Chu Thanh Huyen "argued with the doctor" while pregnant and still drank beer loudly, fans said to learn from Hai My

Châu AnhMay 16, 2024 at 07:06

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As two of the famous Wags of Vietnamese football, Chu Thanh Huyen and Doan Hai My are constantly put on the "comparison table" by people, especially when they are both pregnant. Residents The network also paid attention to the two's pregnancy journey.

Quang Hai and Doan Van Hau are two players with quite a close relationship. On the field, they are teammates; In real life, they are brothers who love each other. Therefore, the relationship between wife Quang Hai and wife Doan Van Hau always receives a lot of attention from fans.

Chu Thanh Huyen argued with the doctor while pregnant and still drank beer loudly, fans said to learn from Hai My - Photo 1

Recently, Quang Hai's wife replaced her husband and took their parents on a trip to Phu Quoc. On her personal page, Thanh Huyen regularly updates her status of having fun going to the beach with her parents and husband's parents.

During dinner, Chu Thanh Huyen carried her pregnant belly, held a glass of beer and clinked glasses with the whole family to attract attention. In addition to praising the happy atmosphere and close relationship of the WAG with her mother-in-law and biological mother, netizens also fiercely debated the fact that Chu Thanh Huyen was pregnant but still raised a glass of beer.

Chu Thanh Huyen argued with the doctor while pregnant and still drank beer loudly, fans said to learn from Hai My - Photo 2

Although there was no moment when Chu Thanh Huyen drank that beer, people still reminded Quang Hai's wife to pay attention to the fact that she was pregnant and not to drink beer and alcoholic beverages. Some pregnant mothers confirm that when going for prenatal checkups, doctors recommend absolutely not using alcohol or beer. Some netizens advocate that pregnant mothers can drink beer, as long as they don't drink too much or get addicted.

So, can pregnant mothers drink beer? Many women are also interested in this issue. In fact, medical recommendations say that drinking alcohol during pregnancy can harm the b.aby, leading to various medical problems or birth defects.

Chu Thanh Huyen argued with the doctor while pregnant and still drank beer loudly, fans said to learn from Hai My - Photo 3

Previously, Chu Thanh Huyen also attracted attention when she shared a dance video in the bedroom, receiving compliments for her energetic, vitality-filled appearance as a pregnant mother. However, there are also people who remind Quang Hai's wife to pay attention to health while pregnant.

Like Quang Hai's wife, Doan Hai My is in the last months of her pregnancy and has gained more than 11kg but her charisma is still extremely beautiful and seductive, earning her so much praise from the nursing mothers' association.

Chu Thanh Huyen argued with the doctor while pregnant and still drank beer loudly, fans said to learn from Hai My - Photo 4

Many pregnant women are jealous of Hai My because even though she is pregnant, she still maintains her slim figure and her face is not deformed. Doan Hai My once shared a little about her pregnancy journey. She said she always tries to keep a scientific diet and a happy spirit throughout her pregnancy.

Chu Thanh Huyen argued with the doctor while pregnant and still drank beer loudly, fans said to learn from Hai My - Photo 5

"Time flies really fast, My's b.aby Dragon is growing up every day. Currently, My has gained about 11kg. Many women praise My for being pregnant and still having a slim figure. People often ask My if she has any secrets to maintain her figure. If not, My only has a balanced nutritional regimen, supplementing enough nutrients according to the doctor's advice to help the b.aby develop best. Currently, My and the b.aby's health is both good, and the b.aby is still alive The doctor praised her for being of good quality and having long legs like her father.

Doan Hai My also adds some functional foods for pregnant women, taking calcium 30 minutes after breakfast. In addition, focus on supplementing enough iron, DHA and vitamins. There is no curve as beautiful and sacred as a pregnant mother's curve, so ladies, don't worry too much about your appearance, be comfortable, happy, and supplement enough micronutrients for a healthy b.aby to be born." Hai My confided.

Chu Thanh Huyen argued with the doctor while pregnant and still drank beer loudly, fans said to learn from Hai My - Photo 6

Pregnant with her first c.hild and close to giving birth, Doan Hai My rarely wears makeup and often keeps her face natural but still receives many compliments for her beauty. In addition to her outstanding pregnant belly, Doan Hai My maintains the pure beauty of the Top 10 Miss Vietnam 2020. "Beautiful, gentle, gentle, lovely" - a netizen expressed under Doan's photo Hai My

Chu Thanh Huyen argued with the doctor while pregnant and still drank beer loudly, fans said to learn from Hai My - Photo 7

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