Changjiang - Zhencheng meets old love: The one who laughs socially, the one who embarrasses avoids

Đình NhưFeb 11, 2024 at 10:53

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Zhencheng, Changjiang are 2 comedians who are achieving great success. Therefore, the audience often brings them out for comparison. Recently, the two stars' sharing about seeing their ex again after breaking up attracted the attention of fans.

Changjiang - Zhencheng meets old love: The one who laughs socially, the one who embarrasses avoids - Photo 1

Recently, Changjiang had talks with colleagues such as Song Luan and Phat Luo on the topic of "ex-lover".

When Truong Giang asked, "Why can't men face old loves?", Phat Luo said that he and his ex-girlfriends have always continued to be friends and help each other in life. Pisces made the same assertion.

Changjiang - Zhencheng meets old love: The one who laughs socially, the one who embarrasses avoids - Photo 2

For his part, Truong Jiang shared, "Since I have a family, I have been normal with everything. If I do, I still say hello, then continue with my work. If I walk down the road, accidentally catching a glimpse, I also give people a nod. Whether we used to love or hate wasn't as important as it is now. I have a family. My family has always been No. 1." As can be seen, Nha Phuong's husband hinted at keeping his distance from his ex.

Before marrying Nha Fang, Changjiang had many rumors of romance with showbiz beauties. He admitted to loving Oc Thanh Van unrequitedly and used to like Nam Em.

Changjiang - Zhencheng meets old love: The one who laughs socially, the one who embarrasses avoids - Photo 3

At that time, the noise between the male MC and Nam Em made "waves" of netizens. Later, the Superstar parade spoke out about the incident in front of the media, insisting that he only liked and did not love Nam Em.

"I like Nam Em, when working with Nam Em, she is very cute, funny, smart. Then, knowing more stories, she talked about her family, the separation, the grief she suffered. She told many other stories, she loved this g.irl so much, loved and liked it, but there was no love," Changjiang said.

Changjiang - Zhencheng meets old love: The one who laughs socially, the one who embarrasses avoids - Photo 4

After 6 years of marriage, the Quang Nam-born star is famous for loving and pampering Nha Phuong to the fullest. "Ten Difficulties" is not afraid to roll up his sleeves to cook his wife delicious food and become an effective holding arm when going shopping with his wife. "Family meals are very important to me. After cooking, we sat down to eat with our children, talking back and forth. The family meal was very cozy, that's my family tradition. No matter how big you go to work, you have to cook rice together. Whoever is free prepares in advance, of course my wife does not cook, but I cook," Changjiang said.

Changjiang - Zhencheng meets old love: The one who laughs socially, the one who embarrasses avoids - Photo 5

Nha Phuong's reaction when he met his ex was talked about a lot on social media. Some comments mentioned Zhencheng because Hari Won's husband once burst into tears when sharing about his love affairs on television.

Specifically, in Who He Is, the male MC bursts into tears when he talks about missing the g.irl who accompanied him during the most difficult times. "I promised to marry her, but I couldn't. Because at that time, I was growing fast, having a career.

Changjiang - Zhencheng meets old love: The one who laughs socially, the one who embarrasses avoids - Photo 6

When he ran into his girlfriend in a mall, Zhencheng didn't have the courage to face it. He couldn't hold back his tears and said: "They both accidentally looked at each other and cried a lot, not knowing why they were crying. I just know I don't dare face that person again because I'm so wrong."

In another episode, Zhencheng continued to talk about another love affair. Many comments commented that the comedian is one of the artists who freely shared about his exes on television.

Before marrying Hari Won, Zhencheng had a public affection for actor Mei Ho. However, after two years of dating, the couple "went their separate ways" in 2014. However, Tran Thanh - Mai Ho still maintain a friendship relationship and do not delete old photos together on their personal pages. When they meet on TV shows, the two always give each other words of appreciation for each other.

Changjiang - Zhencheng meets old love: The one who laughs socially, the one who embarrasses avoids - Photo 7

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