British actor German proposes to rumored girlfriend "Diem massage", wedding preparations?

Phương ThảoApr 04, 2024 at 15:22

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The British actor and his rumored girlfriend suddenly made a move regarding the preparation of going home together after dating questions surfaced. Accordingly, Zhencheng's best friend officially proposed to his girlfriend and received a yes.

On the afternoon of April 4, the British actor caused a stir on social media when he announced that he had successfully "closed". The actor prepared roses and a sparkling diamond ring to propose to his lover.

Accordingly, Zhencheng's close friend wrote: "4/4. No need to hunt for sale. Floor collapse. Close the order!"

Underneath the post, many viewers left comments congratulating the British actor and his girlfriend. Vietnamese stars such as Truong Quynh Anh, Hoang Ton, Nguyen Hong Thuan ... Simultaneously sending congratulations because the "Holy Emperor" was finally about to take her to the palace. Mr. Duc thanked each friend and promised to invite them to join in the fun soon. So from now on, Zhencheng has officially run out of opportunities to match close friends everywhere!

British actor German proposes to rumored girlfriend Diem massage, wedding preparations? - Photo 1

Just a few minutes later, his long-rumored girlfriend, actor Pham Quynh Anh, also showed off his ring and shared: "Congratulations on having you."

Although the two did not mention the other, netizens also implicitly understood that Anh Duc and Anh Pham will prepare to return to the same house in the near future.

Because, Anh Duc's dating story has recently been constantly paid special attention by netizens when the two often match in fun gatherings with close friends. During trips or events, the two are always together very closely.

British actor German proposes to rumored girlfriend Diem massage, wedding preparations? - Photo 2

Previously, in August 2023, Zhencheng publicly announced that Anh Duc has a girlfriend: "Anh Duc now has a berth, you can't crab anymore." Currently, this information is also receiving a lot of attention from the online community.

In addition, neither Anh Duc nor Quynh Anh posted any photos of the two together. Although they have never confirmed their romance, the couple's series of clear hints throughout the past time has netizens thinking that the two are dating romantically.

British actor German proposes to rumored girlfriend Diem massage, wedding preparations? - Photo 3

So far, the couple's latest move has further confirmed their relationship. Not only did the rumors stop, the actor silently marked the official beauty sovereignty that belonged to him with a proposal ring and received a yes from her.

Mr. Pham's real name is Pham Quynh Anh, born in 1999, used to be a student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Theatre and Cinema. In 2017, she debuted as an actress, appeared in many MVs and some movies such as: Road to Together, Miss Gypsy, Billionaire Idol, Red Dawn ...

British actor German proposes to rumored girlfriend Diem massage, wedding preparations? - Photo 4

She has just left a mark in the hearts of the audience when she took on the character of Massage Diem in the movie Mai, directed by Zhencheng.

Although only appearing in some segments in Tran Thanh's "hundred billion" movie, Anh Pham's performance received many praises. In particular, the interaction of Anh Pham and actor Quoc Khanh is one of the most humorous and amusing scenes in the film.

British actor German proposes to rumored girlfriend Diem massage, wedding preparations? - Photo 5

In particular, during the time with the film crew interacting with the audience at theaters, Anh Pham had an incident of losing her voice, causing her to have a "unique" exchange with actions and gestures, making the audience excited.

British actor German proposes to rumored girlfriend Diem massage, wedding preparations? - Photo 6

In addition to acting, Anh Pham is also noted by the audience for his beautiful beauty. She has a bright face, gentle, feminine fashion sense. She is also considered to have a much more beautiful beauty in real life than on film and is always thoughtful in every appearance.

British actor German proposes to rumored girlfriend Diem massage, wedding preparations? - Photo 7

Many people also think that "Diem massage" Anh Pham has a resemblance to Yoona - a member of the popular Korean group SNSD.

British actor German proposes to rumored girlfriend Diem massage, wedding preparations? - Photo 8

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