Tung Duong sings the soundtrack of Mai, Ha Tran criticized "shameless", tagged Tran Thanh

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Recently, appearing at a music program, Tung Duong chose to perform the song After the Rejection. The song was composed by singer-songwriter Phan Manh Quynh, which was once used as the soundtrack for the movie Mai.

With the explosive sales of the movie Mai, the song After Words Tu Khuoc also became a cult hit, rising to the top 1 trending position, covered by countless artists including divas Ha Tran, My Tam, Erik, Orange,...

Tung Duong's version also received a lot of praise. In terms of vocal technique, netizens certainly have nothing to argue with Tung Duong's voice. In terms of emotions, he also performed After the Rejection with a lot of affection and restraint, creating a stable and pleasant whole.

Tung Duong sings the soundtrack of Mai, Ha Tran criticized shameless, tagged Tran Thanh - Photo 1

Surprisingly, at the bottom of the comment section, diva Ha Tran suddenly left 2 words: "no shame", directly tag JJ Wang's Facebook account - this is Tran Thanh's personal account, only used in close friendships. Ha Tran had also previously covered After the Rejection, the fact that she was suddenly heavy with Tung Duong made netizens stunned. In particular, Tung Duong's article is completely normal, with no implication of attacking anyone.

Tung Duong sings the soundtrack of Mai, Ha Tran criticized shameless, tagged Tran Thanh - Photo 2

Tung Duong himself also had to comment below: "I was too busy to read Ms. Ha's song carefully, 2 times ago 2 Thang Long Show programs wanted Tung Duong to sing this song, but I both said that I had to ask the author's opinion before singing. And this time V. also asked to sing and consulted the author as well as paid the full copyright. Phan Manh Quynh's crew was ok, but he never sang without permission."

He continued: "Actually, with a song that has had at least 5 or 6 versions and has been covered by many colleagues, there is probably no need to think or comment so much. Each version has a different color for the work, the more there are, the happier it is, what's the matter, why is Ms. Ha so heavy-handed."

Tung Duong sings the soundtrack of Mai, Ha Tran criticized shameless, tagged Tran Thanh - Photo 3

Tung Duong's representative said that he is currently focusing his time on new music products, so he is not too bothered by comments on social networks. At the same time, he also said that the organizers had asked Phan Manh Quynh's permission to sing, and at the same time had fully copyrighted, which made diva Ha Tran's comments even more "uncharming" in the eyes of netizens.

Both are "mutants" of the music industry with a unique musical mindset, Tung Duong and Ha Tran have duetted and combined many times. But why did Ha Tran suddenly "crow" with Tung Duong this time?

Tung Duong sings the soundtrack of Mai, Ha Tran criticized shameless, tagged Tran Thanh - Photo 4

Previously, Ha Tran had participated in a program with Tran Thanh as a mentor, and at the same time made comments about juniors.

Specifically, when meeting seniors on stage, Ha Tran had a few shares about Tran Thanh, the female diva gave the male MC many compliments when she had an extensive understanding of music as well as knowledge. However, Tran Thu Ha still emphasized that Tran Thanh "doesn't know how to sing" is just like a diva who loves painting but doesn't know how to draw: "After that, I started talking to Tran Thanh and found out that Tran Thanh not only loves my music but is also a person who really loves music. A person who is very passionate about music, but this guy's song must be the same as mine.

Tung Duong sings the soundtrack of Mai, Ha Tran criticized shameless, tagged Tran Thanh - Photo 5

I love painting but I don't know how to draw, and this guy loves music, very pure, full of dedication but still doesn't know how to sing. He is 'on the astronomical pine, under the geographical wall', knows a lot of ancient singers and songs. Many times when making music that I am squashed, I also turn to ask Thanh, he will provide me with data on who is 'trendy', which songs are hit,... like a 1080 switchboard!".

Ha Tran was born in 1977 in Hanoi in a traditional musical family. Her father is People's Artist Tran Hieu, her mother is an elite teacher Vu Thuy Huyen - former head of the Vocal Department - Hanoi Conservatory of Music (now the Vietnam National Academy of Music), and her uncle is musician Tran Tien.

Tung Duong sings the soundtrack of Mai, Ha Tran criticized shameless, tagged Tran Thanh - Photo 6

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