lost 9 pounds from 59kg to 50kg. Mom was extremely fast, and now had regained her slender b.ody, long, straight legs. The image of Doan Van Hau's wife a month after giving birth immediately caused a fever on social networks because of her beautiful appearance, the physique many mothers desire. Despite her fast shape, Doan Hai My sometimes misses her round belly.

Doan Hai My declared all about giving birth, about to cross the land was still caught by Van Hau as 1 thing - Photo 3

Hai My said she does not intend to go on a diet to keep fit, but will now eat fully and carefully to ensure adequate milk supply and quality breastfeeding. B.aby Lua of Van Hau and Hai My shared a room with their parents, but at night, Van Hau hired a babysitter to carry the b.aby so that Hai My could sleep, avoiding lack of sleep causing little milk or milk loss.

Doan Hai My declared all about giving birth, about to cross the land was still caught by Van Hau as 1 thing - Photo 4

Recently, a behind-the-scenes image at the month-long ceremony of Minh Dang of Doan Van Hau - Doan Hai My was shared by netizens. In the photo, both Van Hau and Hai My are busy preparing for the meaningful occasion of their son. Doan Van Hau dressed simply with a white T-shirt, dark pants are still dashing.

Meanwhile, Doan Hai My's mother wore a loose hand-embroidered dress that covered her second round, her hair loose. The camera usually records the appearance of the mother after a month of childbirth, still not much changed compared to the time when she was not pregnant.

Doan Hai My declared all about giving birth, about to cross the land was still caught by Van Hau as 1 thing - Photo 5

Doan Hai My declared all about giving birth, about to cross the land was still caught by Van Hau as 1 thing - Photo 6

Regarding postpartum abstinence, the beauty born in 2001 said she combines traditional and modern abstinence methods.

"When I first came home, I still wore long shirts, long pants, socks, air conditioning to the temperature of 26-27. Later on, it was too h.ot and muggy, so it changed into short-sleeved pajamas. Since she was in the hospital, she had been washed by the nurses, so she went home in stable health, and she also washed and washed her hair cleanly; Of course, a warm, quick shower doesn't take long.

Doan Hai My declared all about giving birth, about to cross the land was still caught by Van Hau as 1 thing - Photo 7

I find that when I walk normally and my health is stable, I should wash and avoid infecting my c.hild. When eating, she eats a variety of foods, cooks and drinks boiling. Especially, drinking a lot of warm water and warm milk helps milk about a lot. The key is to try to rest as much as possible; keep a relaxed and happy spirit to restore physical health and stabilize mental health," Doan Hai My wrote.

Doan Hai My declared all about giving birth, about to cross the land was still caught by Van Hau as 1 thing - Photo 8

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