Heat Ba - Huang Jingdu went to Thailand to warm up his feelings, serious about getting married?

Đình NhưFeb 19, 2024 at 16:18

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In recent days, rumors about Le Heatbo and Huang Jingdu secretly dating in Thailand warmed up their feelings before the Lunar New Year holiday, causing netizens to stir up discussion.

This information was posted by an entertainment blogger with 182,000 followers on Weibo.

According to the blogger, Hoang Canh Du and Le Heat Ba traveled to Thailand in early February. Li Chenbo went to the dating place first. Hoang flew to Thailand after finishing filming for the winter solstice on February 3. Netizens posted pictures of Huang Jingdu in Thailand on February 5.

Heat Ba - Huang Jingdu went to Thailand to warm up his feelings, serious about getting married? - Photo 1

According to sources close to them, Le Heatbo and Huang Jingdu are not scheduled to work in February in Thailand. Therefore, the fact that they appeared together in this Southeast Asian country makes many people curious.

The blogger also said that the relationship between Le Heatbo and Huang Jingdu is really serious.

Heat Ba - Huang Jingdu went to Thailand to warm up his feelings, serious about getting married? - Photo 2

The aforementioned blogger's post caused a stir. It is not known if this blogger's news is true or not, but reviewing the previous love rumors of Huang Jingdu and Enemy Li Heatbo, netizens also began to "sell semi-suspicious credit".

Besides, there are also many fans who do not believe the information posted by the blogger because this person cannot provide any resort location or photos of Hoang Canh Du and Enemy Le Heat Ba in Thailand.

Heat Ba - Huang Jingdu went to Thailand to warm up his feelings, serious about getting married? - Photo 3

Enemy Le Heat Ba and Hoang Canh Du got into dating questions after collaborating well on the project Happiness at Hand (2020). The pair were constantly seen walking together or making intimate gestures on set. They were also spotted hiring the same bodyguards, collaborating with the same designer or revealing similar living spaces.

Heat Ba - Huang Jingdu went to Thailand to warm up his feelings, serious about getting married? - Photo 4

In an interview in early 2022, Heat Ba revealed her desire to get married at the age of 30 and have many children. She also revealed that men of integrity, progressive spirit, kindness, fidelity and handsomeness will make her "fall in love".

In 2022, after completing the film Elite Prosecution, Le Heatbo took a break from work, retiring to "hide" for nearly 8 months. The decision of the "Xinjiang beauty" without explanation caused her to become pregnant and go abroad to convalesce.

Heat Ba - Huang Jingdu went to Thailand to warm up his feelings, serious about getting married? - Photo 5

In early 2023, a source said, Huang Jingdu and Zhu Li Heatbo traveled to Europe together. One viewer revealed that they came across the famous couple at the Louvre museum in France.

In mid-2023, returning to work in the entertainment industry, she denied being pregnant. She explained that she wanted to take a break after a long period of tireless work, losing her own youth. The actress also had some time to reflect on herself, choosing the next path in her career.

Heat Ba - Huang Jingdu went to Thailand to warm up his feelings, serious about getting married? - Photo 6

In December 2023, a source revealed that Li Heatbo has arrived in Shanghai (China) to celebrate Huang Jingyu's birthday from the end of November 2023. Netizens also shed light on evidence of Li Heatbo's presence in Shanghai at the same time as her rumored boyfriend welcomed his new age.

Le Heatbo (SN 1992) is one of the most popular actors of the Chinese screen today. "Xinjiang beauty" possesses an excellent beautiful appearance although the acting has not been overappreciated by experts.

Thanks to possessing a large number of fans, Enemy Le Heat Ba was chosen as the cover face for many prestigious magazines and represented many brands.

Hoang Jingdu is the same age as the beauty Heat Ba and is also one of the actors with a large fan base in Asia. He rose to fame after his role in the film Shangyan (2016). In 2018, he starred in the movie Red Sea Action, which reached more than 3.6 billion yuan (more than 12,000 billion VND) in box office revenue.

Heat Ba - Huang Jingdu went to Thailand to warm up his feelings, serious about getting married? - Photo 7

As a talented, handsome star and many fans, Huang Jingdu also caused controversy about his personal love life. The actor born in 1992 was once married and divorced.

Heat Ba - Huang Jingdu went to Thailand to warm up his feelings, serious about getting married? - Photo 8

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