Trieu Le Dinh for the first time trying to be a producer, is it too risky?

Hoàng PhúcJun 16, 2022 at 08:07

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Recently, the film crew Du Phuong Hanh with the participation of the couple Trieu Le Dinh - Lam Canh Tan has just held a s.hooting ceremony and announced the participating cast. In particular, this time Trieu Le Dinh will participate in two roles in the film - acting and producing. This is considered an important decision in the career of the beauty of the Trieu family.

Specifically, on the morning of June 15, Trieu Le Dinh appeared beautifully with Lam Canh Tan and the film crew Du Phuong Hanh at the opening ceremony. Thanks to choosing the right style of dress, the beauty showed off her full ant waist and her desirable slim b.ody.

Trieu Le Dinh for the first time trying to be a producer, is it too risky? - Photo 1

According to information from the film crew, in addition to playing the main role of Shen Ly, Le Dinh will also hold the position of producer for Du Phuong Hanh. This is the first time Le Dinh has taken on this role during her acting career.

The producer is considered a very important position in a film crew. This person will be involved in the inspection and supervision of all material and immaterial aspects of the work.

On social networks, the public expressed many different opinions about this new role of Le Dinh. Most of the audience is excited and has high expectations for her.

Trieu Le Dinh for the first time trying to be a producer, is it too risky? - Photo 2

They believe that, with the experience and knowledge accumulated after many years of filming, Le Dinh can fully take on this role.

Some comments from the audience:

- Trieu Le Dinh is getting better and better, congratulating the new role.

- I'm a bit worried about her, I'm afraid the movie hasn't come out yet, but the antifan has already found a story.

- Never ceased to be proud of Tieu Cot.

- At this rate, the movie has something to drag Le Dinh into.

Besides, others feel worried because Trieu Le Dinh has never had experience in participating in production before. They think that this is a somewhat reckless decision of hers.

Trieu Le Dinh for the first time trying to be a producer, is it too risky? - Photo 3

Du Phuong Hanh with the participation of Lam Canh Tan and Trieu Le Dinh is still in the recording stage, has not yet set a broadcast time.

Recently, Trieu Le Dinh has continuously received many good news as well as high achievements in her career and these are the results of a whole process of hard work and enthusiasm.

A few days ago, a Chinese blogger posted a forum to announce that "Happiness to Van Gia", starring Zhao Liying, is expected to air on Dragon TV and Beijing Satellite TV on June 28, causing The people were overjoyed.

Trieu Le Dinh for the first time trying to be a producer, is it too risky? - Photo 4

Happiness To Van Gia is adapted from the novel Thu Cuc Truyen Ky, revolving around the main character Ha Hanh Phuc - a g.irl who has many problems, difficulties in her marriage and the self-reliance process of becoming a woman. strong and successful.

Trieu Le Dinh for the first time trying to be a producer, is it too risky? - Photo 5

Right from the time the movie was announced, the main cast and production team have received high praise from netizens, promising to help Trieu Le Dinh successfully transform.

In addition to Happiness To Van Gia, Trieu Le Dinh's Da Man Born is two typical female films on the Chinese screen. The film has now been filmed and is in the process of completing post-production.

Trieu Le Dinh for the first time trying to be a producer, is it too risky? - Photo 6

According to QQ, Trieu Le Dinh is at the stage of career sublimation. With the status of an A-list star, she can earn tens of millions of dollars a year. Hoa Thien Cot star is considered one of the biggest "money printing machines" in Chinese showbiz.

Over the years, TV series with the participation of Trieu Le Dinh such as Sam Sam come here to eat, Hoa Thien Cot, Chu Kieu story, Who is the killer have all achieved high achievements and are loved by the audience. The actress is rated as the "Queen of ratings", the face that guarantees quality and reputation for the Chinese small screen.

Entering showbiz since 2013, Trieu Le Dinh is hard at work acting. Before getting married, Trieu Le Dinh said she worked on the set for more than 300 days a year because she wanted to seize the opportunity to change her life. Therefore, female stars always maintain a desirable income.

Trieu Le Dinh for the first time trying to be a producer, is it too risky? - Photo 7

According to Sina, after Trieu Le Dinh became famous in 2014 with Sam Sam come here to eat, the price for each episode of the actress is 78,000 USD. At this time, Chinese TV series have a length of about 30-60 episodes, so for each project, Zhao Liying's pocket fluctuates between 2.3-4.6 million USD. In the field of film, she received more than 315,000 USD/film.

In 2017, according to the announcement from Forbes, Trieu Le Dinh earned $ 29.2 million, ranked 13th on the list. The star born in 1987 received 18 advertising contracts, leading the chart of the most expensive commercial stars in Chinese showbiz.

In 2020, Trieu Le Dinh climbed to 7th place in the group of highest-paid artists. In the list of celebrities born in 1980, the total assets of the actress is 390 million yuan (more than 61 million USD). In 2021, the actress has 9 more contracts as ambassadors for famous brands.

According to QQ, she currently receives a salary of 1.5-2 million USD/advertising contract. With commercial events or recording shows by episode, the actress also earned about 800,000 USD in remuneration.

Trieu Le Dinh for the first time trying to be a producer, is it too risky? - Photo 8

According to iFeng, her acting talent and personal life without serious scandal help Zhao Liying maintain a stable reputation, becoming one of the most famous and highest-paid stars in China. After 16 years in the profession, her ability to attract m.oney has not decreased.

Actress Hoa Thien Cot owns a large fortune but has modest expenses, and does not like to attract attention. She often travels by car with a market value of $ 785,000, wearing famous brand clothes but not too luxurious.

According to Sina, Trieu Le Dinh is considered an energetic star and has an admirable life in Chinese showbiz. Coming from a rural family, but by her efforts, she rose to become a successful and wealthy star.

After divorcing Phung Thieu Phong, Trieu Le Dinh's assets were not affected because the two separated economically during their time together.

Trieu Le Dinh for the first time trying to be a producer, is it too risky? - Photo 9

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