Thermal Ba fell and cracked his bones while performing in the -2 degree cold, fans were impressed by one detail

Bảo NamMar 14, 2024 at 16:14

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On the occasion of the recent Lunar New Year, Xinjiang beauty Dilraba Dilmurat performed a graceful and attractive national dance performance that took the Chinese internet by storm, with more than 300,000 views at the Xuan Van Gala.

To have this eye-catching performance, the beauty born in 1992 had to perform on an outdoor stage in the cold -2 degrees Celsius in Xinjiang (China). Not only that, Dilraba Dilmurat also slipped and fell during the transition because the stage floor was slippery. She thought this fall was a normal incident, only causing her b.ody to be bruised, but the truth behind it surprised the public.

Thermal Ba fell and cracked his bones while performing in the -2 degree cold, fans were impressed by one detail - Photo 1

In a recent media interview, the general director of the CCTV Xuan Van Gala said that Dilraba Dilraba had broken bones after falling on stage that day. However, the actress still endured the pain, stood up, smiled at the camera and continued to complete the dance as if nothing had happened. Dilraba Dilraba's professional spirit made the director team of the Xuan Van Gala admire.

Thermal Ba fell and cracked his bones while performing in the -2 degree cold, fans were impressed by one detail - Photo 2

Gala director Xuan Van's revelation about Dilraba's fractured bone went straight to the top 1 h.ot search on the social network Weibo. Notably, the Xinjiang beauty has never revealed or complained about her injury to the public. Many viewers said that on the morning of the airport leaving Kashgar to return to Beijing (China) after completing the performance schedule in Xuan Van, Dilraba Dilmurat still happily interacted with fans. She did not show any pain on her face, other than walking more slowly. During the entire month of February, even though she was injured, Dilraba still tried to complete her tight schedule because she had signed a contract with a partner.

Thermal Ba fell and cracked his bones while performing in the -2 degree cold, fans were impressed by one detail - Photo 3

Sharing her feelings when performing her homeland's dance, Dilraba expressed pride: "I am very proud to participate in filming in Xinjiang, which brings me back to my homeland. I look forward to your performance." I can bring everyone to experience Xinjiang folk melodies and unique Tet flavors in the light of thousands of rooftops. In the new year, let's walk together like dragons, working hard."

It is known that Dilraba's performance became one of the performances with the highest viewership ratings in the Spring Festival 2024 program. Broadcast on China Central Television station CCTV, she represented the city Ancient Kashgar, in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Keywords and dances related to the actress also became "hot" topics on Chinese social networking platforms.

Thermal Ba fell and cracked his bones while performing in the -2 degree cold, fans were impressed by one detail - Photo 4

Currently, the keyword "Dich Le Nhiet Ba has a fractured bone" is ranked top 1 H.ot Search on both the General Board and the Entertainment Board. On social networks, countless posts express admiration for the actress for her spirit of respect for her career, without complaining or telling stories to gain sympathy. At the same time, the public also expressed their sorrow for the actress's injury.

Thermal Ba fell and cracked his bones while performing in the -2 degree cold, fans were impressed by one detail - Photo 5

"Poor poor her. I thought she only had bruises, but who would have thought that Nhiet Ba fell to the point of c.racking her bones", "Even though she was injured, she endured everything alone", "Dich Le Nhiet Ba is truly very professional. Every Every time she was injured, it was someone else who told her. She still went to work, smiled and talked happily as if nothing had happened. I want to tell Nhiet Ba that as a woman, she has the right to cry in front of everyone. people", "Nhat Ba really tried her best to bring such a proud stage",... are comments from the audience praising the actress's professionalism.

Thermal Ba fell and cracked his bones while performing in the -2 degree cold, fans were impressed by one detail - Photo 6

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