Linh Ngoc Dam's lover revealed a clear clip of her face and beauty that made netizens whisper

Duyên TrầnNov 14, 2021 at 10:29

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Linh Ngoc Dam has always been a character of great interest in the gaming world. Especially with Linh Ngoc Dam's love affairs are noticed.

Accordingly, the fact that the female streamer hides her boyfriend's face also makes many fans curious. However, recently on TikTok has appeared a public video showing the face of lover Linh Ngoc Dam - Hoai Nam. This clip is currently being shared quickly on social networks. The community was very excited about this video. Among them, the praise to the guy in the video is countless.

Linh Ngoc Dam's lover revealed a clear clip of her face and beauty that made netizens whisper - Photo 1

Some comments from the online community:

"This guy looks like a tycoon, awesome."

"It's different when the clouds meet the wind."

"Beauty and CEO, what a different pair."

"Looking at a person with a strong personality like Linh Ngoc Dam cooing like this is to know the right person."

The community evaluates that Hoai Nam's style is similar to that of a general. Linh Ngoc Dam also quickly answered fans' questions on Instagram about her lover's appearance. She said that "if I don't show my face, it will be more peaceful than everyone knows".

Before that, Linh Ngoc Dam also posted a story with a hidden guy and of course everyone understood what this move of Dam General was. This is exactly the first time "Dam General" publicly paired with his new lover - "virtual m.oney giant" Hoai Nam. Because before that, although many times appeared together, dropping "crawl salary" but often on the vlogs of female streamer's life and of course never showed up. The reason for this is explained by Linh Ngoc Dam is to protect loved ones on social networks. If Linh Ngoc Dam wears a full black outfit and exudes a charming beauty, the lover of this female streamer is not inferior. Hoai Nam with an elegant branded suit that is very standard for business people and an expensive watch peeking out shows the class of this "virtual m.oney giant".

Linh Ngoc Dam's lover revealed a clear clip of her face and beauty that made netizens whisper - Photo 2

Not long ago, in a video posted on YouTube, female streamer MisThy - Dam's close friend happily revealed that: "According to the secret information we know, Linh will get married by the end of this year. This news only It's confidential, so don't say anything!". Through this share of Misthy, fans also implicitly speculated that perhaps Linh Ngoc Dam and her boyfriend Hoai Nam are considering a wedding. In the same video, when asked about the feeling of going out to eat after many months at home, Linh Ngoc Dam also shared that: "Full of happiness", right after that Misthy did not hesitate to "cheat" Dam. In general, "At home, I am also full of happiness", meaning that Linh Ngoc Dam always has a boyfriend by her side.

Linh Ngoc Dam's wedding information quickly received the attention of the online community. However, the g.irl's family is almost silent about the information about their marriage plans, so fans can be even more curious. I don't know if it's meant to be revealed to netizens, but recently, a talented female streamer posted a clip with "very relevant" content related to the recent rumors of a flower car.

Accordingly, she made a clip with the content "When all your friends have children" with the status line "Wanting to have children but afraid to give birth" making the fans excited. It seems that the 25-year-old female streamer has already started wanting to build her own small nest. Linking all the information, many people believe that the information that Misthy gives is true and maybe in the near future Linh Ngoc Dam will have a wedding with her boyfriend Hoai Nam. However, with the fear of childbirth, this assumption is not certain. What we need to do is continue to wait and watch for signals from this g.irl.

Linh Ngoc Dam's lover revealed a clear clip of her face and beauty that made netizens whisper - Photo 3

It is known that before Hoai Nam, Linh Ngoc Dam had a deep love for the young master of Dong Thap - Buddha (Duy Nho). Currently, both Linh Ngoc Dam and the young man of Dong Thap have a new love. Recently, when asked why she could play with her ex's new lover, this female streamer also briefly and concisely shared an extremely close photo between her two old and new boyfriends. . Linh Ngoc Dam also said that this is the reason she can't hate "baby H". Linh Ngoc Dam also previously collaborated with Huyen 2k4 in some Tik Tok videos and collected millions of views. In addition, when he received mooncakes not long ago from the Buddha and his new lover, Dam General also left a thank you and especially when he called the couple "a husband and wife" comfortably.

Linh Ngoc Dam's lover revealed a clear clip of her face and beauty that made netizens whisper - Photo 4

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