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The grand phoenix made fans burst into tears, the main role guaranteed a sad ending

Kim Oanh13:09:47 07/07/2024
The love movie Phoenix starring Ren Jialuan and Peng Xiaoyin has been closed. With a beautiful cast, and a contrasting love story between the two main characters, it promises to bring the audience a tearful love story

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Ren Jialun's paralysis plummeted without brakes, ratings "pathetic"

Mi Lan15:58:04 05/04/2024
Ren Jialun's film Li Yan is considered the worst Chinese-language film in the first half of 2024 because the ratings are worse than initial expectations, the poor performance, the screening is still unknown, instead of overwhelming disappointment from the audience.

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Chu Chinh Dinh: The new ancient male god of the Chinese screen, overwhelming Nham Gia Luan

Hoa Tuyết14:19:03 22/03/2024
Chu Chinh Dinh was originally an idol and started acting in 2020. Recently, the handsome man attracted attention when appearing with a cool image in the movie Liet Diem.

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Me Nhiet: Beautiful man from Xinjiang who received his first kiss from Nhiem Ba and became famous thanks to his supporting role

Tuyết Ngọc19:42:16 16/03/2024
Mi Nhiet is the lucky actor to receive his first on-screen kiss from Xinjiang beauty Dilraba Dilmurat. Recently, he attracted attention when appearing in the movie Lie Diem starring Nham Gia Luan.

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Cuc Tinh Y and her new lover join forces and are determined to defeat Trieu Le Dinh - Lam Canh Tan

Bình Minh09:55:10 13/03/2024
Currently, besides the attention focused on Trieu Le Dinh's Du Phuong Hanh, the new movie of Cuc Tinh Y and her on-screen boyfriend is also attracting people's attention because they both came out this March!

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Nham Gia Luan caused disappointment with his poor costume design, fans spoke up to r.eveal the real reason

Anh Thụy06:31:50 09/12/2023
Nham Gia Luan is one of the leading historical male gods in the Chinese entertainment industry. However, recently, he caused disappointment with his poor costume design. Immediately, his fans spoke up to r.eveal the real reason.

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Nham Gia Luan and Thanh Nghi Lo are suspected of "turning on" each other even though they are "living in the same house"?

Mai Trúc07:43:09 28/11/2023
Thanh Nghi and Nham Gia Luan are considered the golden egg-laying hens of Hoan Thuy Century. However, recently, netizens discovered a detail that raises suspicions that these two male stars are turning on each other even though they live in the same house.

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Nham Gia Luan "crushed" Duong Duong, Vuong Nhat Bac was criticized for being unattractive and fans couldn't defend him

Mưa10:09:28 27/11/2023
Recently, the prestigious statistical unit Douban announced the score of the movie Mo Sac Tam Uoc. The film marks the collaboration of talented couple Nham Gia Luan and Angelababy, with 40 episodes directed by director Ly Ngang.

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Ren Jialun showed uncountable evidence of "spending the night" with his mistress, who was all the way to deny

Hoa Tuyết07:55:24 09/10/2023
Recently, Chinese social media was abuzz with information that Ren Jialun had an affair with a model while his wife was pregnant. Recently, the actor continued to r.eveal pictures taken with his mistress.

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Ren Jialun revealed love photos, rubbed his female co-star's head intimately amid rumors of an affair while his wife was pregnant?

Minh Lợi10:05:08 07/10/2023
A few days ago, Chinese social media was abuzz with rumors that Ren Jialun was having an affair while his wife was pregnant. After negative rumors broke, the audience expressed concern for his career, especially the fate of the films being filmed.

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Ren Jialun revealed evidence of back and forth with the model when his wife was pregnant, his reputation was lost after 1 night

Hoa Tuyết09:40:45 05/10/2023
Thi Fei continued to besiege Ren Jialun when the actor was accused of a.dultery at the time of his wife's pregnancy. The series of evidence pointing to him having an affair with another g.irl was spread throughout the forums.

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Nham Gia Luan was framed by a rival, a.dultery news broke out in Cbiz, the end of his career?

Thảo Mai14:11:49 29/09/2023
A series of famous Chinese bloggers recently spoke up and said they would e.xpose evidence of a.dultery of a top-traffic male celebrity. The basic information revealed is that this person is famous for historical films and can rise to the top.

