Nam Em rioted Nha Phuong's livestream, Phat Luo immediately rushed to turn off the live

Nguyễn TuyếtFeb 17, 2024 at 11:22

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While Nha Phuong was livestreaming to interact with Phat La, suddenly Nam Em appeared, causing many people to be surprised. This g.irl's actions were even more surprising.

On February 16, Nha Phuong opened a TikTok livestream to interact with fans. The actress then invited Phat Luo – the "pet student" of Truong Jiang's husband to live with her.

Nam Em rioted Nha Phuongs livestream, Phat Luo immediately rushed to turn off the live - Photo 1

It is worth mentioning, while the "mother of 2 children" was chatting with everyone and filming her husband singing karaoke at the 70 billion garden villa, Nam Em - who does not have a friendly relationship with her in showbiz went to the livestream to give away "huge" valuable items.

Accordingly, the item that Miss Mekong Delta 2015 gave to Nha Phuong was 2 lions. Through research, lion gifts on TikTok were purchased for 29,999 coins, equivalent to more than 10 million, the highest value among the platform's items. After receiving, users can completely convert it into real m.oney.

Nam Em rioted Nha Phuongs livestream, Phat Luo immediately rushed to turn off the live - Photo 2

Because it has not been a "new mat" using TikTok for a long time, the wife was bewildered when she saw the lion appear on the screen. She kept asking Phat La, "Brother, what is a lion?"

The actor immediately frowned, scratched his forehead, showing a happy expression when many comments appeared on the screen mentioning Nam Em's name. After a while, he said to Nha Fang: "The lion is that one with a lot of m.oney, that's all." A few minutes later, student Changjiang urged the senior to quickly turn off the livestream.

Nam Em rioted Nha Phuongs livestream, Phat Luo immediately rushed to turn off the live - Photo 3

Many people have wondered why the long-legged born in 1996 "played big" giving gifts of great value to the actress. Besides, netizens also praised Phat La for having a skillful handling, urging seniors to turn off the livestream so as not to read many negative comments.

Ignoring the above issue, a few hours ago, Bui Huu Cuong - Nam Em's fiancé uploaded to his personal TikTok channel a clip recording the beauty's performance at a music night in Hai Phong.

Nam Em rioted Nha Phuongs livestream, Phat Luo immediately rushed to turn off the live - Photo 4

It can be seen that, after days of causing a stir on social networks with confusing livestreams, Miss Mekong Delta 2015 has started singing again.

Appearing on the stage of the performance, Nam Em wore a striking yellow dress, her beauty and charisma were quite stable. The beauty of Tien Giang origin has in turn brought famous and beloved songs to serve the audience.

Nam Em rioted Nha Phuongs livestream, Phat Luo immediately rushed to turn off the live - Photo 5

The clip posted by her fiancé is filmed quite far from the stage, but her voice is still quite smooth and sweet. Although not appreciated technically, Nam Em is still loved by the audience thanks to his instinctive, emotional singing.

Below the posted clip, some netizens left praise for the vocal performance of the beauty born in 1996. At the same time, many opinions also hope that her fiancé will be a solid shoulder, supporting her in the upcoming journey.

Nam Em rioted Nha Phuongs livestream, Phat Luo immediately rushed to turn off the live - Photo 6

Recently, the clip of businessman Huu Cuong publicizing Nam Em's singing m.oney on livestream has attracted a lot of attention from the public. Specifically, when asked about the amount of m.oney for Miss Mekong Delta to accept the performance, he said:

"Nam Em show going outside the North, returning to Hai Phong will have a preferential price of 100 branches, under no acceptance. 100 branches is the cost of Nam Em and I take care of myself. Publicizing the price of this show always tells people, but there may also be ones that will be higher, maybe 140 tubers, because there are some brother systems where people do show elections, people claim to be 100, they still report 120, 130, which is reasonable.

Nam Em rioted Nha Phuongs livestream, Phat Luo immediately rushed to turn off the live - Photo 7

And when they get 120, 130 and people contact me directly, I will quote a higher price, so Nam Em this year does not have cheap shows. I'll be the one to turn down all shows if it's not ok. People should never say that Nam Em lacks a show, I have more than enough strength to take the show, I am just afraid that Nam Em is not strong enough to go."

Nam Em rioted Nha Phuongs livestream, Phat Luo immediately rushed to turn off the live - Photo 8

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