Linh Ngoc Dam, PewPew and MisThy's passing love stories

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Misthy is currently one of the most famous female streamers in Vietnam. She is known for her cute appearance, personality and dynamic.

Although MisThy rarely shares her private life with the public, fans always pay attention to her daily life. Especially the love story of the multi-talented streamer. If you've been following MisThy for a long time, you'll notice that she doesn't put too much emphasis on s.ex when in love. This makes people even more curious about the deceased lovers of the female streamer born in 95.

Linh Ngoc Dam - Short love, break up still be friends

Linh Ngoc Dam, PewPew and MisThy's passing love stories - Photo 1

Perhaps this is one of the hottest love stories in the eSports community. By that time, Thy Ngoc and Linh Ngoc Dam were the top 2 female streamers in Vietnam. Moreover, at this time, the LGBT community has not really been accepted by many people. The love story did not last long before the couple had to break up because Linh Ngoc Dam's family did not allow it. Both insiders and fans really feel sorry for the unfinished love story. However, instead of choosing to end the relationship and become strangers, the two female streamers decided to become close friends so that they could continue to accompany and help each other in life. At first, it seemed that this was a sad ending, but actually thanks to that, both MisThy and Linh Ngoc Dam now have their own happiness. Many fans still joke: "This is a love story where two people broke up but four people were happy".

MisThy - Minas: Above friendship, below love

The "rumored love story" of this young couple began in 2016. At that time, both MisThy and Minas were among the top names in the League of Legends community.

Although the two have never publicly spoken or admitted their love story. However, based on the ambiguity, mystery and sometimes MisThy and Minas flirting back and forth on social networks, people still believe that the two have a relationship "on friendship under love". Remember during a livestream to interact with fans, when MisThy called Minas to invite her to stream together, she was constantly embarrassed and blushing. Even stammering, different from the confident, strong personality of the usual g.irl.

Or in another time, a fan asked Minas: "How to get rid of MisThy?". The guy himself is not shy to answer: "Just act stupid and naive, MisThy will blame herself". This Q&A was shared by Minas on her personal Facebook page. This once again confirms that the two are not just friends.

PewPew - "uncle - grandchild" love story?

In the past, because of the same company, MisThy and PewPew often appeared in each other's vlogs and livestreams happily and comfortably. Even MisThy herself admits that she loves PewPew and has special feelings for him from the first meeting. In particular, although PewPew is only 4 years older than her, MisThy constantly calls PewPew uncle. Therefore, rumors of "uncle - grandson" love story also appeared from here.

Remember the year when MisThy and PewPew participated in their first web drama, "two uncles" received enthusiastic support from the audience. It is the warm and interesting interactions during the return process that make many fans believe that the two's love relationship is real. Even though MisThy later corrected that he and PewPew were just close colleagues, there were still many fans who did not believe it.

Linh Ngoc Dam, PewPew and MisThy's passing love stories - Photo 2

Ohsusu Corn: Love with the "horns"

The most dramatic love story in MisThy's love story is probably the relationship with Bap Ohsusu. This story used to consume a lot of paper and ink from the press when, in turn, the insiders and related friends spoke up and argued against each other. Although Corn Ohsusu and MisThy have not been in love publicly, but with a high frequency of appearances together, fans of both sides implicitly understand that the two are in a romantic relationship.

Then one day, MisThy posted a picture on Instagram and hinted about being cuckolded. Strangely, right now Corn Ohsusu also announced a new lover - Kim Phi Long. The story became even more interesting when her boyfriend Bap Ohsusu at that time went online to make up a story that he had spent the night with MisThy, then the two sides argued back and forth. And since then, people no longer see Corn Ohsusu and MisThy appear side by side.

MisThy - Diep Anh: Although it has not been made public, everyone knows it!

If you often follow League of Legends streamers, then surely you will be no stranger to the g.irl Diep Anh (Bank). With a beautiful appearance, big glittering eyes and a lovely personality, Diep Anh also has a high number of followers on social networking platforms. MisThy got to know Diep Anh once when she posted a photo on the group. After many times talking and confiding with friends, Misthy went to Hanoi to work on the occasion to meet Diep Anh.

From here, the two of you invited each other to Sapa and officially "rose" feelings. On MisThy's previous livestreams, it's not difficult for us to catch the couple's romantic moments for each other. Because of that, although they have never made their relationship public, the two still gain a lot of support from everyone.

A few rare events where people get to see the young couple side by side include the wedding of Mango Non, or the time going to the opening ceremony of MisThy's new restaurant. As for MisThy's livestream, it is rare for fans to see Diep Anh appear on her stream, but every time he appears, Diep Anh leaves an unforgettable mark.

Not long ago, MisThy livestreamed with fans in the game and was discovered by Diep Anh. So she immediately threw things and pets at MisThy, causing MisThy to stop the livestream and enter the room to explain. Or once, MisThy once cursed directly at some livestream viewers when they made judgments about Diep Anh's appearance.

Linh Ngoc Dam, PewPew and MisThy's passing love stories - Photo 3

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