Dich Le Nhiet Ba accidentally admitted to sharing a house with Duong Duong?

Hoàng PhúcDec 06, 2022 at 14:56

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Not only possessing excellent looks, Dich Le Nhiet Ba and Duong Duong are also two popular traffic peaks of Cbiz. After the feverish combination on the small screen, up to now, Dich Le Nhiet Ba and Duong Duong still have many fans "pushing the boat" together. Recently, fans also found evidence that the g.irl accidentally revealed a shocking secret.

Accordingly, since the joint cooperation, the couple has been constantly entangled in the news of "fake love movies". Sometimes showing dating evidence, sometimes wearing double clothes, making the public even more confirmed that Duong Duong and Xinjiang beauty are together. Even recently, people also found evidence that Dich Le Nhiet Ba implicitly admitted to having "returned to the same house" with his screen lover.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba accidentally admitted to sharing a house with Duong Duong? - Photo 1

Specifically, in a previous interview, the MC asked Dich Le Nhiet Ba what to do when the two had a conflict in choosing costumes. Immediately the beauty of Xinjiang asked again: "Me and Duong Duong?". But the MC is a stylist.

Many netizens believe that Dilraba's false talk has accidentally revealed the "suspicious relationship" of her and Duong Duong. Because if it's just a colleague, Duong Duong will not interfere in choosing other people's costumes, especially female co-stars. This is proof that the You Are My Pride couple have a no-nonsense relationship.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba accidentally admitted to sharing a house with Duong Duong? - Photo 2

However, there are also netizens who think that because they were talking about co-star Duong Duong and the movie You Are My Pride, Dilraba Dil has misunderstood. If really dating, the couple will make it public, not hide it from fans. Besides, both are in the career development stage, so they won't consider dating too soon.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba accidentally admitted to sharing a house with Duong Duong? - Photo 3

Currently, whether Duong Duong and Dilraba are really dating is still a topic that attracts great attention from the public.

Having collaborated in the movie You Are My Pride, Dich Le Nhiet Ba and Duong Duong were a very h.ot and talented couple during the broadcast. However, not only that, the two main actors also regularly appear, attracting attention in the eyes of fans at related events.

Although the drama has been broadcast for more than a year, the good reaction of Duong Duong and Dilraba is still unforgettable. Many fans hope that the couple will date in real life.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba accidentally admitted to sharing a house with Duong Duong? - Photo 4

However, the rumors of Duong Duong and Dilraba Dilba were reduced when the actor's new movie Who Rules the World was broadcast in April. Although Duong Duong was briefly linked with Trieu Lo Tu due to the success of the film, rumors between him and Nhiet Ba persisted.

All eyes were on the "secret love" of Duong Duong and Nhiet Ba when a clip of her dancing on social networks was recently posted. Astute fans realized that the plaid shirt she was wearing was the same shirt that Duong Duong wore when participating in another activity.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba accidentally admitted to sharing a house with Duong Duong? - Photo 5

Ignoring the fact that this is just a coincidence, fans quickly put together a list of 5 important photographic evidence, hinting that Duong Duong and Nhiet Ba's rumored relationship could finally be true. . Both stars have been spotted wearing the couple's clothes on various occasions.

Duong Duong and Dich Le Nhiet Ba together wear cap, white coat and sweater. In December 2021, the two are said to have shared a takeout meal together as the background of the photo implies that they are at the same location.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba accidentally admitted to sharing a house with Duong Duong? - Photo 6

Dich Le Nhiet Ba accidentally admitted to sharing a house with Duong Duong? - Photo 7

Dich Le Nhiet Ba accidentally admitted to sharing a house with Duong Duong? - Photo 8

With the evidence piled up in the past year, many fans believe that Heat Ba and Duong Duong have been dating for a while. While many were excited about the beautiful couple and eagerly awaiting the official announcement, some netizens shrugged their shoulders, saying, "Many brands sponsor different artists - coincidences. This could mean they are being sponsored by the same brand".

Dich Le Nhiet Ba accidentally admitted to sharing a house with Duong Duong? - Photo 9

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