Duy Manh made Que Van "embarrassed" even though she turned her back on Nam Em to flatter her senior

Phi ĐứcFeb 21, 2024 at 09:25

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Duy Manh appeared in the livestream with Nam Em and Que Van, making the online community excited. Notably, the male singer is not an "ally" of the two beauties but also made statements that made both of them "face off" right on the live broadcast.

On the evening of February 19, social networks had the opportunity to stir up excitement when Duy Manh participated in a livestream with Nam Em, Que Van and Nam Em's fiancé. During the livestream, Duy Manh shared something that many people supported.

Duy Manh made Que Van embarrassed even though she turned her back on Nam Em to flatter her senior - Photo 1

When talking about showbiz, Duy Manh believes that showbiz is like a miniature society with good and bad, there are artists who are good at pleasing people so they are loved by the audience.

"Life is interesting, every society has good and bad things. It's just that the audience is often psychologically manipulated because when they hear sweet words, they think it's beautiful, but I live in an industry that I know .

Many artists manipulate the psychology and flatter the audience well, then the audience loves and loves them" - shared the voice of Kiep Red Black .

Duy Manh made Que Van embarrassed even though she turned her back on Nam Em to flatter her senior - Photo 2

Que Van asked his senior: "And our brothers can't speak with that accent, so they're hated, right?" .

Responding to Que Van, Duy Manh said no one hates him. After that, the Hai Phong-born male singer continued to say that actually, the audience already hated him, so he was not afraid.

"What I mean is that there are many artists who have many beloved audiences, and thanks to their large fans, they sometimes like to be 'fathers' of the world" - Duy Manh added.

Duy Manh's sharing made many listeners excited because they thought he made Que Van feel "shy" and "stiff with glue" for a moment.

Duy Manh made Que Van embarrassed even though she turned her back on Nam Em to flatter her senior - Photo 3

Although before that, Que Van proved to be very skillful and supported many of the men's statements throughout the livestream. Specifically, even though a few days ago Que Van was "in the same boat", and Nam Em exposed half of showbiz. Yet, after Duy Manh's appearance, she suddenly turned against her sister.

Duy Manh made Que Van embarrassed even though she turned her back on Nam Em to flatter her senior - Photo 4

When male singer Duy Manh gave Nam Em advice on how to behave more properly and not continue making noise on the livestream, Que Van immediately showed support and agreement with these words. of seniors.

This made Nam Em seem to have secretly fallen in love with her, and after Duy Manh and Que Van left the live session, the beauty made a notable move when she suddenly kicked one of her sisters for being too dependent. and flattery.

"I'm sitting here, I can be myself. Don't force me to go over there and flatter you, 'Is that so'? I can't do it and I don't know how to do it either," Nam Em hinted on the livestream. After that, Nam Em declared that he "didn't need anyone by his side and was ready to move on alone".

Duy Manh made Que Van embarrassed even though she turned her back on Nam Em to flatter her senior - Photo 5

On social networks, netizens speculate that the sister on the dock below the boat mentioned by Miss Mekong Delta is Que Van.

Duy Manh made Que Van embarrassed even though she turned her back on Nam Em to flatter her senior - Photo 6

Duy Manh made Que Van embarrassed even though she turned her back on Nam Em to flatter her senior - Photo 7

Currently, the suspicion that the sister alliance "exposed" Vbiz broke up and turned against each other, causing a stir in the online community. Besides, many netizens also think that Que Van is using Nam Em's "fame" to attract attention. Evidence is that Que Van only accepts live with Nam Em when the number of viewers is high. She often talks at length to prolong the livestream even though Nam Em wants to end it. Que Van even urged people to go to other platforms to watch her livestream.

In recent days, the two beauties Nam Em and Que Van have made the online community restless when they had a "matching match" scene calling out the names of a series of famous artists, leaving no one behind. Of course, it is impossible not to mention the couple Truong Giang - Nha Trang. To date, the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City has officially intervened because of the controversial statements of Miss Mekong Delta.

Duy Manh made Que Van embarrassed even though she turned her back on Nam Em to flatter her senior - Photo 8

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