Phat La is unusually feminine, fans suspect that she has 'transformed', Miss Anti Thien An says 'green'

T.PJul 21, 2023 at 13:36

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Actor Phat La caused people to stir with a clip of unusually feminine and graceful movements, and netizens suspected that they had "transformed". Most notably, the line of heavy s.hock comments from the rumored lover, Miss Doan Thien An, recently formed an anti-group.

Phat La is a young actor who has long been no stranger to movie lovers, especially the southern audience. Starting as a comedian, Phat La, with his humorous, charming acting, and serious work ethic, has also been warmly received by the public and given love and affection. After nearly a decade of entering the entertainment industry, Phat La now has a foothold and a certain position to affirm its name.

Phat La is unusually feminine, fans suspect that she has transformed, Miss Anti Thien An says green - Photo 1

Besides her passion for acting, Phat La is also remembered as a familiar face, appearing a lot on gameshows and TV shows. This also makes the name Phat La widely covered, reaching a wider audience. This Family is No. 1 actor is also known as a student of comedian Truong Giang, supported and led by him since 2016, when Phat La participated in the Jockey Arena competition and joined his team.

Phat La is unusually feminine, fans suspect that she has transformed, Miss Anti Thien An says green - Photo 2

Phat La is also famous as a handsome man with impressive fashion and beauty in showbiz, praised and loved by many female fans. Recently, however, people had to fall back, shocked with the new image that Phat La suddenly published on social networks, even netizens doubted his real gender. Specifically, on the evening of July 20, sharing a self-recorded clip and posting it on his personal page, Phat La had a transformation that could not be more humorous, with a different feminine image, the momentum is no different from a g.irl.

Phat La is unusually feminine, fans suspect that she has transformed, Miss Anti Thien An says green - Photo 3

Accordingly, the actor had a very humorous performance. He opted for an unusually feminine effect, with gorgeous makeup. Along with that, in order to match the external interface, Phat La made fans laugh even more when showing many movements like a g.irl, stroking her hair, showing off her close-up beauty. Many people have expressed their excitement, because Phat La rarely publicizes so many funny and feminine moments as above.

Phat La is unusually feminine, fans suspect that she has transformed, Miss Anti Thien An says green - Photo 4

Many people also believe that the actor has begun to "transform", no longer pursuing the image of the national male god. Besides, some people think that Phat La is just making fun of fans, has no deeper meaning. Previously, Phat La was also known as a rumored lover for Miss Doan Thien An - a super h.ot character in the past few days when he was set up in an anti group, whose number of participants reached tens of thousands of people.

Phat La is unusually feminine, fans suspect that she has transformed, Miss Anti Thien An says green - Photo 5

Not long ago, Phat La and Doan Thien An were suddenly discovered by the net many details that they were dating. The evidence is that the two are often caught close together, playing in the same guild, even checking in to travel to the same place. However, both sides have always denied this rumor, saying that they are just close friends. "We are close friends, together with many other brothers and sisters like Ms. Nha Phuong, Mr. Truong Giang. People question my love story, but at the moment I want people to be interested in artistic activities and meaningful projects during my tenure" - Doan Thien An confided.

Phat La is unusually feminine, fans suspect that she has transformed, Miss Anti Thien An says green - Photo 6

With the super muddy clip of Phat La recently posted, the online community also had the opportunity to riot when Thien An suddenly left a comment, saying the sentence "green" with this strange image of his friend. Specifically, she expressed her severe s.hock: "Unbelievable". This close, no-distance interaction of the post-2000 and Phat La has caused many people to stir, actively "push the boat", hoping that the two will soon become a couple, although they have previously denied it.

Phat La is unusually feminine, fans suspect that she has transformed, Miss Anti Thien An says green - Photo 7

Currently, the two names Phat La and Doan Thien An are still being targeted by couples who are suspected of dating in showbiz. Although they did not admit it, but with what the audience saw and speculated, netizens believe that both artists have special feelings for each other, beyond friendship, furthermore, seeing a charming couple.

Phat La is unusually feminine, fans suspect that she has transformed, Miss Anti Thien An says green - Photo 8

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