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The once famous female streamer changed shockingly, reuniting with Misthy - Linh Ngoc Dam

Phi Đức14:18:05 21/02/2024
Once known as a famous female streamer with a very fiery fashion style, Uyen Pu has now surprised the online community because she has changed so much, no longer wearing makeup but just looks rustic. Simple.

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Uyen Pu announced the loss of a million-sub YouTube channel, what attitude surprised everyone?

Duyên Trần20:25:06 25/01/2022
Uyen Pu is a female streamer of the first generation of the Vietnamese game village along with MisThy or Linh Ngoc Dam. At her peak, this g.irl owned a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers and thousands of viewers per livestream. After a long time with the gaming monitor...

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Linh Ngoc Dam apologized for the "green tea" cake that caused the scandal that ruined Hai Tu

Duyên Trần15:08:10 15/11/2021
Recently, Linh Ngoc Dam - Thieu Bao Tram's close sister suddenly recalled the noisy cake. Although she did not specify any character's name, netizens all knew the incident related to Hai Tu and the "green tea" scandal earlier this year. Originally shared by Linh Ngoc Dam: "I had...

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Linh Ngoc Dam's lover was "unmasked" who used to solicit love, flashy canvas to find FWB

Duyên Trần00:05:08 15/11/2021
After months of hiding, netizens finally saw the appearance of Hoai Nam - Linh Ngoc Dam's "talented" boyfriend. Specifically, appeared TikTok, a video clearly recording the lover's face of the most famous female streamer in the Vietnamese gaming village. Recently, the sensitive...

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Linh Ngoc Dam gives a special gift to a rich boyfriend, what makes fans "red in the eyes" jealous?

An Nhi08:10:52 03/11/2021
Looking at the gift that Linh Ngoc Dam gave to her lover is enough to see how sweet their love story is. In the Vietnamese streamer world, it is impossible not to mention the name Linh Ngoc Dam. She is one of the top famous streamers in the Vietnamese gaming village today...

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Linh Ngoc Dam released a set of fiery photos, but netizens noticed an unusual detail in round 1

Duyên Trần10:31:58 27/10/2021
If when she was still in love with the Buddha, Linh Ngoc Dam was not afraid to publicize her love story, then with her new boyfriend, the young master of Hanoi, the female streamer has a completely different way of handling it. Accordingly, she definitely did not publicize her...

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Mango Non showed off a photo of a wedding dress with the news of "soon to be married again", Linh Ngoc Dam and her boyfriend adopted a c.hild?

Duyên Trần22:29:58 25/10/2021
H.ot g.irl Mango Non is no stranger to the Vietnamese online community. She is famous not only because she is called the "wife" of the streamer labeled "the richest in Vietnam" Xemesis but also because of her extremely beautiful Western appearance. Recently, on her personal...

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Uyen Pu: Cuckold right after the wedding at the age of 19 and the happy ending

Duyu00ean Tru1ea7n11:51:25 24/09/2021
Uyen Pu's real name is Nguyen Thi Phuong Uyen, born in 1996. She is a gamer, streamer and YouTuber who has a huge fan base on social networks. She rose to prominence in the gaming community thanks to her good gameplay and fan-friendliness. As a serious and dedicated person for...

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Bored of being a streamer, Uyen Pu surprised when turning to invest in "virtual m.oney", learning new love Linh Ngoc Dam or something?

Gia Minh10:18:07 10/09/2021
More and more h.ot names in the streamer world like Uyen Pu are entering the cryptocurrency market. The digital currency market is receiving more attention from young people than ever before as a series of famous names have joined this financial environment. Recently, female...

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Linh Ngoc Dam is rumored to be born in 1920, the wife of King Pho Nghi, what's going on?

Hà Hà14:37:44 09/09/2021
Linh Ngoc Dam is one of the most popular streamers today. She has a huge influence on social networks when she owns a series of Instagram, TikTok, personal Facebook, Fanpage accounts with millions of followers. However, all this did not make Linh Ngoc Dam have information on...

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Uyen Pu: From an unknown female gamer to a famous streamer "rich lady"

team youtube13:34:47 04/06/2021
Uyen Pu is a gamer cum streamer, YouTuber born in 1996. She rose to prominence in the online community thanks to her h.ot body and skillful gaming ability. Uyen Pu is a living proof that hard work pays off. Self-reliant from zero with difficulties, the female streamer has...

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