Miss Universe Thailand prefers hybrid beauty, choosing a miss with many bloodlines

Phi ĐứcFeb 17, 2024 at 13:23

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Over the years, the beauties sent by Miss Universe Thailand internationally are mostly beauties with many bloods, who are half-Thai and European. It can be seen that this country has a clear preference for hybrid beauty, different from Vietnam.

However, it is undeniable that the hybrid beauty representing Thai is indeed very beautiful, not only with the lightness and purity of the daughter of the Golden Pagoda but also combining the confidence and strength of Latin women. Here are a series of beauties who have taken the media by storm at home and abroad when representing Thailand in Miss Universe.

Anntonia Porsild : Thai-Danish hybrid

Anntonia Porsild was born in 1996, is of Danish-Thai descent. With sharp facial features, a high nose bridge and large round eyes, the beauty of the new Miss Universe Thailand is extremely attractive. Anntonia Porsild also impresses with her height of 1m75 and h.ot b.ody.

Miss Universe Thailand prefers hybrid beauty, choosing a miss with many bloodlines - Photo 1

Anntonia Porsild participated in The Face Thailand 2014 and finished in the Top 10 overall. Then the beauty was active in the field of fashion and also acting. In 2019, Anntonia Porsild registered to participate in Miss Supranational Thailand and was crowned. That same year, she competed in Miss Supranational 2019 and gave a superior performance to take home the Miss Supranational crown for the first time.

Miss Universe Thailand prefers hybrid beauty, choosing a miss with many bloodlines - Photo 2

It is also because of a series of great achievements, beauty, and superior skills that Thai fans have great expectations for Anntonia when she conquers the Miss Universe beauty arena. Although she has excellently achieved high achievements for the country after many years of "flattening", the queen also made many fans regret because she "missed" the noble crown. She finished as the 1st runner-up but was the Miss in the hearts of many viewers around the world, not only the land of the Golden Pagoda.

Miss Universe Thailand prefers hybrid beauty, choosing a miss with many bloodlines - Photo 3

Anchilee Scott-Kemmis: Thai-Australian hybrid

Anchilee Scott-Kemmis is an Australian-Thai hybrid beauty. She owns a height of 1.83 m and three-ring measurements of 98-72-88 cm. At the time of her coronation, she caused mixed opinions when she weighed up to 71 kg. Despite this, the beauty r.emains confident with her natural beauty and is a cheerleader of the #Realbeauty movement on social media.

Miss Universe Thailand prefers hybrid beauty, choosing a miss with many bloodlines - Photo 4

At the Miss Universe 2021 pageant, Anchilee was turned away by her hometown audience after her performance in the semi-finals. Viewers watching the night expressed disappointment after witnessing Anchilee's somewhat untoned figure and clumsy catwalk steps.

Miss Universe Thailand prefers hybrid beauty, choosing a miss with many bloodlines - Photo 5

Anchilee was not named in the top 16, much to the regret of the audience. Despite this, her inspiring story still left its mark at the Miss Universe 2021 pageant.

After the events, Anchilee has regained her spirit, often appearing with a radiant, loving appearance on her personal page. The beauty also continues to work hard to promote the #Realbeauty movement on social media, urging women to be confident in their beauty regardless of age and size.

Amanda Obdam: 4 bloodlines

Amanda Obdam was born in 1993 in Phuket, she inherited her attractive hybrid beauty from a Dutch-Canadian father and a Thai mother of Chinese descent. The 9x beauty graduated from high school in Thailand then went to Canada to study at the University of Toronto, graduating with a degree in Business Administration. Besides, she has appeared in a number of Thai films such as Naughty Cupid, The Fierce Fighter,...

Miss Universe Thailand prefers hybrid beauty, choosing a miss with many bloodlines - Photo 6

Stepping into the international arena, Amanda Obdam is supported by many Thai people, expecting to bring home the Miss Universe 2020 crown for the country. But after all efforts, Amanda could not reach the top position and stopped in the top 10, ranked at No. 7. The winner of this year's pageant was Miss Mexico - Andrea Meza.

Miss Universe Thailand prefers hybrid beauty, choosing a miss with many bloodlines - Photo 7

Previously, Amanda was in the top 10 of Miss World Thailand in 2015. A year later, the "hybrid rose" represented Phuket in Miss Grand Thailand but did not achieve outstanding achievements. In the same year, she got her hands on the crown when she competed in Miss Tourism Metropolitan International.

Miss Universe Thailand prefers hybrid beauty, choosing a miss with many bloodlines - Photo 8

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