Doan Hai My's mother wants surgery to compete in the beauty pageant, to fulfill her daughter's dream?

JLOMay 13, 2024 at 07:25

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Besides the attraction of the couple Doan Van Hau and Doan Hai My, the two families also received considerable attention from the public. After the grand wedding ceremony, the identity and image of the bride's biological mother became a topic shared by everyone.

Before that, in three important ceremonies, Doan Hai My's mother all appeared neatly dressed in traditional ao dai. The outfit is more harmonious when dyed in elegant colors with embroidered motifs containing messages of blessing.

Doan Hai Mys mother wants surgery to compete in the beauty pageant, to fulfill her daughters dream? - Photo 1

In the photo frames on the porch holding her c.hild's hand and giving it to the groom, Mrs. Mai Doan attracts attention with her radiance and youthfulness. The outstanding proportions of the b.ody on the tight-fitting design are also the points that attract netizens' attention.

In the front photo corner, many opinions say that the Top 10 Miss Vietnam 2020 inherited many beauty features from their mother. When standing next to each other, the looks of Doan Hai My and her mother look like sisters.

Doan Hai Mys mother wants surgery to compete in the beauty pageant, to fulfill her daughters dream? - Photo 2

According to the wedding costume designer of the couple Doan Van Hau - Doan Hai My, it was revealed that Ms. Mai Doan's beauty has not gone under the knife.

The designer shared: "Talking with Doan Hai My's mother, I was very surprised to hear her answer about the secret to staying in excellent shape as a mother of three children. It turns out that this charisma and beauty is completely natural. ".

Doan Hai Mys mother wants surgery to compete in the beauty pageant, to fulfill her daughters dream? - Photo 3

At the age of 50, Ms. Mai Doan dreams of having cosmetic surgery. However, she has not yet done so because she is afraid. "I want to do so many things over and over again, this speaker lift, this liposuction, this waist tightening... but I don't have the courage. So I just dream and wish. How cowardly," Doan Hai My's mother shared.

Although she has not really improved her beauty, Doan Hai My's mother plans to apply for Miss after the surgery. She humorously said: "After doing it all over again, maybe I can go to the Miss pageant. My whole family went to cheer and have a lot of fun. All of them are so pretty and I'm so pretty."

Doan Hai Mys mother wants surgery to compete in the beauty pageant, to fulfill her daughters dream? - Photo 4

With her current charisma and beauty, many fans suggested she apply for Miss Universe when the national contest raises the age limit.

Doan Hai Mys mother wants surgery to compete in the beauty pageant, to fulfill her daughters dream? - Photo 5

Not only beautiful, Doan Hai My's mother is also famous for teaching her children very skillfully and strictly.

Doan Hai My once said that when they fell in love with Van Hau, the two could only meet downstairs because their parents strictly controlled them. She said: "Before that, we only met downstairs. We only met for about 15-20 minutes and then we were called upstairs. That day I broke my leg and Mr. Hau came to my house. Me and my parents." As soon as he got out of the car, Mr. Hau asked his mother for permission to take her up to the house and for her to ask permission to come in. Until now, my mother still said that this 'guy' was lucky and didn't know when he would be able to go home."

Doan Hai Mys mother wants surgery to compete in the beauty pageant, to fulfill her daughters dream? - Photo 6

On Instagram, Doan Van Hau's mother-in-law posted a message about a conversation between family members. Notably, Doan Hai My's strict way of correcting the children made people admire them.

Specifically, when his younger brother Doan Hai My was asked by his mother where he was, he immediately replied, "May is sleeping." Immediately, Doan Van Hau's wife showed a strict attitude, "correcting" her brother about how to address him right away: "Talking to who?". Doan Hai My's younger brother realized his mistake and replied, "I forgot to add."

Doan Hai Mys mother wants surgery to compete in the beauty pageant, to fulfill her daughters dream? - Photo 7

Through the above conversation, we can see that Doan Van Hau's wife is strict and looks like the eldest sister. Many "winged" compliments were given to Doan Hai My for her sophisticated and mature behavior.

Doan Hai My was born in 2001, she was in the Top 10 Miss Vietnam 2020 and won the title of Talented Beauty. In addition to her attractive appearance, the WAG also impresses with her intellectual beauty and admirable educational level.

Doan Hai Mys mother wants surgery to compete in the beauty pageant, to fulfill her daughters dream? - Photo 8

During his years at school, Doan Hai My always achieved the title of excellent student. Literature is a "closet subject" that helps the Hanoi-born beauty always achieve valedictorian achievement in Literature throughout her 3 years of high school. In the 2019 high school graduation exam, Doan Hai My also achieved a high score in Literature of 8.25.

After graduating from high school, Doan Hai My passed the exam to enter a high-quality class at Hanoi Law University - a top school with always high benchmark scores. Up to now, the perfect love story of Doan Van Hau - Doan Hai My makes many people admire.

Doan Hai Mys mother wants surgery to compete in the beauty pageant, to fulfill her daughters dream? - Photo 9

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