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Doan Van Hau's mother-in-law 'overwhelmed' her daughter, Doan Hai My sitting next to her had to 'turn off the light'

Gia Nhi06:46:34 23/04/2024
The beauty of Doan Hai My's biological mother at the age of 50 is still considered youthful, sitting next to her daughter is considered no different from two sisters. Her appearance is even brighter and more radiant than Doan Hai My because his wife Doan Van Hau is pregnant.

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Doan Hai My encountered the tragedy of being pregnant, her beauty plummeted, Hoa Minzy once spoke up

T.P21:31:44 09/04/2024
Doan Van Hau's wife - beauty Doan Hai My has just posted a post sharing her journey to motherhood, she publicly revealed the first stretch marks on her skin, and encountered the fate of a pregnant mother. This is also something that Hoa Minzy once spoke up about, because she also experienced it.

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Doan Hai My "flexed" the top pregnant mother's figure, "scored" when responding to delicate matters

Thiên Di17:11:10 03/04/2024
Doan Hai My and defender Doan Van Hau have been married for 5 months, recently the couple officially announced Hai My's pregnancy. Therefore, each time she appears, she receives a lot of love and attention from the people.

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Doan Hai My updated the situation of "pregnant mother", her belly is so big that she still "plows" work regularly

Tuyết Ngọc13:29:15 28/03/2024
After announcing the good news to fans with Doan Van Hau, Doan Hai My freely updated the situation on social networks. Even though she is pregnant, she is still quite busy and works constantly.

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Chu Thanh Huyen was pampered by Quang Hai, Hai My "left" the sisterhood because of Van Hau

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:43:31 27/02/2024
Chu Thanh Huyen and Doan Hai My are both beautiful shadows of Vietnamese players. Since officially coming together, the daily lives of both WAGs have received special attention from people.

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Doan Hai My was destroyed for thousands of dollars, the culprit was close to Doan Van Hau

Phúc Sen06:32:59 08/01/2024
Doan Van Hau's wife caused people to stir when she suddenly shared about an expensive brand item, priced at thousands of dollars but destroyed by a character. The identity of the p.erpetrator is even more shocking, when she is extremely loved and pampered by her husband.

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Doan Van Hau sneaked a secret thing behind Doan Hai My's back, r.evealing his true personality after the wedding

An Nhi10:41:46 01/12/2023
Doan Van Hau and Doan Hai My are the couple who have received the most attention in recent days after holding a wedding ceremony in Hanoi. After the wedding, the male player suddenly revealed the moment of doing secret things behind his wife's back, surprising everyone.

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Doan Van Hau was "ridiculed" by his seniors and criticized him for not being as educated as Doan Hai My, the leader replied with exactly one sentence.

Đình Như10:24:41 23/11/2023
Doan Hai My - Doan Van Hau are a couple considered to be a good match in the Vietnamese football industry. While the player born in 1999 is highly appreciated in the team, Hai My is a beauty in the top 10 Miss Vietnam 2020.

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Doan Hai My made a move to attract attention after being suspected of going for a pregnancy check-up, the 2-minute clip was enough to make people panic.

Bình Minh07:25:44 21/11/2023
This November, in addition to the attention focused on bride Puka, bride Doan Hai My is also equally interested by netizens. That's why every move of the 10X h.ot g.irl is in the public's sights.

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Doan Van Hau lets his wife wear designer handbags but still leaves his parents at the 4th level house, everyone understands the reason!

JLO14:02:09 16/11/2023
In the Vietnamese football industry, Doan Van Hau was voted by many fans as a player with many perfect elements: talent, beauty and a sweet love story. Because of his early success, it was not difficult for Doan Van Hau to own many assets.

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Doan Van Hau - Doan Hai My set a date to "go home", r.evealing behind the scenes of beautiful wedding photography like a movie

Nguyễn Kim14:19:47 03/11/2023
After registering their marriage, Doan Van Hau and Doan Hai My planned a wedding ceremony. According to multiple reports from social media, the couple will get married at the end of November. The two have also now taken wedding photos in preparation for their big day.

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Doan Hai My revealed evidence of 'good news', this time Doan Van Hau really got promoted!

Hoa Tuyết17:34:12 29/10/2023
Doan Hai My continues to o.ff her well-proportioned physique and beautiful legs, amid rumors of good news in recent days. However, a strange detail has attracted the attention of netizens.

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