Tran Thanh "got into trouble" while touring in the US, and Hari Won could not avoid it

Hướng DươngMar 28, 2024 at 21:14

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Currently, Tran Thanh is known as Vietnam's rare trillion-dollar director after the success of the movie "Mai". He is touring with his wife and colleagues in the US, including Le Giang - Duong Lam.

In recent days, in addition to the attention focused on Vietnam's first trillion-dollar director - Tran Thanh, Le Giang and Le Duong Bao Lam are also two names attracting attention on social networks. During their trip abroad with husband Hari Won, the couple made the audience laugh out loud with extremely funny skits.

Tran Thanh got into trouble while touring in the US, and Hari Won could not avoid it - Photo 1

Recently, netizens were excited again when Le Giang and Duong Lam transformed into maids to defame the homeowner, Tran Thanh. Specifically, the female artist said: "Every morning I wake up and howl like a zoo. Yet I thought I sang well."

And yet, Quynh Quynh's husband even bluntly "slandered" his senior, saying: "Singing badly, singing is not good. His voice is not good. And whoever criticizes him for being bad is angry. He sings all the time, even when he gets in the car, he sings. Up." If you can't sing, karaoke is for everyone to sing, no one is allowed to sing."

Tran Thanh got into trouble while touring in the US, and Hari Won could not avoid it - Photo 2

The clip made viewers laugh because of the extremely graceful juggling act of Le Giang and Le Duong Bao Lam. Although the skit brings joy to the audience, will Tran Thanh feel sad when he hears his two close friends comment about him like that?

Not only that, the couple Giang - Lam even "accused" that the actor often eats a lot, as well as that he looks a bit chubby. Because he lived in the same house during his time in the country, Hari Won could not avoid becoming a "victim" of his two colleagues.

Tran Thanh got into trouble while touring in the US, and Hari Won could not avoid it - Photo 3

Accordingly, after saying bad things about Tran Thanh, they both turned to comment on his "cool" wife, who often had surprised expressions. Typically, when seeing a squirrel outside, Hari continuously admired her and was enthusiastically "juggled" by her husband.

In another clip, Le Giang and Duong Lam even "judged" when the female singer just woke up and "practiced her voice" in the toilet. "That's so funny, yelling at the village and not letting anyone sleep. Living in America is so strange," the actor from Dong Nai said humorously.

Tran Thanh got into trouble while touring in the US, and Hari Won could not avoid it - Photo 4

However, these are just humorous comments and a "skit that defames the hosts" by the two actors while on tour in the US. Thanks to the well-coordinated juggling acts that brought laughter from Le Giang - Le Duong Bao Lam, many audiences enjoyed and watched the artists' "labor export" journey.

Before that, Le Giang and Le Duong Bao Lam also had other equally humorous "trend-catching" performances. The two shared a dance video to the music of rapper HIEUTHUHAI's vibrant remix version of the song "CUA".

Tran Thanh got into trouble while touring in the US, and Hari Won could not avoid it - Photo 5

The "unlike any other" dance performance, described as exercising by the pair of sisters, made a strong impression on the online community. In just a short time, the video received millions of views on TikTok.

"I feel sorry for Ms. Giang, working so hard abroad but being harassed by Mr. Lam all the time," a netizen left a comment after watching a series of extremely disturbing videos of the "match couple" Le Giang and Le Duong Bao. Lam in America.

Tran Thanh got into trouble while touring in the US, and Hari Won could not avoid it - Photo 6

Talking more about the tour, this time the couple Tran Thanh - Hari Won introduced the movie "Mai" to a large audience away from home. Most recently, on his personal page, the male artist happily announced the achievement of his "brainchild" when it reached the top 20 highest-grossing movies globally in 2024.

"With many domestic record numbers and currently fighting in the international market, Mai - is the only Vietnamese film in the top 20 highest-grossing films globally in 2024.

Tran Thanh got into trouble while touring in the US, and Hari Won could not avoid it - Photo 7

According to statistical rankings from Box Office MOJO - a website specializing in tracking box office revenue according to an algorithm system launched by Brandon Gray, the 2024 box office revenue rankings globally:

Mai - ranked 16th with total revenue of more than 22 million USD (more than 500 billion VND). Once again, Tran Thanh would like to thank all domestic and international audiences for loving and creating many wonderful achievements with Mai," shared director Trillion.

Tran Thanh got into trouble while touring in the US, and Hari Won could not avoid it - Photo 8

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