Nam Em once slapped Lam Vy Da like "heaven", Hari Won was the one who sparked the incident?

Kim LâmFeb 21, 2024 at 16:02

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Recently, Nam Em was suddenly caught up in dozens of scandals when she continuously called out the names of other artists even though they didn't mention anything about her. During this time, people suddenly "dug up" the scene where Nam Em once slapped Lam Vy Da in a controversial program.

In recent days, beauty queen Nam Em has continuously broadcast livestreams on social networks. It is worth mentioning that during the livestream, Nam Em often spreads news about hidden corners of the showbiz world with controversial statements.

Although Nam Em did not specifically name anyone in the livestream, her move caused a stir on social networks, with netizens discussing information related to the mentioned characters.

Nam Em once slapped Lam Vy Da like heaven, Hari Won was the one who sparked the incident? - Photo 1

Amid the noise and still not quiet, suddenly a scene from the program 7 Spring Smiles broadcast a few years ago was dug up again.

Accordingly, when performing the challenge, Hari Won challenged Nam Em to "slap Lam Vy Da in the face". After that, Nam Em agreed to do this challenge and walked towards Lam Vy Da. Lam Vy Da shared: "I feel like everyone is making fun of me, I feel like I'm being insulted. Ms. Hari, up until now I've always considered you my sister, but since this slap it's been different from me. dental".

Nam Em once slapped Lam Vy Da like heaven, Hari Won was the one who sparked the incident? - Photo 2

Nam Em once slapped Lam Vy Da like heaven, Hari Won was the one who sparked the incident? - Photo 3

However, when Lam Vy Da had not finished speaking, Nam Em slapped her on the head like c.razy. Lam Vy Da was suddenly unable to react and Hari Won was stunned. Nam Em expressed that she slapped Lam Vy Da just because she wanted to help Hari Won take revenge. Other artists such as Truong Giang, Tien Luat, Truong The Vinh, Anh Duc all laughed at this situation.

Although Nam Em's slapping of Lam Vy Da was only within the framework of an entertainment program, the witnessing artists all seemed happy, but the audience still dug up this scene. Many people think that Nam Em is a bit carefree, not thinking about Lam Vy Da's feelings.

Nam Em once slapped Lam Vy Da like heaven, Hari Won was the one who sparked the incident? - Photo 4

Nam Em once slapped Lam Vy Da like heaven, Hari Won was the one who sparked the incident? - Photo 5

Nam Em is currently the most popular name on social networking forums and many other media. It started from the "improvised" interaction of the beauty from Tien Giang when giving gifts worth tens of millions of dong to Nha Phuong right on the livestream.

Faced with this somewhat unexpected situation, Nha Phuong quickly turned off the livestream without saying goodbye. Immediately after that, Nha Phuong's reaction and Nam Em's actions were hotly discussed by netizens, causing Nam Em to open an online exchange to respond.

Nam Em once slapped Lam Vy Da like heaven, Hari Won was the one who sparked the incident? - Photo 6

From the story that Nam Em herself confirmed was just a coincidence, impromptu giving a gift to Truong Giang's wife, this beauty continued to have countless other impromptu scenes that made people breathlessly "watching" the story that same day. the begin of the year.

Along with inviting senior Que Van, "the juggernaut", to r.eveal a series of old stories and "accusing" the famous male comedian TG of being a good-for-nothing man, Nam Em also conveniently exposed many stories of insiders. showbiz with abbreviated names.

Nam Em's vague revelation made the whole internet frantically searching for his identity without knowing the truth. After exposing people in showbiz, this Tien Giang beauty attracted attention when commenting on many things in the entertainment industry.

Nam Em once slapped Lam Vy Da like heaven, Hari Won was the one who sparked the incident? - Photo 7

Until the evening of February 20, after several days of continuous livestream "scandalizing" Vietnamese showbiz and receiving information that the Department of Information and Communications had officially spoken up, Nam Em went on air to "apologize".

Even though Nam Em said that she had never mentioned anyone's name, she would not be afraid. However, the beautiful Tien Giang still said "I apologize". "Consider I've lost, I won't talk about 'harem' anymore," Nam Em said at the end of the livestream.

Previously, it was reported that the Department of Information and Communications was aware of Nam Em's livestream incident after receiving feedback from public opinion. The city's Department of Information and Communications is currently investigating and will have a response as soon as possible.

Nam Em once slapped Lam Vy Da like heaven, Hari Won was the one who sparked the incident? - Photo 8

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