Ngo The Quan: Quynh Bup's biological father, even-handed but conquering Northern cinema

Phúc SenApr 11, 2024 at 16:28

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From a mediocre actor, Ngo The Quan suddenly became successful and became one of the prominent faces in the Northern film market. He has brought success to a series of works, from cinema to television.

Actor Ngo The Quan was born in 1974 and was originally an artist designing for magazines and books. Few people know that the person who plays Quynh doll 's biological father is Ngo The Quan. In Quynh Doll , Quynh's biological father is just a supporting role with little acting, little dialogue, and even no name. But it's hard to believe that in real life, Ngo The Quan played the main role in three famous movies, even though he was an amateur actor.

Ngo The Quan: Quynh Bups biological father, even-handed but conquering Northern cinema - Photo 1

He fell in love with film after a chance meeting with director Ho Quang Minh and was remembered by the audience as the male lead role Giang Minh Sai in Time Away with Miss Nguyen Thi Huyen in 2003. That moment was fortuitous and It was so obvious that, recalling now, Ngo The Quan can only say , "He and I just met on the street like any other stranger, and then he invited me to act in a movie."

Ngo The Quan: Quynh Bups biological father, even-handed but conquering Northern cinema - Photo 2

After the role of Giang Minh Sai, Ngo The Quan returned to his daily life. One day, he received a phone call from director Ngo Quang Hai. The director wanted to invite him to play the role of Pao's husband in the film Pao's Story . The graphic artist is on the road again. He acted with co-star Do Hai Yen.

After these two roles, he did not accept any film participation because he wanted to focus on his work as an acupuncturist. "I studied Oriental medicine, my whole family was afraid of going to the hospital. I studied Oriental medicine to help my family stay healthy," The Quan once confided.

Ngo The Quan: Quynh Bups biological father, even-handed but conquering Northern cinema - Photo 3

"Artistic people are often not very good at studying nature. But I learned it very well, perhaps because Eastern medicine is closer to Eastern philosophy, easier to understand than Western medicine," Ngo The Quan said.

Fast forward 10 years later, Ngo The Quan suddenly returned as an actor in the movie Father Carrying C.hild . This time he plays a father. "In real life, I'm not married or a father. But acting is a good job, living in experiences I've never had in my life," Ngo The Quan shared about this role.

According to Ngo The Quan, acting in movies means living many lives, playing many roles. Having had 3 roles in movies, Ngo The Quan hopes that when watching, the audience will see that they are 3 different people, 3 different destinies. "The audience forgot about Giang Minh Sai to watch my role as an austere father, seeing the difference in my roles, that was already a happiness for me."

Ngo The Quan: Quynh Bups biological father, even-handed but conquering Northern cinema - Photo 4

Confessing his love and passion for cinema, Ngo The Quan said that for him, cinema is like an exciting adventure in life to satisfy his passion, but people like him can never become become a movie star. Talking about fame, Ngo The Quan even smiled and blushed.

"Fortunately, cinema is very picky about its audience, not as popular as television dramas, that's why no one recognizes me on the street. That's lucky for me. I like to live like a normal person. No one recognizes it like that," the graphic artist who played Giang Minh Sai once confided.

Ngo The Quan: Quynh Bups biological father, even-handed but conquering Northern cinema - Photo 5

Ngo The Quan is a man with a harsh face, a strange deep voice, and eyes that always smile. He exudes honesty, kindness, and somewhat naivety. Therefore, he is always chosen to play the role of a rural or mountainous person even though he has lived in the city all his life.

Ngo The Quan's built-in advantage when he approaches cinema is his profession as a book and newspaper designer. In addition, he is also a genuine movie fan. Approaching his first role at the age of 30, Ngo The Quan only felt excitement instead of anxiety.

Ngo The Quan: Quynh Bups biological father, even-handed but conquering Northern cinema - Photo 6

Talking about his acting experience, Ngo The Quan laughed: "I naturally have no concept of acting. I think cinema is just life. The first time I acted, I only thought if I were a character, other than My life will be like that and just play it out."

Director Father Carrying C.hild Luong Dinh Dung said: "For me, methodical acting skills are necessary, but more importantly, the actor must have talent, Quan has that difference. His voice and face The army is very special."

The role in the movie Father Carrying Son is Ngo The Quan's heaviest role. He plays a fisherman whose c.hild has a serious illness. Even though he doesn't have children yet, Quan plays the role of a father very honestly. His slightly hunchbacked, strenuous, and careless gait and his hoarse, affectionate voice for the c.hild made viewers very emotional.

Ngo The Quan: Quynh Bups biological father, even-handed but conquering Northern cinema - Photo 7

Ngo The Quan said his multi-career is an advantage when filming. He can play the role of an artist, journalist, doctor, teacher... because he has experienced all of these professions. Being a fisherman is something you've never done. To play the role of a fisherman in Father Carry Son , Ngo The Quan returned to his hometown for two months to learn rowing and swimming.

Currently, Ngo The Quan is living both as a painter and a physician. He and a friend opened a clinic together. He specializes in treating people with strokes. For Ngo The Quan, cinema is like an artistic game, a pebble thrown into the lake of his peaceful life. But to talk about his love for the three careers he is doing, Ngo The Quan is currently leaning more toward the medical field.

Ngo The Quan: Quynh Bups biological father, even-handed but conquering Northern cinema - Photo 8

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