"Rating queen" Shin Hye Sun admitted to being an "addict", the director nodded

Thanh PhúcMay 24, 2024 at 06:52

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Korean ratings queen Shin Hye Sun admitted that she only wanted to act in movies and couldn't do anything else, she was addicted to taking on roles. These are the actress's latest shares after playing the main role in Following.

In a recent interview with Dispatch, Shin Hye Sun shared about her role in the movie "Following". Besides, she also honestly confessed about her personal personality and love for acting.

The actress shared: "In TV series, I mainly play romantic, gentle scenes and main roles. With "Following", it was a new experience. After finishing the movie "Queen Iron Man", I filmed 3 movies in a row.

Rating queen Shin Hye Sun admitted to being an addict, the director nodded - Photo 1

There are new and interesting elements in each movie that I want to challenge, such as being a victim and action scenes. Regardless of whether the film brings box office success or not, I can accept the challenge because it means a lot to me."

Shin Hye Sun said that participating in filming helped her learn many things on set. From directors, screenwriters to colleagues, experienced people will guide her and arouse her love for work. For actresses, learning and experience are more important than the success or failure of a movie. The Korean "rating queen" also added that becoming an actress is her wish and destiny.

Rating queen Shin Hye Sun admitted to being an addict, the director nodded - Photo 2

"I tend to easily get into the role, but quickly get out of the role after the movie ends. I only focus on the character for a short time while filming. I think my personality suits the character. job as an actress" , Shin Hye Sun affirmed.

The female lead of "Following" believes that the above personality type is a plus point that helps her film continuously, without emotional interruption. Therefore, from a supporting role in 2012, the actress grew more and more, many times being invited to play the main role and making her personal mark.

Rating queen Shin Hye Sun admitted to being an addict, the director nodded - Photo 3

"I have been working non-stop. Many times I wonder if I have any concerns about the deterioration of my image? Of course, I also have those concerns. But right now, work is important. Most importantly, it's fun. If I couldn't act, I wouldn't want to do anything.

When I work, I use up all the energy I have. I think I'm addicted to the feeling of trying my best. There are many things I want to do like trying action scenes, using swords and guns," Shin Hye Sun confessed.

Rating queen Shin Hye Sun admitted to being an addict, the director nodded - Photo 4

In 2024, the Korean "rating queen" does not rest when she has many movie projects. Upcoming, the actress will appear in ENA's romantic drama called "To My Harry".

Recently, after being released and aired, the poster of the movie Following starring Shin Hye Sun made a strong impression, with the image of main actor Byun Yo Han (as Koo Jung Tae) and main actress Shin Hye Sun (as Koo Jung Tae) and main actress Shin Hye Sun (as Koo Jung Tae). role of Han Sora) are placed opposite each other, creating two clear black and white halves, showing the differences of the two characters but meeting at the same boundary - the one who likes to follow and the one who is 'c.razy' for followers.

Rating queen Shin Hye Sun admitted to being an addict, the director nodded - Photo 5

It can be said that the 'star' of Following is Shin Hye Sun, director Kim Sehwi himself also admitted this. Famous after her leading role in Mr. Queen , since then, Shin Hye Sun has continuously appeared in film and television projects, gradually asserting her acting ability. Director Kim Sehwi of the movie Following affirmed that Shin Hye Sun is the 'perfect choice for the role' because of her attractive charisma and excellent transformation ability.

Rating queen Shin Hye Sun admitted to being an addict, the director nodded - Photo 6

During the press conference to launch the new film in Korea, Shin Hye Sun also shared that she encountered many challenges when playing Han Sora: 'I don't want to understand or sympathize with the character Han Sora I play. For this character, I had difficulty integrating my emotions. I tried very hard to make my face and emotions more scary in the movie.'

Rating queen Shin Hye Sun admitted to being an addict, the director nodded - Photo 7

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