Nam Em was "exposed" by Ngan 98 about inciting Luong Bang Quang to join the association

Châu AnhFeb 24, 2024 at 07:21

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Social networks in recent days have been continuously "uprising" when Nam Em's livestream posted "scandals" of many artists. Recently, Ngan 98 attracted attention when she revealed that Luong Bang Quang was invited by Nam Em to "talk about his karma" online.

In recent days, the beautiful Nam Em has continuously made moves to attract attention on social networks. After the noisy love affair, Nam Em often livestreamed and hinted at being called a "third person" in the past. Not only did she livestream alone, she invited her fiancé, Que Van, Duy Manh... to join the livestream with the purpose of "exposing" showbiz.

Nam Em was exposed by Ngan 98 about inciting Luong Bang Quang to join the association - Photo 1

She also bad-mouthed many artists in Vietnamese showbiz, although she did not clearly state their identities, but also caused many people to be called names for no reason. Nam Em uses sentences that refer to other famous people such as "Ngoc Nu", "Sho A adds M", "Rhinoceros"... along with negative content.

Nam Em affirmed: "Let's try to uncover all the showbiz, is there anyone who can't match my rich man with his head? Where do you get the clothes, the clothes, the branded goods? Showbiz doesn't pay a lot to buy branded goods. There's no cotton." No snowflakes are pure."

Nam Em was exposed by Ngan 98 about inciting Luong Bang Quang to join the association - Photo 2

Recently, in a livestream, Ngan 98 shared something related to Nam Em's noise. While chatting with fans, many netizens mentioned Nam Em's name in Ngan 98's livestream. However, the female DJ said she did not want to get involved in the scandals on social networks.

"Well, I won't say anything, I don't want to make a fuss on social networks. But suddenly I found it funny, so I suddenly called Uncle Quang and asked him to scold me" - Ngan 98 shared.

Nam Em was exposed by Ngan 98 about inciting Luong Bang Quang to join the association - Photo 3

Revealing that Nam Em contacted Luong Bang Quang and "instigated" social networks to "scold" from Ngan 98, attracting many people's attention. She believes that her boyfriend frankly refused because he has never had the habit of going online to "talk about his karma".

"From the past until now, you have had a scolding incident on the internet so you can call the representative to scold you " - Ngan 98 said.

Nam Em was exposed by Ngan 98 about inciting Luong Bang Quang to join the association - Photo 4

In a livestream not long ago, Duy Manh actively advised his juniors to "turn around and get to the shore" and not make a fuss on social networks: "When you go on a livestream, speak politely, don't call yourself 'father' If people scold me more, I'll be miserable, do you understand? Just be gentle, when you go on livestream, just dress politely and don't o.ff your tattoos, then no one will dare to scold you. Now you're also a character. "You're the most famous in showbiz, people are looking at you, please restrain yourself a bit."

Nam Em was exposed by Ngan 98 about inciting Luong Bang Quang to join the association - Photo 5

On February 20, the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City said it had received information related to the case of Miss Nam Em's livestream causing noise on social networks. Through public opinion, the Department has grasped the incident and is investigating. There will be a response in the near future.

At noon on February 22, Nam Em apologized, admitting that he was not calm enough when dealing with the audience and had thoughtless words that negatively affected social networks.

Nam Em said: "I also hope that the competent authorities will have strict punishments for individuals and organizations that have and will cause harm to future generations of young people because of their actions of promoting v.iolence." Using social networks to attack and harass individuals and groups... While waiting for the competent authority's review, I would like to sincerely thank you."

Nam Em was exposed by Ngan 98 about inciting Luong Bang Quang to join the association - Photo 6

During a regular press conference on the afternoon of February 22, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hoi - Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City gave feedback on the case of Nam Em's livestream revealing showbiz stories that caused a stir on social networks. past days.

At that time, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hoi said that the Department had received feedback from agencies about Nam Em's case. Mr. Hoi informed: "We have planned and are coordinating closely with relevant authorities to handle the case in accordance with the law."

Nam Em was exposed by Ngan 98 about inciting Luong Bang Quang to join the association - Photo 7

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