Nham Gia Luan was criticized for using "fake" muscles when playing the Thermo Ba couple, the director spoke up

Hoàng PhúcMar 17, 2022 at 15:54

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Netizens criticized Nham Gia Luan for being unprofessional when wearing a muscle-building shirt in the movie "Ngu Giao Ky".

After many months of waiting, the historical, fantasy drama "Ngu Giao Ky" with the participation of Dich Le Nhiet Ba and Nham Gia Luan officially aired on March 17.

Nham Gia Luan was criticized for using "fake" muscles when playing the Thermo Ba couple, the director spoke up - Photo 1

"Ngu Giao Sign" by Dich Le Nhiet Ba and Nham Gia Luan aired on March 17.

Before the film's premiere, director Chu Rui Bin had a meeting with the media, answered and shared a lot about the filming process of "Ngu Giao Ky".

In the interview, the reporter mentioned noisy Nham Gia Luan using fake muscles. Accordingly, when the trailer was released, netizens discovered that the n.ude scene of the actor born in 1989 was unnatural, the ratio between the biceps and the arms was unbalanced. This detail raised the suspicion that Nham Gia Luan used a shirt to build muscles.

On Chinese social networks, many comments "stoned" Nham Gia Luan and the film crew "Ngu Giao Ky" unprofessional, making jokes on the film. Someone criticized the actor "Cam Y Chi Ha" for being lazy, not putting effort into muscle training, but had to use support tools.

Nham Gia Luan was criticized for using "fake" muscles when playing the Thermo Ba couple, the director spoke up - Photo 2

Nham Gia Luan was "stoned" for wearing a muscle-building shirt.

Before the audience's reaction, Chu Due Bin confirmed that Nham Gia Luan was wearing a muscle-building shirt. However, director Chu denied the information that the male lead was lazy to practice, but because the fishtail in Nham Gia Luan's mermaid shape was larger than his b.ody, forcing the crew to wear a shirt to create muscles. for better b.ody proportions. "Rem Gia Luan is not unprofessional, on the contrary, he is very hard-working because wearing a shirt to build muscles in the summer is really challenging," he said.

Nham Gia Luan was criticized for using "fake" muscles when playing the Thermo Ba couple, the director spoke up - Photo 3

The director praised Nham Gia Luan for his hard work and sacrifice for the role.

However, Chu Due Bin affirmed that he always acknowledges and actively listens to the opinions of netizens. "For example, when I am filming, many viewers wonder why there is no kiss scene. Since then, in my works, kiss scenes are very diverse. I will give the audience many breakthroughs, many ways. different kisses," he shared.

Chu Due Bin also mentioned the process of collaborating with Nham Gia Luan and Dich Le Nhiet Ba. According to him, unlike Nham Gia Luan, who had the opportunity to work together before, the reason he invited Nhiet Ba to play the female lead was more "impulsive".

He said, before starting the project, he had dinner with the beauty of Xinjiang 9x once. At that time, Heat Ba suddenly said that he was reading the novel "Ngu Giao Ky". The more they talked, the more excited they became, even forgetting to eat. In the end, Zhou Ruibin asked Heatba if she wanted to act in this movie and she agreed.

Chu Due Bin praised her performance "Phuong Cuu" not only professionally but also brought him many surprises. "Many times when I'm filming, it's easy for me to get dragged into the scene by her. Watching her emotional scenes, I will inadvertently be glued to the screen and have tears in my eyes. I appreciate her attitude and her intelligence. I just say what I want and she can understand immediately," he commented.

Nham Gia Luan was criticized for using "fake" muscles when playing the Thermo Ba couple, the director spoke up - Photo 4

Heat Ba was praised by the director for his acting.

"Ngu Giao Ky" started filming in February 2021 and closed in June of the same year. The film is adapted from the novel of the same name by Cuu Lo Phi Huong. The film revolves around the love story between the demon tamer Ky Nhan Hoa (Dich Le Nhiet Ba) and the mermaid (Nham Gia Luan).

Nham Gia Luan was born in 1989, is a Chinese actor and singer. In particular, he was originally a table tennis player in the same class as Truong Ke Khoa and Chu Du. However, due to injury, he had to give up his passion for this sport. After that, Nham Gia Luan fell in love with art, became a trainee in Korea, participated in the project of a Chinese-Korean group.

In 2014, he returned to his hometown, entered movies and participated in Thong Thien Dich Nhan Kiet and was noticed by the audience. Actively working in parallel between acting and singing, Nham Gia Luan at the age of 33 has a solid position in the Chinese-language entertainment world.

Nham Gia Luan was criticized for using "fake" muscles when playing the Thermo Ba couple, the director spoke up - Photo 5

Recently, a reputable website in China has just announced the Top 30 male leads who have established the best character image in Chinese films. Nham Gia Luan is on this list with the character Luc Dich Dai in Cam Y Chi Ha.

Remember, in 2019, Luc Dich Dai in Cam Y Chi Ha used to make fans fall in love with no way out because of Luc Dich's impossibly handsome level starring Nham Gia Luan. In the midst of the current h.ot students like Vuong Nhat Bac, Cung Tuan or Tieu Chien, the handsome b.oy born in 1989 has created his own mark, proving that he must have a special charm. there.

In addition to his handsome appearance, Nham Gia Luan's top acting style helps him transform into the most genuine Luc Dich as if he came out of a novel. That's why he was "fallen in love with" by a large number of sisters and received countless awards after this hit historical drama.

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