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Xuan Ca was "glanced at" by her sister Linh Ngoc Dam, and her beauty after "plastic surgery" disappointed her

Thiên Di17:07:57 16/05/2024
During their first encounter, Linh Ngoc Dam and Xuan Ca attracted many people's attention because of their attitude towards each other. If Linh Ngoc Dam was criticized for glancing at her juniors, Xuan Ca also attracted attention with her beauty after plastic surgery.

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Le Thi Khanh Huyen: from h.ot g.irl tycoon to young master Cao Lanh's wife

Phi Đức14:22:16 15/05/2024
Le Thi Khanh Huyen once associated an extremely unique image in the public eye with a series of controversial statements. However, after marrying young master Cao Lanh, she gradually changed herself in a more positive direction.

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The once famous female streamer changed shockingly, reuniting with Misthy - Linh Ngoc Dam

Phi Đức14:18:05 21/02/2024
Once known as a famous female streamer with a very fiery fashion style, Uyen Pu has now surprised the online community because she has changed so much, no longer wearing makeup but just looks rustic. Simple.

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Linh Ngoc Dam revealed photos like a wedding at the beach, her husband is extremely handsome, he is both handsome and pampers his girlfriend very much

Nắng16:06:11 14/12/2023
Linh Ngoc Dam expressed that she seemed to fall in love with her boyfriend's tall appearance, handsome face, and special perfume when they first met. The two then often paired up and interacted on social networks.

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Linh Ngoc Dam was caught alive when buying and selling a thousand gold at a karaoke bar, "the female lead" spoke up

Bình Yên16:30:16 27/04/2023
In the past few days, social networks have stirred up information about a g.irl pretending to be a student to deceive men to "find" her education. Notably, this g.irl's student card photo has a very similar appearance to streamer Linh Ngoc Dam. In addition, a person also spread...

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Nha Phuong is disappointing when she is constantly reminded for her carefree yawning and sun protection at Sao Entering the Army 2023

Anh Anh14:19:18 12/02/2023
After the first 5 episodes of "Stars to enlist", Nha Phuong is the female artist who made the audience "turn around" because of her achievements. From someone who was suspected of being physically fit and not suitable for the military program, Truong Giang's wife had an...

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Linh Ngoc Dam - Buddha and couples who "go their separate ways" are still soulmates

Minh Lợi10:57:13 23/01/2023
"Everybody's way" in peace seems simple, but it's not something that everyone can do. Especially with celebrities with hundreds of thousands of fans. However, the couples below do it! Streamer Linh Ngoc Dam - Master Buddha The love story of streamer Linh Ngoc Dam and young...

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Huyen 2k4 burst into tears, fiercely responding when she was told to marry the Buddha for m.oney, Linh Ngoc Dam was also called out.

KENG17:53:09 27/12/2022
The wedding of h.ot TikToker Huyen 2k4 (real name Le Thi Khanh Huyen, born in 2004) and But (real name Nguyen Pham Anh Duy, born in 1998) received the attention of netizens. Accordingly, on December 24, the wedding image of h.ot g.irl Le Thi Khanh Huyen and young master Duy Nho...

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'Sister Tu' Jenna Ortega took the world by storm, suddenly getting close to h.ot Vietnamese TikTok: What's going on?

Nắng10:33:46 26/12/2022
One of the scenes from the movie "Wednesday" that has impressed viewers in recent days is the unforgettable dance of the character Wednesday at the school prom. The character creation of Wednesday and the unique scenes of the movie of the same name are becoming "viral" strongly...

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Social media stirred up the wedding of Buddha and Huyen 2k4: R.evealing round 2 "gross" suspected of being pregnant, Linh Ngoc Dam was screaming?

N.P14:54:51 25/12/2022
The wedding pictures of hotgirl Khanh Huyen and streamer Buddha are currently attracting a lot of attention from netizens. Immediately, the person who was called the most was Linh Ngoc Dam. Although they have publicly dated, but because both Khanh Huyen and Duy Nho (also known...

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"Vietnamese Lisa" CiiN was compared with Non Mango, eating off the opponent at this point!

Hoàng Phúc14:49:23 14/12/2022
Performing a h.ot trend on social networks, h.ot tiktoker CiiN is said to overwhelm even Non Mango because of having a face that "eats" makeup. In addition, CiiN has an advantage because it often appears in front of the camera. The trend of "Make You Look" is becoming a h.ot trend...

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Quynh Thi - Who is the beautiful hotgirl who makes MXH waves with the Made You Look trend?

Hoàng Phúc14:17:24 12/12/2022
The "Made you look" trend was inspired by the song of the same name by singer Meghan Trainor. In Vietnam, young people also respond enthusiastically to this trend. The young person who made the biggest contribution to bringing this trend to Vietnam is Quynh Thi. Accordingly, in...

