MisThy is in the TOP 5 richest streamers in Vietnam, but No.1 is another formidable name!

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It can be said that Streamer is a pretty h.ot profession that has attracted a lot of young people, it really has brought a huge source of income, but not everyone who joins is as successful as expected.

So who is named the richest Streamer in Vietnam, let's find out!

1. Streamer Cris Phan

In this list, it is impossible not to mention Cris Phan. His real name is Phan Le Vy Thanh, born in 1993. Nam streamer is also known for many different roles such as youtuber, actor with many successful projects.

MisThy is in the TOP 5 richest streamers in Vietnam, but No.1 is another formidable name! - Photo 1

Currently, his Youtube channel currently has over 10.3 million subscribers and has reached nearly 3 billion views. With such a number, it is not exaggerated to put him in the list of the top 5 streamers with the highest income in Vietnam. According to rumors, the estimated income of Cris Phan will range from 300-400 million/month.

MisThy is in the TOP 5 richest streamers in Vietnam, but No.1 is another formidable name! - Photo 2

Besides, he also gradually encroached on some famous TV gameshows or appeared in web dramas and music videos and achieved much success. The male streamer was also honored in the top 100 most influential youtubers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Currently having a happy and happy married life with actress Mai Quynh Anh.

2. Streamer MisThy

This list would be a mistake without MisThy. With the ability to play the game "melancholy" and a humorous and charming talking style, MisThy has scored absolutely in the hearts of the audience.

MisThy is in the TOP 5 richest streamers in Vietnam, but No.1 is another formidable name! - Photo 3

MisThy's real name is Le Thy Ngoc, born in 1995 and started streaming in 2013. This Pig g.irl has a strong love for games and is one of the most successful Vietnamese streamers today.

Besides, she also joined the youtube village with 2 main contents about daily life and highlight clips about games. The female streamer's youtube channel MisThy TV currently has more than 6.2 million subscribers, an impressive number. It is estimated that MisThy's income is about 200 million to 3 billion dong from her youtube channel.

MisThy is in the TOP 5 richest streamers in Vietnam, but No.1 is another formidable name! - Photo 4

Currently, she is also starting to participate as a guest for many entertainment shows, restaurant business... So you can see how rich MisThy is, right?

3. Streamer VirusSs

VirusSs real name is Dang Tien Hoang, born in 1990 in Hanoi. He is a professional gamer and has played for many different teams.

MisThy is in the TOP 5 richest streamers in Vietnam, but No.1 is another formidable name! - Photo 5

Later, ViruSs gave up his career as a gamer and turned to being a streamer. With in-depth skills, humorous leadership, ViruSs is loved by many audiences and has a high number of subscribers to the youtube channel.

He currently owns 2 youtube channels specializing in game and reaction music videos with hundreds of subscribers. It is estimated that each ViruSs stream is up to thousands of followers.

MisThy is in the TOP 5 richest streamers in Vietnam, but No.1 is another formidable name! - Photo 6

Currently, ViruSs is also known through many different roles such as youtuber, actor, musician with many famous songs. Therefore, ViruSs deserves to be in the ranks of the 5 richest streamers in Vietnam.

4. Streamer Linh Ngoc Dam

If you mentioned MisThy, surely you will not be able to ignore another famous name in the streamer village, Linh Ngoc Dam. She is known as a "rare" in the streamer world because her face is not inferior to today's h.ot girls.

MisThy is in the TOP 5 richest streamers in Vietnam, but No.1 is another formidable name! - Photo 7

Female streamer, whose real name is Dam Thi Ngoc Linh, was born in 1996. When she first started pursuing the game, she was strongly opposed by her family because the game at that time was not a good and stable career. But with her efforts, Linh Ngoc Dam has had a resoundingly successful career.

She won the first prize in the contest "Miss Raid 2017" and quickly won many advertising contracts for many brands, games or Cosplay models.

MisThy is in the TOP 5 richest streamers in Vietnam, but No.1 is another formidable name! - Photo 8

Linh Ngoc Dam has started to work strongly in the field of youtube, her youtube channel has more than 2.68 million subscribers. Linh Ngoc Dam's videos mainly revolve around daily life, the process of playing games and reacting to hit music videos.

Currently, she is having a beautiful love story with her boyfriend, owns dozens of famous brand collections and many other properties. It is no exaggeration to say that Linh Ngoc Dam is the richest female streamer in Vietnam.

5. Streamer Team Mixi

"Patriarch" Team Mixi is also a name that should be mentioned in this list. His real name is Phung Thanh Do, born in 1989 in Cao Bang and currently living in Hanoi.

Team Mixi is known for having a straightforward, honest, funny and respectful personality, so it is loved by many friends and colleagues. Although starting a business with two empty hands, there were extremely difficult times, but with his efforts, he "flipped" very quickly after only a few years.

MisThy is in the TOP 5 richest streamers in Vietnam, but No.1 is another formidable name! - Photo 9

Team Mixi works strongly on both roles as streamer and youtuber. He is also the only one in the top 5 streamers with the largest and most diverse fan base of all ages and backgrounds. His youtube channel MixiGaming currently has more than 6.97 million subscribers and up to 1.6 billion views.

After a long time of operation, Do Mixi has received many great awards such as Best Streamer Youtube, Top 100 Content Creators in 2020... He regularly brings "Trib" music products. quality to appreciate the love of the audience.

MisThy is in the TOP 5 richest streamers in Vietnam, but No.1 is another formidable name! - Photo 10

In addition, Do Mixi participates in many charity activities, building bridges for many difficult places with the amount of billions of dong thanks to calling for "tribes" and personal m.oney.

Not only in the field of streaming, Do Mixi also sells snacks under the famous MixiFood brand. He currently has a happy married life with Trang Mixi and two extremely lovely sons, Wolf and Fox, in a luxurious and expensive 7-storey house.

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