Doan Van Hau appeared on television, "pregnant mother" Doan Hai My's reaction was surprising

Bình MinhApr 15, 2024 at 09:58

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Doan Van Hau - Doan Hai My are the hottest couple in football at the moment. Every move of both cannot escape the attention of netizens, especially Wags born in 2001.

Late on the evening of April 13, Doan Van Hau was invited by the station to appear on television to comment before the English Premier League match. Appearing here, the defender born in 1999 wore an elegant vest.

Notably, at home, Doan Hai My also turned on the TV to watch and cheer for her husband. Under the lens of his pregnant mother, Van Hau was captured at the exact moment smiling brightly and looking extremely handsome. "You're so fresh," Miss Ha Thanh posted on her personal page and was shared by her husband.

Doan Van Hau appeared on television, pregnant mother Doan Hai Mys reaction was surprising - Photo 1

It is known that this is not the first time Doan Van Hau appeared on television. Before that, the player was invited by the station many times to comment on the match. The reason he has time to participate is because at the present time, the striker from Thai Binh is in the process of recovering from his injury and does not have to go to training like his teammates at the Hanoi Police Club.

Although he has not yet been able to return to the field, recently, the defender born in 1999 is showing a strong comeback after a follow-up examination and minor surgery in Singapore at the end of February.

Doan Van Hau appeared on television, pregnant mother Doan Hai Mys reaction was surprising - Photo 2

With this signal, football fans in the country can feel somewhat reassured and hope that Doan Van Hau can recover and quickly return to the field, after a long time of missing many important tournaments. Hanoi Police and the Vietnamese team.

On March 23, Doan Van Hau and his wife Doan Hai My confirmed they had their first c.hild after many speculations. After announcing the good news of being pregnant with "baby Dragon", the couple received more attention from the public than before.

Doan Van Hau appeared on television, pregnant mother Doan Hai Mys reaction was surprising - Photo 3

When "pregnant mother" Doan Hai My published a set of photos with her round belly, many fans did not hesitate to praise her excellent visual. She even "begged" to have a c.hild in the year of the Dragon and was still as beautiful as the lady of Hanoi.

Possessing attractive beauty and many skin care tips, Doan Van Hau's wife is considered by fans to be the "genz pregnant mother" that thousands of people love. However, Wags 10X could not avoid physical problems during pregnancy like many other pregnant mothers.

Doan Van Hau appeared on television, pregnant mother Doan Hai Mys reaction was surprising - Photo 4

"The most obvious thing is probably My's b.ody. Before, she was only about 46 - 47kg, her waist was only 55 - 56, now she's nearly 58kg, and red stretch marks have appeared on her belly. At first she was tearful. eyes hugging her husband, but now looking back, I see it as meaningful and sacred. My psychology is also more sensitive, more easily angry, and also prone to petty self-pity," Doan Hai My shared.

Besides, Miss Ha Thanh also said that she often has difficulty sleeping and insomnia at night. However, Doan Van Hau's wife still tries to maintain a happy and stable spirit.

Doan Van Hau appeared on television, pregnant mother Doan Hai Mys reaction was surprising - Photo 5

Currently, even though she is heavily pregnant, Doan Hai My is still working hard and "earning money". "If I stay at home, I always have to take pictures and record clips for brands, so I don't get bored. For me, I still go to the store and when I have free time, I go around with friends to relax," Wags said.

Four months after getting married, Doan Van Hau - Doan Hai My are happy with their married life. The two had a hard time avoiding arguing but chose to resolve it in a gentle way. They often speak frankly, and those who notice mistakes will correct them. When feeling hot-tempered, both sides turn to texting to control words and emotions.

Doan Van Hau appeared on television, pregnant mother Doan Hai Mys reaction was surprising - Photo 6

Doan Hai My was born in 2001, from Hanoi, was in the top 10 of Miss Vietnam 2020 and won the Talented Beauty a.ward. She graduated from Hanoi Law University in May 2023 and is currently pursuing modeling and business work. The beauty registered to marry football player Doan Van Hau in October 2023 and held the wedding a month later.

Doan Van Hau appeared on television, pregnant mother Doan Hai Mys reaction was surprising - Photo 7

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