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Linh Ngoc Dam publicizes her new love: Being Taiwanese, beautiful as a marshal, standard "total talent"

Hoàng Phúc13:22:45 30/11/2022
After a series of breakdowns in the romance, Linh Ngoc Dam is now happy to publicize her new boyfriend as a foreigner, very handsome and extremely spoiled for her. Linh Ngoc Dam is one of the female streamers receiving the most attention today. In the gaming industry, she is...

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Nha Phuong's participation in "Star Entering the Five" makes the audience worry when Truong Giang does not take care of her

Hoàng Anh19:00:22 15/11/2022
Although there is no official information from the program "Stars Enter the Army", the images in this program are causing a stir in the online community because of the presence of many popular stars. But the most remarkable thing is the appearance of Nha Phuong. It's not an...

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Hai Tu was criticized for being inferior to Thieu Bao Tram for using "old stuff".

Hoàng Phúc07:28:41 08/09/2022
Although he did not speak out about the love story, CDM has long been used to the underground competition between Thieu Bao Tram - Hai Tu. Recently, Son Tung's muse posted a photo of the G63 supercar, and Thieu Bao Tram showed off his extremely h.ot b.ody in the gym. However, what...

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Linh Ngoc Dam responded to the news of "using banned substances" with Tiktoker Quynh Alee, fans spread a 20s clip

Nam Phương14:16:36 17/08/2022
Criticized by netizens for information about using banned substances with h.ot Tiktoker Quynh Alee. Linh Ngoc Dam angrily spoke up. Regardless of the viral 20s clip, "Talking" is ready to clarify the relationship in real life. Late on the evening of August 16, many forums shared...

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Linh Ngoc Dam was "locked" by Facebook for 30 days because of the "b.ody shaming" comment?

An Nhi09:12:31 18/04/2022
This is not the first time Linh Ngoc Dam has been "watched" by Facebook. Linh Ngoc Dam is currently one of the top female streamers in Vietnam. Currently, she owns a fanpage with more than 5 million followers on Facebook and more than 4 million followers on Instagram. Once...

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Non mango and the 'green tea cake' association support the new MV, Thieu Bao Tram reveals something special

Hoàng Anh10:51:37 12/04/2022
Both Linh Ngoc Dam and Non Mango openly show their support for their seniors on social networks On the evening of April 11, Thieu Bao Tram officially "released the chain" of a new music product called "Behind Anh Co Ai Kia". Compared to the previous cheerful song "Love Rosie"...

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MisThy - Linh Ngoc Dam reunited, not afraid to talk about a time when they were in love

Nắng14:53:32 08/04/2022
MisThy and Linh Ngoc Dam went for a walk together and talked about old memories. Linh Ngoc Dam and MisThy used to be one of the hottest love stories in the Esports community because both are known as the top female streamers in Vietnam. Although appearance, personality, style of...

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Linh Ngoc Dam and 2 partings with opposite colors made fans worried

Nắng08:10:35 08/04/2022
Although he claims to be fine, the photos and status lines of Dam "total" still make fans worried. As the most famous name in the streamer world, and also possessing a beautiful appearance, Linh Ngoc Dam always receives special attention from fans, especially in love affairs...

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Linh Ngoc Dam and the noisy love road: The cast of people who love boys and girls is enough

Nắng07:09:20 27/03/2022
Linh Ngoc Dam's complicated love profile was once a topic of discussion among many netizens. The hottest news this weekend is the question of Linh Ngoc Dam and Hoai Nam - a rich boyfriend broke up. The reason comes from the fact that the guy behind the story is thanking someone...

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Linh Ngoc Dam broke up with her boyfriend 'virtual m.oney giant'?

Nắng10:34:36 26/03/2022
Hoai Nam's new move made people question the fact that he and Linh Ngoc Dam broke up. Currently, Linh Ngoc Dam is one of the top female streamers, professional gamers, talented with attractive looks and owns many top fans in Vietnam. Although Hoai Nam's "virtual m.oney giant"...

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MisThy is in the TOP 5 richest streamers in Vietnam, but No.1 is another formidable name!

Nắng08:08:40 06/03/2022
It can be said that Streamer is a pretty h.ot profession that has attracted a lot of young people, it really has brought a huge source of income, but not everyone who joins is as successful as expected. So who is named the richest Streamer in Vietnam, let's find out! 1. Streamer...

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Khanh Huyen 2k4 spoke out harshly when he was faked his account to promote adult apps

Duyên Trần08:46:58 13/02/2022
Being a pretty famous name in the community with millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram, along with a pretty face and a h.ot and s.exy b.ody, 2k4 Le Thi Khanh Huyen is not far away. strange to many people. Recently, the publicity of dating hints with the young master But...

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