Quang Linh defends Hang Nomad, declares "just a YouTuber", rejects showbiz

Bảo NamFeb 06, 2024 at 13:55

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On his personal page, Quang Linh Vlog has just made a long post sharing many thoughts on the end of the year. Currently, the status of Quang Linh Vlog receives many encouraging interactions from the audience.

Accordingly, he wrote: "At the end of the year many things happened that I did not understand yet. For 6 years now, we are still just YouTubers, true online sellers. I have never identified myself as an idol or have fans, FC like in showbiz. That is not your direction, you only have the "African Team Community" where everyone is civilized, sociable without distance..."

Quang Linh defends Hang Nomad, declares just a YouTuber, rejects showbiz - Photo 1

The Nghe An native admits he is just part of the African team's meaningful journey. Therefore, he hopes that the side stories, entertainment videos of the team are not too scrutinized by the audience. Notably, in his post, Quang Linh Vlog emphasized: "The last word, do not defend yourself but attack or make offensive comments to others. Still the point of view where the mind is, will see life as such, what is happy is prioritized. Life is short, dedicated, fun as long as I can do..."

Quang Linh defends Hang Nomad, declares just a YouTuber, rejects showbiz - Photo 2

The sharing of Quang Linh's mood Vlog made netizens wonder what he went through unhappy. Reflecting on the past story, the audience guessed that the male YouTuber is implicitly referring to the scandal related to selling Tet gift baskets with Hang Nomad recently. Specifically, Quang Linh Vlog was supported by Hang Nomad and livestreamed to close Tet sales orders to raise charity funds. Thanks to her appearance, Quang Linh Vlog has sold a large number of orders, making his team happy.

Quang Linh defends Hang Nomad, declares just a YouTuber, rejects showbiz - Photo 3

Sharing after the livestream, Quang Linh was very surprised: "Oh, so now the 2 brothers still don't understand what happened. The announcer still has 3,000 applications, now there are 650, not counting closing messages from brothers and sisters abroad. Uh, really? My 2 brothers still don't understand what happened. Mrs. Hang sat and spoke, selling alone. But this story I haven't told Sister Hang, it's very smooth! Ui, what's wrong? It's still kind of frozen, guys."

However, along with that, Hang Nomad was suddenly sarcastically thought by a part of the audience that she "avoided fame" Quang Linh Vlog to be famous. The situation got even worse when Hang Nomad later announced the loss of his Tiktok account that had 1.3 million followers. She said that this Tiktok channel contains a lot of memories of herself, the videos on the channel have been reported for violation, Hang Nomad thinks that she is jealous.

Quang Linh defends Hang Nomad, declares just a YouTuber, rejects showbiz - Photo 4

Although Quang Linh's recent post did not specifically mention anyone's name, fans said that he is hoping netizens do not attack people related to him gratuitously, namely Hang Nomad.

Quang Linh Vlogs real name is Pham Quang Linh, born in 1997, native of Nghe An. In 2016, he went to work in Angola after graduating from high school. Starting out as a builder, he quickly made more video clips to introduce people to his life in a country in Africa.

Quang Linh defends Hang Nomad, declares just a YouTuber, rejects showbiz - Photo 5

Meanwhile, Hang Nomad is also a very h.ot name on TikTok. She often shares her life in China with images and scenes that are both beautiful and new to many people, so she attracts a lot of views. Before that, she also regularly uploaded videos of her life with her family with a Chinese husband and children. Hang Nomad also has time to travel with her husband and children in the form of fully equipped mobile home vehicles. These clips were also extremely enjoyed by netizens, receiving many views. Besides, she also does not hesitate to share life with her husband's stepchildren, who are loved very much.

Quang Linh defends Hang Nomad, declares just a YouTuber, rejects showbiz - Photo 6

Hang Nomad regularly livestreams to sell products, including red apple products that are extremely prominent and better known.

Quang Linh defends Hang Nomad, declares just a YouTuber, rejects showbiz - Photo 7

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