Trieu Le Dinh plays with the b.aby because she misses her son, Duong Mich shows off her thin white waist on the set

Hoàng PhúcMay 10, 2022 at 15:16

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Trieu Le Dinh was caught playing with a c.hild actor on the set of a new TV series. Meanwhile, Duong Mich appeared very beautiful on the set of the reality show.

The image of Trieu Le Dinh playing with c.hild actors on the set of Happiness to Van Gia has just been released by the production team. Immediately, this image became a h.ot topic of discussion for both the audience and the Chinese-language media.

Trieu Le Dinh dressed quite simply, dyed her hair black and tied it neatly behind her back. She constantly laughed and hugged the c.hild actor. There is even a scene where Trieu Le Dinh shows concern for this b.aby when reminding the b.aby to eat carefully lest things get stuck in his throat.

Trieu Le Dinh plays with the b.aby because she misses her son, Duong Mich shows off her thin white waist on the set - Photo 1

Looking at the gentle, small appearance mixed with the love and affection that Trieu Le Dinh has for the b.aby, netizens again mentioned Phung Thieu Phong and Tuong Tuong. Because they live far away from their children, every time they see Trieu Le Dinh lovingly hug the c.hild actor, netizens immediately talk about how the star Minh Lan misses her c.hild. Some people even commented that this comes from the fact that Trieu Le Dinh has a motherly instinct, no matter where she goes, she always remembers her b.aby son.

Trieu Le Dinh plays with the b.aby because she misses her son, Duong Mich shows off her thin white waist on the set - Photo 2

Trieu Le Dinh plays with the b.aby because she misses her son, Duong Mich shows off her thin white waist on the set - Photo 3

In another development, Duong Mich recently made the Weibo social network explode when wearing a s.exy and healthy outfit appearing on the second recording day of the reality show Hoa Sisters.

Not wearing a bright dress like going to the red carpet, nor wearing r.evealing clothes that hurt the eyes of the viewer, Duong Mich just wears simple sports pants with a white crop top and outerwear. To create a highlight, Duong Mich put his outerwear quite indifferently. The star of "Three Births, Three Worlds" and "Three Ly" flowers create a pretty and trendy overall look.

Trieu Le Dinh plays with the b.aby because she misses her son, Duong Mich shows off her thin white waist on the set - Photo 4

The most remarkable thing is that as soon as the image of Duong Mich wearing a crop top and sports pants was shared, netizens quickly hunted for the set. And as expected, the other set fell into a state of out-of-stock even though the price was not cheap at all. Duong Mi is indeed the top 9X Tieu Hoa Dan, just a small move makes netizens excited to follow.

Trieu Le Dinh plays with the b.aby because she misses her son, Duong Mich shows off her thin white waist on the set - Photo 5

Previously, the image of Duong Mich happily hugging a female colleague on the set of Hoa Sister De was also revealed. Duong Mich is praised by netizens for being smart, charming and having an extremely high EQ. Duong Mich's cheerfulness and friendliness when meeting colleagues who are less famous than himself is always a topic of discussion among the audience.

Trieu Le Dinh plays with the b.aby because she misses her son, Duong Mich shows off her thin white waist on the set - Photo 6

Trieu Le Dinh and Duong Mich are both famous 8X beauties of the Chinese entertainment industry. Both have stable careers, have a large fan base, possess attractive beauty, and both have marital turbulence.

Trieu Le Dinh married actor Phung Thieu Phong in 2018 and confirmed the divorce in April 2021 to the surprise of fans.

The couple has a son together and is living with his grandparents and Phung Thieu Phong. Trieu Le Dinh does not raise children, but still occasionally goes to her ex-husband's house to visit her son, helping him soon overcome the period of struggle because of the separation of his parents.

Trieu Le Dinh plays with the b.aby because she misses her son, Duong Mich shows off her thin white waist on the set - Photo 7

Similar to Trieu Le Dinh, Duong Mich chose a partner who is a colleague in the entertainment industry, actor Luu Khai Uy. The couple married in 2013 and confirmed their divorce in 2018 after having a daughter together. After the divorce, Duong Mich did not choose to raise children but gave up taking care of her daughter to her husband's family.

Yang Mi's daughter is living in Hong Kong with her grandparents and Luu Khai Uy while the actress works in mainland China. Due to the epidemic, the actress has not returned to Hong Kong to visit her daughter for nearly two years.

After the divorce, both Duong Mich and Trieu Le Dinh made remarkable progress in their careers, their reputation surpassing their ex-husbands. They are praised as strong, brave women who rose up after the turbulence of marriage. However, the fact that both beautiful women of the Chinese-language entertainment industry chose not to raise children after the divorce caused public discussion.

Trieu Le Dinh plays with the b.aby because she misses her son, Duong Mich shows off her thin white waist on the set - Photo 8

According to QQ, Duong Mich did not win custody of her daughter because she wanted to focus on her career and wanted her daughter to have a stable life. Many people expressed sympathy for little Tieu Gao Nep, Duong Mich's daughter, because of her lack of mother's love since childhood, she could not meet her grandparents but was only cared for by her father and grandparents.

After giving birth to a daughter for 4 months, Duong Mich has returned to the entertainment industry. Even before the divorce, she still lived mainly away from home and ceded the right to close and take care of her daughter to her ex-husband's parents. For two years now, the actress has not returned to visit her daughter, causing the public to whisper and criticize the actress's indifference.

Meanwhile, Trieu Le Dinh once explained that she did not raise children because of economic conditions. In the show Chinese Restaurant in 2021, the beautiful actress said that she needed more time to heal her heartache. Talking about giving up custody of the children to her ex-husband, she said: "Because his economy is better than mine".

Phung Thieu Phong comes from a wealthy family with a business tradition. He is the only son of the family and is famous for "acting in movies because of passion, not because of money". Chinese-language media has revealed that the Phung family's property is worth up to 300 million USD.

Trieu Le Dinh plays with the b.aby because she misses her son, Duong Mich shows off her thin white waist on the set - Photo 9

However, unlike Duong Mich, although she did not directly win custody of her children, Trieu Le Dinh still actively cut back on work, often traveling between Beijing (China) and Shanghai (China) to take care of, close to. close son. Many times, the media caught the actress taking her son out and the mother and daughter were very close and intimate.

The relationship between the ex-husband's family and the two actresses is also different. While Luu Khai Uy's family refused to share or mention Duong Mich, Phung Thieu Phong's family still praised and had a close relationship with actress Trieu Le Dinh.

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