Hoang Nguyen Vu 'punched and rubbed' Tran Thanh, loudly making a pun in Mai

Trí NhiFeb 28, 2024 at 14:44

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Regarding the explanation of the name of the character Trung Duong, played by actor Tuan Tran in the film "Mai", journalist Hoang Nguyen Vu recently had a post that attracted a lot of attention, when defending but also full of sarcasm for Tran Thanh.

In recent days, the Vietnamese movie box office is extremely booming with the shocking hit of the movie "Mai", directed and produced by Tran Thanh. The film is currently dominating Vietnamese cinema, with a record total revenue, threatening to surpass Mrs. Nu's House, also Tran Thanh's film released in 2023. Because of its widespread influence, but the side stories, or small details in the movie are all scrutinized and given attention by netizens.

Hoang Nguyen Vu punched and rubbed Tran Thanh, loudly making a pun in Mai - Photo 1

The recent noise related to "Mai", is the explanation of the pun on the character named Trung Duong, played by Tuan Tran. The explanation was said to confuse listeners and completely misinterpreted the meaning, causing fierce debate among netizens. Specifically, when reading a post praising the film, Tran Thanh left a comment thanking the author and added: "Next to Mai are Binh Minh and Duong. Both are the light of Mai's life. But Binh Minh will be bright. . And on the other side is Trung Duong, which means sunshine but will sag!".

Hoang Nguyen Vu punched and rubbed Tran Thanh, loudly making a pun in Mai - Photo 2

Tran Thanh's share received a lot of controversy. The audience said that the male director had a misleading interpretation of language, "forcing meaning into the words". There are also opinions that Tran Thanh may be mistaken, or intentionally "playing on homonyms". In the Sino-Nom dictionary, the word "duplicate" has 8 meanings, none of which is "sagging" as Tran Thanh explained.

The audience commented: "Speaking of duong duong, we often mention the song Hoi duong by musician Pham Dinh Chuong. Truong duong means the vast ocean."

Hoang Nguyen Vu punched and rubbed Tran Thanh, loudly making a pun in Mai - Photo 3

In response to the debates of netizens, recently journalist Hoang Nguyen Vu - a quite famous figure on social networks, made a post to defend, but his words were quite mocking Tran Thanh. Specifically, the male journalist wrote: " When Tran Thanh speaks words. Tran Thanh becomes a trillion-dollar director: leave Tran Thanh alone. I don't watch Tran Thanh's movies, so I have nothing to praise or criticize. Tran Thanh has millions. fans, leave Tran Thanh and his fans alone. The wind is at every level, the clouds are at that level, of three people and three species, it is a normal thing in society. Normally, let them be. But today Tran Thanh said the word , I have to wait a bit.

Hoang Nguyen Vu punched and rubbed Tran Thanh, loudly making a pun in Mai - Photo 4

Tran Thanh explained the character name Trung Duong as "sunlight falling". Tran Thanh's film, whatever the character means, should not be opposed to him. He creates a character, whatever he wants it to mean is what it means. Suppose one day he explains that his name is "successful robbery", wouldn't you argue with him as "goal defense"?"

Hoang Nguyen Vu punched and rubbed Tran Thanh, loudly making a pun in Mai - Photo 5

Hoang Nguyen Vu's post quickly received thousands of interactions. At first, people thought that the male journalist was defending Tran Thanh, thinking that people did not put too much importance on this issue. However, Hoang Nguyen Vu's poignant and sarcastic writing later gradually made netizens understand the problem.

Hoang Nguyen Vu punched and rubbed Tran Thanh, loudly making a pun in Mai - Photo 6

After a series of controversies that broke out over the past few days, Tran Thanh's side is still silent and has not commented further on this issue. The online community believes that, as an influential filmmaker like Tran Thanh, he also needs to pay more attention to his opinions and statements, so as to be most accurate.

Hoang Nguyen Vu punched and rubbed Tran Thanh, loudly making a pun in Mai - Photo 7

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