Miss Grand VN: The beauty of "Vietnamese version of Rose" is shocking, her profile is terrible

An NhiJun 15, 2024 at 15:10

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Recently, a beauty originally from Binh Dinh attracted attention when she registered to participate in Miss Grand Vietnam 2024. The reason this beauty has received a lot of attention from beauty fans and the media is because she has a beauty that is compared to "Rosé". Vietnamese version".

Miss Grand Vietnam restarted its third season, becoming a topic discussed throughout social networking forums. The atmosphere of the contest is getting hotter and hotter as the homepage announces the first information along with many registration applications from beauties from all over the country.

Recently, the organizers of Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 continued to announce a beauty with a "huge" profile landing in this year's contest. This beauty comes from Binh Dinh, her name is Nguyen Thi Thao and was born in 1996. Coming to this year's beauty race, the 9X beauty brings with her a series of "huge" achievements from education to titles at beauty contests.

Miss Grand VN: The beauty of Vietnamese version of Rose is shocking, her profile is terrible - Photo 1

Accordingly, Nguyen Thi Thao has won noble titles such as Miss Business Global 2023 and 1st Runner-up Vietnam Elegance 2017. Regarding education, the beauty impressed when she achieved the valedictorian degree in Architecture from the University. Nguyen Tat Thanh.

Not stopping there, the beauty from Binh Dinh also made the audience admire when she held the role of "holding weight" at many beauty contests such as: Miss Vietnam Beauty 2017, Miss Law Rose 2017 , Charming Vietnamese Female Agricultural Student 2017, Elegant Student 2018... In addition, Nguyen Thi Thao is also an ambassador for environmental projects.

Miss Grand VN: The beauty of Vietnamese version of Rose is shocking, her profile is terrible - Photo 2

Besides the "huge" profile, the audience could not hide their surprise at Nguyen Thi Thao's beauty. In the contest photo, the beauty impresses with her platinum hair color and porcelain white skin. She is considered to possess pure and sweet beauty. Many comments also compared Nguyen Thi Thao to being as beautiful as female idol Rosé (member of the music group BLACKPINK). That's why she is also called the "Vietnamese version of Rose".

Miss Grand VN: The beauty of Vietnamese version of Rose is shocking, her profile is terrible - Photo 3

Revealing the reason for participating in the beauty contest Miss Grand Vietnam 2024, Nguyen Thi Thao happily shared: Each of us entering this world has a unique mission. We do not live in isolation, but as a small part of a large community. Where each of our actions and words has a certain impact. So let's live and do what we need to do, live meaningfully and live in a way that is truly useful to society...

Miss Grand VN: The beauty of Vietnamese version of Rose is shocking, her profile is terrible - Photo 4

Coming to the contest, I hope to have new opportunities and new environments to contribute my efforts to society. Contribute to building a meaningful community life and an increasingly more beautiful society. Happiness often comes from the simplest things, right? A sincere smile, a warm conversation, a loving look... and seeing others happy is also the way to be happy!

Miss Grand VN: The beauty of Vietnamese version of Rose is shocking, her profile is terrible - Photo 5

Currently, the public is giving a lot of love to Nguyen Thi Thao. Although the contest has not yet taken place, she has been highly appreciated by the audience and may be a potential candidate for the noble crown.

It is known that this year's Miss Grand Vietnam will closely follow the "mother contest", Miss Grand International (Miss Grand International), but there are still a few changes. Accordingly, the Best Seller a.ward will be added to this year's contest (this is a livestream sales contest, the results are calculated based on the sales the beauties sell).

Sharing about this, Ms. Pham Kim Dung - president of Miss Grand Vietnam said: "We are not sure that Miss Grand International will have an additional Best Seller contest, but following the host contest Miss Grand Thailand is also a standard." Good equipment for Vietnamese representatives. Furthermore, in the 4.0 sales era, we think that exposing candidates to this method is also an opportunity for them to experience new jobs, who knows, maybe they will apply. can be used after the contest ends.

Miss Grand VN: The beauty of Vietnamese version of Rose is shocking, her profile is terrible - Photo 6

Not only that, at Miss Grand Vietnam 2024, the organizers decided to organize an additional Grand Voice Awards contest to find musical talent from the beauties.

Miss Grand VN: The beauty of Vietnamese version of Rose is shocking, her profile is terrible - Photo 7

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