Nam Em sat on the same plate as Liu Yifei, but dreamed of being a Vietnamese Li Zi

Hướng DươngApr 03, 2024 at 09:54

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After "peeling the phosphorus", looking for conversations with Vietnamese stars and domestic audiences, Nam Em continued to make the online community waves by shouting the names of Li Zi That and Liu Yifei on his livestream.

Nam Em is really the troublesome g.irl of Vietnamese showbiz when she recently made a sensational statement on the livestream. The story is that while talking to the audience about the noise, she suddenly said that she wanted to live life like Li Zishi.

Nam Em sat on the same plate as Liu Yifei, but dreamed of being a Vietnamese Li Zi - Photo 1

Specifically, Miss Mekong Delta shared her desire to do simple things like the famous internet phenomenon in China: "Later, I was like Li Zishi, picking vegetables and cooking this and that, living happily. Just have fun, be peaceful."

After Nam Em shared his wish, many viewers expressed their outrage. Many people commented that she could not become the "Vietnamese version of Li Zi That" because of her poor health and could not take care of herself.

Nam Em sat on the same plate as Liu Yifei, but dreamed of being a Vietnamese Li Zi - Photo 2

The proof is that many times, the beauty of Tien Giang village called her assistant to buy food for her right on the livestream. And yet, she also made netizens bored by her over-reliance on her boyfriend Bui Huu Cuong.

With no one to help, Nam Em often let himself fall into a state of hunger exhaustion. With the aforementioned details as can be seen, the miss is a little too dreamy!

Nam Em sat on the same plate as Liu Yifei, but dreamed of being a Vietnamese Li Zi - Photo 3

Talking more about Li Zishi, she is a famous YouTuber in the country of billions of people and is called by many people by the name "country fairy" because of a series of million-view vlogs documenting cooking and gardening scenes in the remote countryside.

Li Zishi's video clips are much supported because they are elaborate and well-groomed, making viewers feel peaceful and comfortable. In a series of vlogs that took the internet by storm, she did all the work herself.

Nam Em sat on the same plate as Liu Yifei, but dreamed of being a Vietnamese Li Zi - Photo 4

Previously, at the livestream with Que Van, Nam Em also made netizens bored with uncontrolled statements. Specifically, on the livestream, Que Van affirmed that the beauty of Tien Giang village looks exactly like the character of Miss Co - Xiao Long Nu in the movie "Divine Sculpture Dai Hiep".

Also according to the international runner-up, Nam Em has clarity, a face that looks better on the outside when taking pictures. It was not enough to mention Miss Xiao Longfei, she also blatantly said Liu Yefei's name. Hearing this, Miss Mekong Delta 2015 told her close sister not to make such comparisons anymore.

Nam Em sat on the same plate as Liu Yifei, but dreamed of being a Vietnamese Li Zi - Photo 5

It can be seen that, after a series of scandals of uncontrolled statements on livestream and an administrative fine of VND 37.5 million, Nam Em was more vigilant. She also tried not to say the names of other celebrities even though Gui Yun mentioned that she resembles the famous "billion-billion fairy".

Nam Em was born in 1996, she is the current Miss Mekong Delta. In the past few years, the beauty rarely shows fashion, but lives by singing at tea rooms and music nights. However, since publicizing her relationship with her boyfriend Bui Huu Cuong, she has constantly been turned away by the audience.

Nam Em sat on the same plate as Liu Yifei, but dreamed of being a Vietnamese Li Zi - Photo 6

While out of control, Nam Em scolded, criticized, and disparaged the very people who advised him not to do wrong. She said that her decision not to break up with Bui Huu Cuong was because she wanted to save m.oney to make a music video for the audience.

Miss Hoa casually said, if there is a businessman from Hai Phong to help, she will save about 100 million VND per month. That m.oney she used to invest in music products.

Nam Em sat on the same plate as Liu Yifei, but dreamed of being a Vietnamese Li Zi - Photo 7

Nam Em's words sounded good, but the way she did it wasn't. In the midst of being attacked by the audience for talking awkwardly, the beauty released a new MV "The Vow" and repeatedly praised this as her best product in the past 8 years.

Despite the feedback, Nam Em still confidently advertised the MV. But gone are the days of creating dirty tricks to PR music products. At the present time, the audience does not accept such things and frankly "turns away" from Miss Hoa. 2 weeks after her debut, her MV is still flat with a low number of views.

Nam Em sat on the same plate as Liu Yifei, but dreamed of being a Vietnamese Li Zi - Photo 8

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