Shark Binh's ex-wife plays a "fatal" blow after a series of Thailand travel photos of her ex-husband and Phuong Oanh

Hoàng PhúcOct 19, 2022 at 08:01

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The love story between Shark Binh, Ms. Dao Lan Huong and actress Phuong Oanh is attracting a lot of attention from the online community. Recently, ex-wife Shark Binh made a move after the intimate image of her ex-husband and Phuong Oanh in Thailand was spread by the online community.

Accordingly, not long ago, the actress "Quynh doll" took action to lock her personal Facebook page under pressure from public opinion. Shark Binh also locked comments on social media posts, and did not make any new moves.

Before these actions, netizens speculated that the couple "was so sweet, they melted into clouds". However, the romantic image of Shark Binh and Phuong Oanh was recently accidentally caught by "street cameras". The two are having fun together in Thailand.

Shark Binh's ex-wife plays a "fatal" blow after a series of Thailand travel photos of her ex-husband and Phuong Oanh - Photo 1

Shark Binh's ex-wife plays a "fatal" blow after a series of Thailand travel photos of her ex-husband and Phuong Oanh - Photo 2

Ms. Dao Lan Huong (Shark Binh's wife) also once said that "the two are still husband and wife, have not been divorced, have not gone to court". After that, Shark Binh said that Huong's information was "not accurate with objective reality".

Recently, businesswoman Dao Lan Huong also had a new post on her personal Facebook page. The content of the post shared about her joy when her son achieved good results in school, the post was accompanied by extremely emotional lyrics.

Shark Binh's ex-wife plays a "fatal" blow after a series of Thailand travel photos of her ex-husband and Phuong Oanh - Photo 3

"Thank you b.aby for the gifts 10/20

Hey b.aby, you know what?

I love you, how much I love you.

Go ahead, Mom with you, watching you every step of the way

Tomorrow after you grow up, life's path will not be as you dreamed,

Stand up and walk firmly on the road."

Right below the post, many netizens left many comments:

Mom is always the one who loves me the most. Children are a mother's most valuable asset. Sister right?

The b.aby is healthy, mother is more happy, sister, I wish you and your grandchildren a very happy 10/20.

It is the daughter of Huong Lan Dao's mother. Clouds are great. Congratulations.

Notably, a comment mentioned that Shark Binh was h.anging out with Phuong Oanh in Thailand, the businesswoman also had a meaningful response "Dolls go out restlessly". Shark Binh's ex-wife's move is like a fatal blow for Phuong Oanh and her ex-husband.

Shark Binh's ex-wife plays a "fatal" blow after a series of Thailand travel photos of her ex-husband and Phuong Oanh - Photo 4

It is known that after publicizing their relationship, Shark Binh and Phuong Oanh often appear together in events and freely express their affection and romance on social networks, most recently Shark Binh held A monumental 33rd birthday for the actress. Even, despite the noisy divorce proceedings with his wife, Shark Binh also secretly wanted to retire early because of his new love.

Shark Binh's ex-wife plays a "fatal" blow after a series of Thailand travel photos of her ex-husband and Phuong Oanh - Photo 5

Recently, the authorized representative of businessman Dao Lan Huong said that Ms. Huong worked with the bailiff to conduct the act by posting articles on Phuong Oanh's personal page about the emotional relationship between the two. this actress and Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh (Huong's husband).

Shark Binh also said that during the mediation meeting on the afternoon of September 29, he and his wife, Dao Lan Huong, had not yet reached an agreement on the issue of property division. Therefore, the two sides asked the court for more time.

Currently, the "roundabout" story of all 3 is still being watched by the online community.

Shark Binh's ex-wife plays a "fatal" blow after a series of Thailand travel photos of her ex-husband and Phuong Oanh - Photo 6

Shark Binh's full name is Nguyen Hoa Binh. He was born in 1981 and currently holds the position of President of NextTech Group. In addition, he has also received more than 30 awards in technology business, voted as the Top influencers in the development of Vietnam's Internet in the 2007-2017 period.

Dao Lan Huong was born in 1981, born and raised in Hanoi. When she was at school, she studied very well and was a specializing student at Hanoi Amsterdam School. This is one of the top schools in the capital. Passing the entrance exam to the National Economics School, she became passionate about technology.

Phuong Oanh was born in 1989, most famous for playing Quynh in the movie Quynh Doll. In addition, she also participated in films such as Whisper from the Past, Inverse of Tears, Quiet in the Abyss, The G.irl of Someone's Family, Choice of Fate and most recently, Taste of Friendship.

Shark Binh's ex-wife plays a "fatal" blow after a series of Thailand travel photos of her ex-husband and Phuong Oanh - Photo 7

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