Van Hau was suspected of having a disagreement with Doan Hai My's father, and was not wished well on special occasions

Bình MinhApr 22, 2024 at 09:25

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This year's birthday of Van Hau is more special than ever because he has his wife and first c.hild by his side. However, on this occasion, he was suspected of having a disagreement with his father-in-law, making fans worried.

Last April 19 was Doan Van Hau's birthday. The football player received many congratulations from his family, colleagues and friends. Among them, what is of most interest is what his wife shared - Doan Hai My.

Van Hau was suspected of having a disagreement with Doan Hai Mys father, and was not wished well on special occasions - Photo 1

Accordingly, Wags diligently wished her husband a happy birthday on all platforms: "Happy birthday, housemate!", attaching a kiss icon and a red heart. She also gave Doan Van Hau a cake and happily called her "my husband". In response, the defender born in 1999 posted his wife's story and affectionately said: "Thank you, my love."

In particular, Doan Van Hau also received lovely congratulations from his mother-in-law - Mrs. Mai Doan. "Happy birthday to my son-in-law. Always be happy and smile like this when you get married!", Doan Hai My's mother wrote. In addition, Miss Ha Thanh's two younger brothers were also present at the birthday party and happily sang congratulations to their brother-in-law.

Van Hau was suspected of having a disagreement with Doan Hai Mys father, and was not wished well on special occasions - Photo 2

Meanwhile, Mr. Doan Hai Son - Doan Hai My's powerful father - did not share anything publicly with his son-in-law on his birthday. This detail immediately attracted the attention of many people, because before that he and Doan Van Hau had a quite close relationship.

Remember in 2020 - the time before Doan Hai My went to the Miss beauty contest, her father freely posted photos with his son-in-law and called Van Hau "grandfather". However, from the time the couple started dating rumors until they publicly announced their love and officially started living together, he hardly mentioned this famous son-in-law on social networks anymore.

Van Hau was suspected of having a disagreement with Doan Hai Mys father, and was not wished well on special occasions - Photo 3

That raises suspicions that the relationship between the two sides is no longer as good as before. However, there is still a part of netizens who believe that feelings do not have to be expressed or made public online, but only need to be understood by two people. This is just netizens' speculation, the main character has not yet responded to this issue.

Returning to Doan Van Hau, besides the wishes from his relatives, the player also wished himself. "Happy birthday to the person in the photo. The new age will be a strong support in my small family. Have a sure, best recovery and come back to play soon," the 9X defender wrote on his personal page.

Van Hau was suspected of having a disagreement with Doan Hai Mys father, and was not wished well on special occasions - Photo 4

The short but special message from the striker from Thai Binh made some fans feel a little sad. Because, after his heel injury since the beginning of the 2023 - 2024 season, he has been completely absent from the field.

Many times, Doan Van Hau expressed his desire to return to competition, making fans feel sad. During this time, he actively practiced recovery and his injury progressed well. The defender born in 1999 was also seen with Doan Hai My going abroad for treatment.

Van Hau was suspected of having a disagreement with Doan Hai Mys father, and was not wished well on special occasions - Photo 5

At the age of 25, Doan Van Hau makes many audiences admire him for his fulfilling life, both in terms of career and marriage. On March 23, Doan Hai My - his wife - surprised him when she announced that she was pregnant with their first c.hild after 4 months of being in the same house.

It is known that in November 2022, the player transferred to join the Hanoi Police Club. Although his salary has not been made public, according to many sources, he is paid up to 100 million VND per month. The amount of bribes also reached billions of dong. With this income, Miss Ha Thanh's husband becomes the highest paid player in V.League in the 2023 season.

Van Hau was suspected of having a disagreement with Doan Hai Mys father, and was not wished well on special occasions - Photo 6

Besides competing, Doan Van Hau also received many invitations to be a brand representative from brands and events. This helps him earn large revenues from advertising activities.

The defender born in 1999 also invested in his own business with a fashion brand bearing his name. In mid-2023, the striker from Thai Binh spent 5 billion VND to buy a luxury car, making many audiences admire. He currently owns a luxury apartment in the My Dinh area.

Van Hau was suspected of having a disagreement with Doan Hai Mys father, and was not wished well on special occasions - Photo 7

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