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Ren Jialun was far behind Cheng Yi, the management company considered a "stepchild" with no chance to go up

Mưa14:22:45 11/09/2023
Cheng Yi and Ren Jialun were both chickens laying golden eggs for the Century Festival. Receiving great favor and attention from the management company, however, there is always a f.ight between the two.

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Tong Tong "buried" his own career, and dragged a series of artists "into the pit" with him

Snow14:21:51 06/09/2023
Once Tong's career collapses, it will lead to a series of c.he t.y and Cbiz artists also suffer heavy losses, according to her. Previously, the actress was involved in tax evasion in the amount of up to 45 million yuan.

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Ren Jialun rejected Yang Xuanyue for bad acting, choosing the beauty Chen Jingying to marry?

Nguyễn Tuyết21:45:39 30/08/2023
Continuously receiving failures over the past time, Duong officially lost the female lead role in the cooperation project with Ren Jialuan. The person who replaces her is being targeted by NSX is a familiar beauty of Cbiz.

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Liu Yefei also sometimes "ran out" of mediocre beauty, and was mercilessly "clashed" by juniors

Hoa Tuyết17:14:38 19/08/2023
Known as the billion-billion fairy of the country of billions of people, Liu Yifei also sometimes suffered from inferiority when standing in the same frame as Hua Fei of the super product Zhen Wan Story.

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Bai Lu publicized the image of his new acquaintance with Ren Jialun, fans questioned breaking up with Wang Hede?

Tuyết Ngọc21:16:42 18/08/2023
Recently, Bach Loc excitedly showed off a photo taken with a familiar male star, celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the couple. This move, quickly attracted the attention of a large number of netizens.

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He was suddenly called a "clone" of Angelababy, giving a compelling reason?

Hướng Dương17:06:42 13/08/2023
Since An Lac Story was officially aired, the name of Enemy Le Heat Ba began to receive a lot of attention from the online community. Recently, the Xinjiang beauty was also suddenly placed next to Angelababy.

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Nham Gia Luan revealed a dilapidated and alarmed face after news of guiding Yuan Bingyan back after tax evasion

Bình Yên12:22:41 28/07/2023
Nham Gia Luan is considered to be one of the rare male stars who do not follow the traffic path (artists with a strong fandom) but the popularity is still increasing.

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Nham Gia Luan met with tension, was "held by the big man", unable to develop his own career

Mộc Trà10:46:37 29/05/2023
So far, the story of Nham Gia Luan choosing to leave or stay at Hoan Thuy Century after the contract expires has always been of great public interest and attention. Previously, it was revealed that the actor would leave the company and open his own studio. However, according to...

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Dam Tung Van is suspected of "fake love movie" with his co-star who already has a girlfriend, the evidence is hard to deny

Chuột Nhỏ08:48:55 25/03/2023
Although he always tries to perfect his role and avoid mixing with male co-stars, Dam Tung Van's chemistry with his co-star because of his excellence, brought many troubles for the actress. pellets. After the direction of the wind, Dam Tung Yun returned to the TV series Quy Lo...

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Dam Tung Yun surpasses Duong Tu, is the most co-star female star in Cbiz, every male star wants to play with

Neko13:43:06 24/03/2023
In the entertainment world, it is often said that Yang Zi is the most popular female star, but after most of Yangtze's co-stars such as Dang Luan, Ngo Dich Pham, and Ly Dich Phong, the audience has many colors. other reviews. Over the years, many people have rated the actor as...

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Dam Tung Van released a very sweet wedding photo, his boyfriend working in the same industry excited fans

Neko13:36:52 17/03/2023
Dam Tung Van is one of the actresses who are extremely loved by the audience. Possessing an extremely strong age "cheat" appearance helps the actress easily transform into many different types of roles. After the success of The Wind Goes, Dam Tung Yun continues to return to the...

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Nham Gia Luan was attacked by a series of strange girls in his private room, returning to many secret stories

Hoàng Anh13:06:09 25/02/2023
It's not uncommon for fans to go after their idols, but doing it to the point of invading the artist's privacy should be warned. Sohu entertainment news said that on February 24, Nham Gia Luan's office strongly condemned the actor's invasion of his privacy. In the notice, the...

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