The once famous female streamer changed shockingly, reuniting with Misthy - Linh Ngoc Dam

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Once known as a famous female streamer with a very fiery fashion style, Uyen Pu has now surprised the online community because she has changed so much, no longer wearing makeup but just looks rustic. Simple.

Uyen Pu is an early gamer and streamer on the YouTube platform. She rose to fame in the community thanks to her perfect, attractive b.ody and her ability to play games "a lot and this and that". Besides, her relentless efforts are also something that makes fans admire. From zero, the female streamer buys a house, buys a car, and receives a salary of up to 20,000 USD/month depending on the number of livestream hours on different platforms.

The once famous female streamer changed shockingly, reuniting with Misthy - Linh Ngoc Dam - Photo 1

Her career is flourishing, in 2020 Uyen Pu announced her retirement, retiring to the harem to focus on business development and taking care of her family. At that time, she confided that her health was seriously affected by having to sit in front of the computer to stream games for hours: "During my years as a streamer and gamer, I clearly felt that my health had deteriorated a lot. Playing games is not bad, But this life has many new and interesting things to explore, not just games."

From then on, she became completely secretive. If she is not building a raw food community, she rarely shares photos and information about her life. People can only update images of the famous former streamer at the weddings of gaming stars. There, although she rarely appeared in public, her appearance changed so much that people almost didn't notice.

Most recently, during the Lunar New Year, a group of close friends including Misthy, Linh Ngoc Dam, and Uyen Pu reunited and quickly attracted the attention of the online community. Because it was quiet for a long time, many people were able to see the trio again in the same frame as well as Uyen Pu's current beauty.

The once famous female streamer changed shockingly, reuniting with Misthy - Linh Ngoc Dam - Photo 2

The once famous female streamer changed shockingly, reuniting with Misthy - Linh Ngoc Dam - Photo 3

Uyen Pu's changes are so different from her previous image that netizens cannot help but be surprised. Currently, she always has a bare face, confident with healthy dark skin, and her dressing style has also become much simpler than before. Many people even said that the change made Uyen Pu unrecognizable and the keyword "Old Uyen Pu" suddenly became a h.ot search searched by netizens.

The once famous female streamer changed shockingly, reuniting with Misthy - Linh Ngoc Dam - Photo 4

Sharing about her change, Uyen Pu confessed that she felt exhausted when always trying to pursue what people considered perfect beauty. "When taking photos, I never dare to take photos with a regular camera. One is to take photos with the app, two is to use a lot of photo editing apps, waist squeezers,... Even when I go on livestream, I always have to be there. in the most decent and perfect state. That time made me feel exhausted," Uyen Pu shared.

The once famous female streamer changed shockingly, reuniting with Misthy - Linh Ngoc Dam - Photo 5

The once famous female streamer changed shockingly, reuniting with Misthy - Linh Ngoc Dam - Photo 6

From there, she wanted to face herself in the most honest way, wanting to change her perspective on life to become more comfortable and happier. Besides, Uyen Pu also shared more about her current life. She mainly focuses on gardening and cleaning the living area. Everything is more peaceful than before.

"6 years of youth working to make ends meet and then having a family, a house, a car, a salary of tens of thousands of dollars, but I still always feel like there's something insecure. And once I'm insecure, I can't bring it back. happiness or peace for everyone.

The marriage broke up for the second time, and now I realized things were not okay. If you keep blaming external circumstances and blaming other people for making you suffer, you don't know when this cycle will end," Uyen Pu confided in her new clip.

The once famous female streamer changed shockingly, reuniting with Misthy - Linh Ngoc Dam - Photo 7

The once famous female streamer said she moved to another place and stopped using social networks after her divorce. She spends more time for herself, slows down, thinks more positively, understands and loves herself more. Now, she no longer cares about impermanent things happening around her. Thanks to that, any discussion from outside will not bother her at all.

The once famous female streamer changed shockingly, reuniting with Misthy - Linh Ngoc Dam - Photo 8

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