Nhat Hai Know Tuot fined 7.5 million for saying Saigon is an ideal place for criminals

JLOApr 02, 2024 at 17:06

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The inspector of Bac Giang province's Department of Information and Communications said that the Department of Information and Communications has issued a decision to impose a fine of 7.5 million VND on the tiktoker "Nhat Hai knows everything" for posting that "Saigon is an extremely ideal place for criminals to operate".

Nguyen Nhat Hai owns the TikTok page "Nhat Hai Know Tuot" with nearly 900,000 followers and more than 30 million likes.

Earlier, on the evening of March 14, the TikTok social network was abuzz with a video clip on the channel "Nhat Hai Know Tuot" with the title "Jerking bim bim in Saigon".

Nhat Hai Know Tuot fined 7.5 million for saying Saigon is an ideal place for criminals - Photo 1

The channel owner, Nguyen Nhat Hai, opens the video with the question: "Do you know why in Saigon often snatched phones, snatched necklaces, snatched bags, and even snatched chips...?" At the same time, insert the image of a group of youths snatching bags of cakes at a grocery store in Binh Thanh district, although the case has not been clarified by the police agency and has not been concluded.

Next, this TikToker deduced that "in Saigon, they drink all day and all night, probably the old people are running out of mangoes, out of guava, so they take advantage of snatching bim to continue drinking". Continuing, TikToker Nhat Hai knows how to explain why "in Saigon, who knows that person, even if you see it, I have my job, you are snatched from you, so Saigon is an extremely ideal place for criminals to operate", this Tiktoker said.

Nhat Hai Know Tuot fined 7.5 million for saying Saigon is an ideal place for criminals - Photo 2

Underneath this clip, many people think that the TikToker has "joked" too much, gone too far and let hundreds of comments argue about the issue in the clip as well as regional debates. The clip has now been deleted.

Previously, male TikToker Nhat Hai Know Tuot was extremely famous for posting videos of his personal views related to h.ot issues online, especially "secret" news in the Vietnamese showbiz world.

The dramas that the guy summarizes are very attractive to viewers. Therefore, the guy has many times created drama, making himself entangled in unnecessary scandals.

Nhat Hai Know Tuot fined 7.5 million for saying Saigon is an ideal place for criminals - Photo 3

However, Nhat Hai Know Tuot said: "Any profession will have its own hidden corner. By choosing to go down this path, we already know the consequences we will have to face.

As long as Hai knows, Hai is on the right path he chooses. If young people want to succeed in their chosen path, they must first make efforts and be determined to pursue their passion to the end. Because true success only comes to those who know how to make efforts, constantly learn and change."

Before being fined for making false statements, Nhat Hai Know Tuot shared: "In the future, I will try harder to transmit the knowledge and experience I have gained to the online community. Hopefully, the information on my channel will help netizens. Not only for entertainment, but also useful and practical information in life."

Nhat Hai Know Tuot fined 7.5 million for saying Saigon is an ideal place for criminals - Photo 4

According to the e-magazine Brand and Law, Nhat Hai Know Tuot previously studied abroad in Germany and is now a content creator on the TikTok platform. In addition, the male TikToker also takes on work related to MC.

Nhat Hai Know Tuot fined 7.5 million for saying Saigon is an ideal place for criminals - Photo 5

Before "encroaching" on a TikTok career, the young man had 5 years studying Communication - Multimedia at Berlin University of Technology, in Berlin - Germany. Currently, Hai is still working in both Germany and Vietnam.

According to the online magazine Intellectual Property, the "confidential" information that Nhat Hai Know Tuot has is thanks to the relationships around the guy. Nhat Hai Know Tuot has set foot in more than 26 countries around the world, has many relationships in the artist world because he used to work as an MC, DJ and event organizer when he was in Europe.

Nhat Hai Know Tuot fined 7.5 million for saying Saigon is an ideal place for criminals - Photo 6

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