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The streamer who was once likened to an "angel" revealed her true beauty, causing fans to stir

Hoa Tuyết21:12:01 16/03/2024
Standing out with her unique beauty and top makeup skills, streamer Thien Thy has attracted a huge fan base and continuously makes people admire her with her magical transformations.

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The once famous female streamer changed shockingly, reuniting with Misthy - Linh Ngoc Dam

Phi Đức14:18:05 21/02/2024
Once known as a famous female streamer with a very fiery fashion style, Uyen Pu has now surprised the online community because she has changed so much, no longer wearing makeup but just looks rustic. Simple.

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Vietnamese female streamer is psychotic because she smokes more than 1,000 electronic gases per day, a series of "denunciation" manifestations

Kim Lâm11:07:19 22/08/2023
In recent months, patients have regularly smoked e-cigarettes continuously throughout the day, using 2-3 pod chills per day. The patient is always in a dreamy state, lethargic, tired. She was later diagnosed with mental and behavioral disorders.

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Phung De Mac - female streamer earning more than 100 billion a year: hospitalized for terminal cancer

Đình Thi07:56:51 29/07/2023
Recently, according to Chinese media reports - female singer/streamer Phung De Mac is hospitalized for treatment of evil cancer. According to the posted image, Phung De Mac was struggling on a hospital bed, with a swollen b.ody that caused many...

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The case of a Korean g.irl who died in Cambodia: The family made an important decision, the truth gradually revealed

M.A17:27:38 17/06/2023
The mysterious departure of a Korean female streamer in Cambodia attracted the attention of the public. Recently, the victim's family has made an important decision, which is expected to help speed up the investigation of the case.

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The case of a Korean female streamer who died in Cambodia: R.evealing many twists and turns, confusing family reactions?

Chi Chu14:43:21 14/06/2023
The case of a Korean female streamer who died and was discovered in a ditch in Cambodia is causing a stir among the public. Despite many twists and turns, the g.irl's family decided to stop investigating the case.

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The female streamer "left" right on the livestream, leaving a s.uicide note because her colleagues "played badly"?

Xuân Xuân15:47:14 12/06/2023
Frustrated by being bullied by colleagues, stealing m.oney, the female streamer and model opened a livestream to leave a s.uicide note and then left in front of thousands of live viewers, shocking everyone.

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Bitter criticism from streamer and victim: 'The Itaewon tragedy is the fault of the Korean government'

Juni Nguyễn19:12:43 01/11/2022
With 26 foreigners out of 154 k.illed in the Itaewon tragedy, a friend of an Australian victim lamented the incident, calling it a "catastrophe by inaction". Perhaps in the past few days, the Itaewon tragedy has covered so many countries with grief. Accordingly, on October 29, at...

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Streamer Loan Milona: Making "terrible" m.oney, famous for the clip of taking "stimulant" d.rugs with Quang Cuon

Jennie15:05:43 25/08/2022
Loan Milona has a lovely, cute appearance, likes to pursue a s.exy and seductive style. Although not very famous, her number of fans is not small. Currently, game streamer is a new development trend, which can bring a certain source of income for those who pursue this passion. If...

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Female streamer Niki suddenly tripled her followers but still not satisfied with one thing?

Duyên Trần21:04:37 21/11/2021
Recently, the image of female streamer Niki cosplaying as a monk and the story of the fish has spread throughout the Vietnamese gaming community. In particular, this g.irl is also grateful to Vietnamese fans by reacting to many Vietnamese music videos on her personal livestream...

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Park Haak, a Korean female streamer, wears thin clothes to respond to the trending dance Zero Two

youtuber23:41:25 22/06/2021
The female streamer is shocked when she does something that violates the community rules of the Twitch platform. As a result, Park Haak was banned from broadcasting for a while. Facing the popularity and rapid development of the online broadcasting industry, recently, more and more streamers have defied the content

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Cat 2k4 revealed a h.ot c.lip and the consequences of young people liking to film the room scene themselves

team youtuber23:53:47 01/02/2021
Unknown fact, whether the person in the video is this female streamer or not, the community quickly discussed. Perhaps unable to withstand the pressure of the community, female streamer Cat 2k4 was hospitalized in an emergency and her fanpage made the first statements after the incident. In recent days, the incident of the streamer

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Cat 2k4 emergency after suspicion of r.evealing hot clip | How will the person who released the clip be handled?

team youtuber17:27:41 01/02/2021
Unknown fact, whether the person in the video is really this female streamer, the community quickly discussed. Perhaps unable to withstand the pressure of the community, her fanpage made the first statements after the incident. On the evening of January 31, 2021, on social networks, closed groups on Facebook, Zalo and Instagram spread the word

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